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what are some cake ideas and decorations for a 70th birthday ?

Its my grans 70th birthday and we are in charge of the cake.. its the first time in a long while since we have got the whole family together. We want something simple but sort of fancy.. and any ideas on where i could get fondant or where to buy it? I live in australia..


  1. find a great picture and have it applied to the cake at the bakery.
  2. The picture idea is great, I did this for my sister's birthday. I was a bit worried it wouldn't turn out great, but it did. You could find a picture of her dancing or with a funny hair cut back when she was young. Speak to family members and get them to dig out the old photo albums, this will be great opportunities to get the whole family involved. For the actually cake you could do a chocolate layer cake, a coffee cake, a lemon cake, fruit cake, cheesecake, carrot cake, angel cake, simnel cake. Hope I Helped
  3. i think that the picture ideas are not good enough because this is the birthday, an important day! you cannot just simply put a random picture on it. are you going to cut the picture, it means that you cut your grans and i think that you will have to put a peach on the cake, i mean the real peach! and dont cut off the peach, just place it on top of the cake. In chinese, peach represent the forever life! and living forever!