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Dose anyone know a link with good cake ideas?

I need a like with cake decoration ideas. I need somthing elaborate.


  1. cake connections
  2. I can make a suggestion and hope that this has been some help. I use they have a lot of recipe's maybe you can get some decoration ideas their.
  4. Try They have tons of recipes on there! I'm sure you'll find something. Or Google cake decorating and see what comes up. The power of the internet is a wonderful thing!
  5. try
  6. yes......i lovveee cakes especially fiary cakes...go to and type in BBC foods or Jamie Oliver(if you have heard of him) and get his recipes as his recipes are yummyy. Or simply try goggling it. Cakes and choco cakes and etcccc....
  8. Sure, check out my blog entries about cakes. BTW, it's a satire.
  9. it has some good ideas and the supplies to do it yourself. Also go to a local bakery and give them your theme with pictures and ideas and they should be able to help you elaborate your idea.