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Cake ideas needed for adult Birthday?

A friend of mine said she wanted a cake (duh!) for her birthday next month, so I agreed. But I want your ideas, because I want to give her a special cake. Post pictures of neat cake designs or delectable recipes. She loves color and fun stuff. No, not "naughty" cakes. I meant "adult" as in "probably won't settle for the white frosting and balloons." ;-) Thanks for the ideas, everyone.


  1. Oh-huh. I've been to a few "adult" birthday parties that had some, uh, interesting cakes. If that isn't the type of cake you're going for, how about finding out what she was into as a child? Things like Rainbow Brite, The Smurfs, etc..etc...
  3. Do you mean "Adult" as in naughty stuff? Can't help you. If you mean just not something juvenile, how about looking for a cake form that fits in with one of her hobbies or interests? But if you want to see some absolutely amazing cakes, try this website. I love the fact that they use the music from THE GOONIES! These cakes don't look like cakes at all.
  4. here is a site i just around, i found some pretty cool stuff like a beer bottle and a slot machine.
  5. When I hear the words 'cake' and 'adult party' I think of all those movies where some unclad person jumps out of the cake. Here's some ideas: -Rainbow cake. You basically make three or four single layer vanilla cakes, except you put a different food dye for each layer. -This chocolate cake looks good: -I have no idea what this means, but it looks cool -How about coconut? Well, no matter what you do, I know that if this is a friend who you want to make a special cake for, she'll appreciate anything you make her. One thing though: if you whip heavy cream, it'll make a fantastic whipped cream, better than anything you could possibly use for frosting (except maybe homemade buttercream frosting). Oh, and if you make a layered cake, stick a couple big lollypops in the top and it'll look neat (especially if they're rainbow). Good luck with finding the right cake!
  6. Well, this is my favorite cake ever. I wish I had a photo but I don't. It's a candy bar cake. Shopping list: Chocolate cake mix ( whatever ingredients you need to make that) Hershey syrup caramel syrup whipped cream (in the tub) And her favorite candy bars ( depending on what it is 4 or 5) Directions: Make the cake according to the directions ( two round cake pans..this is layered) As it's baking take your candy bars and put them in a zip lock baggy and break them up into small bite size pieces..set aside and try not to nibble! When the cake is done cool them on a wire rack. As they are cooling take a fork and poke holes over the tops of the cakes. Take your syrups and pour over the tops (will be messy) about 3 or 4 tbls. worth. When the cakes are completly cooled set one on your serving dish and spread whipped cream over the top. Sprinkle a bit of the candy on the whipped cream. Put the top layer on and repeat only put alot of candy on top. You can frigerderate this too! This is the yummiest cake in the world ( I use heath bar candies or whoppers)
  7. you might be able to get some good recipes from this site -
  8. Just google it, and you will find tons. Try erotic cakes, or if you don't want that kind just google cakes, there are tons of crazy and great cake pictures out there.