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I'm looking for ideas for a birthday cake for my 8 year old son....?

My son is turning 8 and we are having a "science" themed birthday party. I don't want to do a basic sheet cake and am looking for some intersting cake ideas. My thought at the moment is a smoking volcano cake (like a science project). Anyone have any other ideas?


  1. Baskin Robbins makes amazing ice cream cakes, and i think they do a dinosaur/volcano themed cake. Your son will love it!
  2. You could do a frog and have it cut open.. a scalpal shape one, a labcoat. I was thinking volcano also with jelly spewing out of it.. awsome, i love theme cakes.
  3. You could think of so many cool ideas and this sounds like a cool party! I think a cake volcano would be a cool idea too! Maybe a graduated cylinder would be an interesting cake too. I hope I could help, sorry I didn't have many good ideas. Good Luck and Happy Birthday to your son!
  4. I'd be going with a cake with just eight candles on it. There's lots of birthdays still to go and you'll then be expected to make each year better and better. You'll be competing against yourself. Its just a cake!
  5. Science Birthday Cakes: *Volcano Cake: Bake two 8" round cakes and two Pyrex-bowl dome cakes. Trim and stack the cakes to look like a mountain. Frost it brown and sprinkle it with crushed chocolate graham crackers. Use Fruit Roll-Ups: blue ones for the water around the volcano, red ones down the side for lava, green and yellow for the trees and foliage. Put several sparkles around the top. Cut out a hole from top down inside the cake. Put a tall glass in the hole filled with dry ice. Then add some hot water inside the glass (on top of dry ice) and lit the sparkles! *Compass Cake: Bake two round cakes. Cover one with frosting, top with second cake, and frost the entire cake with white frosting. Using a frosting tube, draw a compass face onto the cake, marking north, south, east, and west.
  6. A: { SEE>> **Hence, Try! 1)-**Ba skin Robbins, makes amazing ice cream cakes, *So they do a dinosaur/ volcano themed cake.too! 2)-** While you can see their menus , and find some new idea; ...., for snow , spring , and playing garden , etc. too! ** Certainly your son will love it! }. OK Mercy A77p
  7. maybe a microchip or a all fashion 3/4 diskette I sure the diskette is going to be the easy one