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Birthday cake ideas for a hoarder?

We are having a birthday party for my soon to be 68 year old Grandma who is a mega hoarder. She has a great sense of humor about this so as weird as it sounds we'd like to make her birthday cake and party sort of a clutter theme. She especially has a thing about hoarder furniture and chairs in particular. So we'd thought about taking a bunch of my daughter's doll furniture and stacking it on the cake. I know this is weird but any ideas? We might also incorparate some themed games into the party as well. Any ideas for those?


  1. You could go all out and contact a cake decorator in your area and see what they can do for you. Years ago when mom was going on about getting a microwave - it was new then and everyone seemed to have one except us - we got her one and hid it, and had a local cake maker put together a 'microwave' cake - we gave her a picture of it to work from. It was hilarious and looked so real! There are cake decorators who can use a picture of the person too, and put that on the cake. Do you have a funny pic of your mom amongst her 'collectibles' that would work?
  2. I made a cake that looked like a purse for my mother's 50th a few months ago. It turned out oh so so cute! It is a round cake cut in half. The flat portion is the base, so it stands up. I used liccorice for the purse strap. I decorated it with white, black and red. I also used candies as the decorations along with the icing. I found a cheap glass cutting board and used that for the base. It was very very cute! Not sure about the furniture idea though. You can try making a cake shaped like a chair. It actually sounds fun and possible to create. Have a lots of fun with it. Good luck.
  3. If you don't want to use the doll furniture you could take pictures of the things she hoards and make a collage type picture I think an 8x10 size is about as big as you can go. Take your collage photo to a bakery that does edible images and have them print it for you. It's really easy all you have to do is lay it on top of a smooth iced cake and instantly you've got her favorite stuff all there! The doll furniture could make a very funny and in this case appropriate border. You could also do the collage out of magazine pics. You may need to do your collage and then photo copy it for the bakery to be able to print it I'm not sure. I'd call them and ask.