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any birthday cake ideas for a party?

need ideas for a friend's 60th birthday party. don't want traditional birthday cake. want something i can make night before.


  1. If you can find a styrofoam tombstone at one of those party stores you can make a grave cake. Green frosting around the edges for grass, and cover the top with cocoa powder to look like fresh dirt. We did one of these for my sister-in-law's 40th and it looked great! We also had gummy worms going in & out of the top of the cake.
  2. cheesecake is always a favorite for a special treat on birthdays! something different than the same ole cake! and you can personalize it to the persons favorite flavors- chocolate, raspberry, orange, lemon- whatever! heres a link to a bunch of recipes for cheesecake!
  3. I'm not sure if you ever tried this but you can get a picture on the cake of the b-day person, that hot..
  4. Think of a hobby they enjoy and use that as the theme for the cake....there will be enough "60" references at the party so the cake doesn't necessarily have to refer to age.
  5. I am the family/friend baker. Definitely not a professional. One thing I love to do is make cupcakes. They can be fully cooked the day before and frosted the night before. I generally do a few flavors of cake and icing. The collaborator is what I put on top, which is generally not edible. For example, I did this for my husband and put red (his favorite color) dice (loves to gamble) on top of many different types of cake with many types of icing. For my mother I colored cream cheese frosting in many pastels and put edible flowers on top (although nobody ate them they were pretty). For my daughter's Little Mermaid party I put tons of sprinkles (very sweet) on aqua frosting with sweedish fish. Think of who she is and personalize it. It doesn't have to be about her age.
  6. I just had my first taste of a "nothing but bundt cake" and it was fantastic.
  7. Log on to it has recipes for a few tasty cakes which can be easily prepared at home