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calla lily wedding cake ideas?

I am trying to find wedding cake ideas. My flowers are going to be calla lilies. I have found lots of pictures where there is a plain cake with actual calla flowers on it, but I am looking for a cake decorating with calla piping. Any sugestions would be great.


  1. Your theme sounds wonderful, beautiful.....If they were my plans I'd use the search engine " fondant calla lillies" then after you get the answers ....take it to your local bakery and see if someone can bake the cake according to the picture of the flowers.. Since the flowers are so simple...the rest of the frosting should also be simple..the fondant frosting is formed over the layers of if it's a "slipcover"...the only decorations I'd use are "frosting pearls" lined up one after the other..around the top edge of the cake...and maybe more on the top layer.... You have heard the line....LESS IS MORE....that is how I would do it.... When you talk to the baker....they will have books showing you what they can do....and combine your thoughts with theirs....I'm sure it's going to be a perfect wedding with a perfect wishes....hugs, Mama Jazzy Geri
  2. Here are some links about calla gumpaste - Good luck.