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Website with birthday cake ideas?

I am looking for a website that has pictures of cakes for my birthday. I want a great looking cake for my 18th birthday that's coming up next weekend and I need some ideas. I'll be making the cake so it can't be extremely difficult but I think I can manage something grand. Or if anyone has any ideas of a cake, that would be a big help too. Feel free to email me. Thanks!


  1. Try:
  2. the best site for me is enjoy!
  3. a lot of these look like kiddie cakes, but i saw a few had themes and adult cakes too.
  4. you could just make a simple cake and ice it really pretty. get one of those icing bags and tips and get white icing and add food coloring to make a certain color(stir well). Here are a few sites:
  5. check out or ace of cakes he has a website also
  6. beautiful cakes