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What are some easy and cheap decorations and flowers and cake ideas for a christmas themed wedding?

I am getting married December 27th, 2008. I need some ideas as far as decorations, flowers, and cake layouts with a Christmas theme to them. I have thought abouut having my children cut out snowflakes from paper, and hang those from the ceiling. I am on a very tight budget and need some good, but inexpensive, ideas for flowers, decorations, and the cake. PLEASE HELP. ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. My colors are the traditional green, deep red, white, and we are throwing a little bit of purple.


  1. If you go to Salvation Army's and Goodwill's after Thanksgiving, you will find barrels of Christmas decor at dirt cheap prices: wreaths, ornaments, garlands, cards, figurines, stockings, package trim, fake holly and mistletoe, candles -- everything but lights. Every year I go buy all "new" used stuff and them give it back after New Year. Beats the heck out of packing and storing it away for the year. If you're not looking for matched sets of stuff, but ready to improvise out of a trunkful of whimsical, unmatched items then you won't beat these "for a good cause" stores for low prices.
  2. Some great centerpiece ideas that are inexpensive are: 1. Get a big clear glass container like a bowl, and put colored ball ornaments in it. It looks great! 2. Get an inexpensive plastic charger plate at Hobby Lobby in red or metallic gold, set a glass hurricane & candle on it. put a grapevine wreath around it & add a little holly or berries to the wreath. 3. Buy mini Christmas trees at like Fred's & decorate with either mini bought ornaments or handmade ones. You could use all three of these in the reception room. Just do like 3-4 of each, mixed throughout the room. The cake I would order very simple with buttercream icing and then get silk holly berries & leaves & maybe a bow for the top.
  3. Congrats! If you have a Home Depot or similar store with a garden department nearby, you might be able to pick up mini Christmas trees for $5 or so each. We used to buy them for my office, and some of them have thrived for years. If we'd had a December wedding, those puppies would've been dead center on our tables! If you're crafty, you could also giftwrap empty boxes - cereal boxes, whatever - in inexpensive giftwrap. (Maybe not the kind with Frosty and Rudolph on it, but still something holiday-ish) and pile towers of those on the tables as centerpieces. It would be very inexpensive. You might also want to check in with the spaces you're using. If they've already decked their halls for the holidays, you might be able to skip much of the trimming yourself. And snowflakes - especially cut out by kids - could be cute.
  4. Have the wedding somewhere that is already decorated for Christmas. Like Church, city park, local garden park or zoo, you may even have a friend that goes all out for the holiday and would not mind. That takes care of all of the decorations and flowers. I do not know where you live, so I have no idea of what kind of weather we are talking about. The cake probably would be beautiful if white with red and green designs like Christmas bells for his cake and flowers for the Bridal cake. Have the reception at the house and that solves any clean up fees that you may encounter at the various locations.
  5. Wait until after Christmas sales this year and get all kinds of things. For centerpieces you can use bowls of ball ornaments. If you want you can have your kids decorate them with sequins and glitter and ribbon trimming. If nothing else it'll be a good summertime project (outdoors, hint hint, to get rid of as much mess with the glitter as possible and things will dry quicker) to keep them occupied. Rather than flowers, use Christmas greenery - holly, pine, berries, etc. if you or any friends or relatives have tress nearby ask the people if you can take some cuttings when it's time. So long as you don't plan to strip any one tree people are usually ok with it. You could collect up pine cones and have your kids glue some glitter to some of hte edges and wire them in to your bouquet as well. Go to a craft store for the pre-made bouquet holders with the foam and you can just start sticking greenery in - no rhyme or reason needed. Cake - do you have any friends or family (or their friends) that bake and could decorate something simple? If you aren't having a large crowd a small cake will suffice and a simple few layers with simple white icing, ribbon trim around the bottom of each layer in your colors (Christmas Plaid?)and some of the centerpiece 'balls' around the bottom. If nothing else I am sure there is a craft store nearby that would sell the 'Wilton' cake books and supplies - who knows maybe there's someone you know who's been looking for an excuse to learn! Good Luck!
  6. I was married 2 days before Christmas 36 years ago Christmas weddings are beautiful I don't know where you are or if you have snow but your cake can be home made with square pans and made to look like presents you can make them in different sizes and shapes at the thrift store goodwill and dollar store you can buy Christmas stuff real cheap use white table cloths with red and green plates.cups,and napkins etc make pointsettas for the center of the tables and use red white and green candles just let you imagination go wild I did and mine turned out great Good Luck
  7. Congratulations on your wedding! Christmas,what a beautiful time to get married no matter where you live.The first idea that came to me was instead of a gift table have a sleigh for all your presents,maybe Michaels or another local craft store will have one . Another idea was have the wedding party wear traditional red and green or go for deeper,richer tones like burgundy and teal. You mentioned your kids,does husband to be have kids also? Have a small(er) tree and paint or glitter your names ,all the kids names on balls and have a family tree.Wreaths are beautiful and fairly inexpensive,if time permits make your own,maybe that can be a bridal project,each gal makes a wreath .I love the cake idea to make the layers look like gifts.If kids are on the guest list have stockings hanging with activities in them like simple travel size board games,deck of cards,art supplies.Stockings can also be used to hold napkins,books of matches,flatwear(put in baggies 1st to avoid fuzzies).Once again,congrats and good luck,Robin
  8. Go to your local party rental and rent big glass bowls for your centerpieces then the day after christmas go to your local Dept store and buy boxes of christmas balls. Fill the bowls with the balls and you have your centerpieces. Instead of flowers, use greenery and holly wth berries, much much cheaper than flowers and very beautiful. (be sure to clip the Holly leaves of the prickers though) For the cake again, Christmas balls, glue them into a small pile and get a seated bride and groom cake topper set and glue them seated on the top of the top ball. You can also get those little silver sugar balls, and put them all over the cake to make it sparkle. Christmas is a great time of year because everything is pretty much decorated for you, so you will save alot of money there. You can do this on a very small budget. Remember to take advantage of the after christmas sales this year, you will be able to get alot of good deals! Good luck!
  9. do your tables using the snowflakes and candles with some glitter. Do a pine or ivy rose bouquets, use silk they are cheaper. And have your children do the snow flakes with silver paper so they shine in the candle light. Having your children help with the decor is a great start to a nice family starting. They can also take care of your favor by doing the snowflake cutout on colored paper and add a cute small poem on the back, roll into a scrool and tie off with ribbon to match your colors.
  10. Christmas weddings are gorgeous. I have been to 2 Christmas weddings and both were stunning. One thing you forgot to mention was your colors. Some brides used red, white & green but I have also seen Christmas weddings done in baby blue and silver. If you are using red, green and white then finding cheap and easy decorations will be simple. One Christmas wedding I went to used Christmas poinsettas as centerpieces. The reception hall was already decorated with Christmas decor so the bride spent little money. The Christmas tree that was at the venue was used for guests to place the gifts under. Below are a few ideas for your wedding. Congrats Reception table decor wedding cakes Favors (Christmas)