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Does anybody have cute birthday cake ideas?

I have volunteered to bake the cake for my cousins daughter's 1st birthday. I need to make 60 cupcakes and 1 cake for the little girl. I have about a week and a half, no time to learn how to do fondant. As far as I know, there is no theme to the party other than just bright, girly colors. Any simple, cute ideas are appreciated! Thanks :)


  1. Hey,want a answer well its right here on the 60 cupcakes mabey with some sprinles or somthing make cute little shapes like hearts or stars and for the cake do like flowers and hearts around the side!!!!! hope i helped, Bye
  2. This would be perfect: The cupcakes would just need a green swirl of butter icing on the top and the little girl's cake could be the red 'head'. For that buy ready made red fondant, roll out and cover the cake. Also buy ready coloured black for the antenna and legs and perhaps sweets for the eyes and jobs done :)
  3. You could write out her name in sprinkles on the main cake. You could also make her cake in the shape of a princess--they sell the molds in stores like Michael's. What cake recipe are you using? My favorite is the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake recipe. So easy and so good every time! For the recipe, go to:
  4. Here are a few ideas for you. Oh and even if they are in fondant in the picture you can always use buttercream or frosting and use fondant for accents which is very easy with a cookie cutter and some vanilla to stick it on your cake with.
  5. A Garfield shaped cake would be cool.
  6. Is the cake just for her, or everyone? If just for her, I would get some small square cake pans, and make 3-4 layers. Stack them, using filling of your choice between layers (ex- whip cream & chopped strawberries) Then ice the entire outside one solid color - pink, lavender, whatever she likes. (Use white icing with a few drops of food coloring) Then mix a contrasting color frosting, and use an icing bag with a broad attachment to ice a straight, flat line up the sides, crossing in the center - like a wrapped present. Get a fancy, sparkly gift topper of similar color from a card store, and stick in the center, hiding where the frosting ribbons cross. You can leave the outside plain, or decorate with candy pearls (silver), sparkle sugar, etc. You can also get a gift tag to write her name on, Happy Birthday, etc. 60 cupcakes is too many to get very creative - I'd just ice them white, and decorate with the candy pearls, or a few colors of sparkle sugar that match the colors of the cake. This is a long answer & sounds complicated, but it's not, I promise. It will end up looking impressive.