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wedding cake ideas and other information?

im getting married yay! haha and i need help! my future mother in law is making out wedding cake, and she is amazing at what she does, but she needs ideas and the only one i have is that quilted look on one layer or maybe not at all, but have any of you seen any bad ass cakes? now question number 2 any random wedding details that are often forgotten or overlooked? and tips about planning and stuff like that?


  1. Take a look at the below. This seems actually pretty simple to recreate at home: You could also try doing a cupcake wedding cake: As an added bonus, you can have fun with cake flavors like banana, chocolate mint, carrot cake, strawberry, chocolate cinnamon, vanilla bean, lavender infused lemon, pineapple, etc. For your wedding planning, head to and start and account. They have SO much information and checklists that can help to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. All the Best! Weddings by Dezign
  2. this is pretty much the most bad@ss cake I have ever seen other cakes I adore http://i45.tiny http://i45.tiny http://i46.tiny (spaces between tiny and pic) just showing you the bad ass cakes ive seen, im not sure hw easier they would be to recreate but hey hollyy
  3. check this site actually has some good ideas!! My sister is getting married too!!
  4. this has some great pictures most important wedding thing overlook is getting enough sleep and taking some time for yourself at least 15 minutes daily
  5. Answer to you questions can be found at