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Any ideas for a spy themed cake for a seven year old's birthday?

so far we are using a combination Mission Impossible / spy type invites and accessories but need help with cake ideas!


  1. Is the movie "Spy Kids" current enough to draw ideas from? Yould have some fun looking at logos for spy movies and books and re-creating a simple fun logo on the cake. Or create a logo just for the birthday kid!
  2. You could just get a bunch of plastic spyglasses and stick them on top. Or - you could make the cake as a spyglass somehow - like a round cake - and use a paper towel tube or a wrapping paper tube (cut down and painted) as the handle. The page below doesn't have any cake suggestions - but it has some great "spy party" ideas for games and such. Hope you have a great time!
  4. One fun idea might be to decorate and try to serve a styrofoam block instead of the cake - "the real cake's been stolen!!!" I know that at 7 years old, they would get a kick out of seeing a mom try to cut into a fake-cake! What about cupcakes that have one word on each but are all mixed up? The birthday child then has to use their spy talents to figure out what the message is before handing out the cupcakes!
  5. well get a vanilla cake, white icing and some black icing, create a spider web and a spider on the white cake with the black icing. or you could make individual cup cakes you could get some cotton candy and say its cobwebs
  6. my nephew just had a spy themed party. they made a night scope cake for him. tehy used colored frosting and assorted candy. his mother, my sister is a bake so she was good but they just decorated a circle awith teh stuff i listed. or you can make cupckaes around a circle cake taht say detecticve adn kids names well good luck
  7. Secret Agent Birthday Cakes For your Spy-themed birthday, bake a cake that's really 'the bomb'! This cake is easy to do... you just need a sports ball cake (see left). Follow the directions for the pan, then frost black (you can add black paste food coloring to chocolate frosting for a good, true black). The cake in the picture had black licorice added to the top to make the base for the fuse. The fuse is actually tall, slender candles. At the very top of this page is a picture of a bomb cake with the candles lit - yikes!
  8. How about a Magnifier... Make a sheet cake...with the Happy Birthday on it....Make a round cake, and frost it light blue for the glass, and dark gray for the rim, and you can use a square cake to make the handle, just cut it down to size to fix the magnifier...and then place it over the sheet cake and the letters it's on, make them they are magnified. That would be cool and easy to make.
  9. If you could find some of those"kaleidoscopes" with the colorful insides,used as large candles alongside the real candles around the outside top of cake,and then in the center put some colorful edible confetti along with some colorful paper strips(to remove off later)...You could put under one of these kaleidoscopes/or place a treasure chest in middle of cake, a secret message like "I spy something for the birthday child" and state where it's located with some hints.This could be fun for the birthday child to explore to find their biggest gift...
  10. I love the idea that one lady had of making a fake cake and then cutting into it. 7 year old kids would laugh their little butts off at that one. You could take a styrofoam block, slice an opening, put in a piece of paper saying the cake has been the other lady said ( I'm not taking credit for that, just saying I think it's a great idea) frost it, write a simple "happy birthday" on it and then when you cut it, the message would be pulled out and you could then do a scavenger hunt with the kids helping find clues to the real cake. Then make a magnifying glass cake with a round cake frosted and 5 or 6 HO-HOs lined up end to end and frosted for the handle of the magnifying glass. Also, surround that small cake with a bunch of cupcakes that you have used black icing to make "finger prints" on. Make each cupcake with a kid's name, then draw a swirly "finger print" below that and each kid would get a cupcake as unique as fingerprints. Have a fun time!