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Cake ideas for a 6-year-old's luau/birthday party?

I'm having a birthday party at the end of this month for my neice. It's luau-themed and I've already bought all the supplies, I just have no idea what kind of cake I'm going to do!! Cake ideas and cupcake ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!


  1. Make the cake in shape of one of those pretty flowers, you know which ones I'm talking about.
  2. Make the cake with blue icing or blue fondant, and get a surfer for the top...however, the Wilton website has a spectacular sand castle cake on it, and that would be great too. My mom always gets her supplies from Wilton.
  3. Use a dome shaped cake tin to make a simple sponge. Decorate it with lots of coloured icing so that it looks like a Hawian skirt. Then buy a cheap doll (about the same size as a barbie) and make a hole in the centre for her legs and you have a girl wearing a cake skirt. Can also be used for disney princess parties.
  4. is a cute idea for a hula girl cake similar to the barbie cake idea. Here is a link for one but it is not very cute..but you will get the idea... good luck
  5. Tropical fish Palm tree Pineapple Ukulele The first link below has photos and pans for the fish, tree, and pineapple.
  6. this link has tons of ideas maybe you can get inspired by looking threw these cakes have fun:)
  7. go for something tropical like bright colors, blue, yellow, green and stuff maybe you should try palm trees or lilo and stitch?? put the little flowers and the trees and maybe a pic of the beach maybe
  8. For my sister's birthday many years ago I made a big tray of chocolate muffins with chocolate frosting and little sprinkles in the shape of flowers. In a party supplies store I found appetizer pricks with a paper palm tree, that I placed in every muffin, so every guest had their own tropical island muffin. Good for little hands and the best is that you save on forks and plates.
  9. Under the Ocean Cake Fishbowl Cake Water Park Cake
  10. make a chocolate cake everyone likes chocolate
  11. this is cute fir cakes or cup cakes- frost with blue icing-we'll do a cake for this- about 2/3 of the cake blue icing the other 1/3 would be white frosting with crushed graham crackes to resemble sand.get some TEDDY GRAHAMS preferably golden color-gummy life savers make good floaties around them-the colored gum that has a zebra onit are good for beach blankets-pretzel rods with spearmint gummy leaves are good palm trees gumballs are beachballs-she will love it- ad lib to your liking enjoy