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Alcohol Themed Birthday Cake Ideas?

My friend and I are having a joint 30th birthday party. We are wanting a fun cake idea. One likes bicardi and 1 likes vodka. Any ideas or suggestions of where to look for such an idea. thanks, no plans to use as ingredients but to use as the look of those flavours.


  1. I don't think I'd use a spirit in the cake mix, however you could use just a little in the icing mixture, taste it first, before adding to the cake. You could also skip it and decorate in a theme
  2. There are many versions of wonderful delicious cakes made with liquor especially rum and vodka there is the famous Bacardi rum cake and there is Harvey Wallbanger cake made with galliano and vodka and also Black Russian cake simply go to they have several versions of these cakes You can also simply type in your browser rum cake or bacardi cake and also type in vodka cake ~~~ Happy Birthday to you both!EDIT~ if you just want the cakes to look like booze bottles cut out a bottle shape from cardboard, bake cakes in 9X13 pans cut cakes in shape of bottle then decorate make one with bacardi rum label and one with Smirnoff vodka label with icing and decorating tips you can also put shot glasses or mixed drinks glassess on a tray beside them ~OR~ you can ice a 9x13 cake then trace bottle with a toothpick on top of cake and decorate
  3. i don't know any recipes offhand, but if you searched rumcake in any search engine, you should find something. The amount of rum can easily be substituted for anything else.