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I need ideas on how to do this cake Idea I have ?

Im making my child a birthday cake and heres my idea. Im going to use a bigger cake on bottom and then make 2 smaller cakes and cut out the letters H and M( Hannah Montanna) I have no clue what Im doing or what Im even getting myself into I need Ideas on how to do this!


  1. Frost the big cake, then frost your little cakes and place them on your other cake. As long as they aren't too large you can do it without dowels. Use one color for the round cake and another color or two for the H and M. For cake ideas go to You have to register but you can see 1,000s of cake ideas! I did a Hannah Montana cake for my niece last year. I lamintated a Hannah picutre and a Miley picture since we had been to the concert. She was able to wash off the pictures to keep then. I used dragees (little silver balls) to simulate the stage lights in her name.
  2. I would recommend putting the smaller cakes in the freezer for about an hour before you cut them. The partially frozen cakes with cut a lot cleaner and be less likely to fall apart. Let your child help with the decorations. It will be more fun. Good luck. You sound like a great mom.
  3. Here are some delicious cake recipes and videos I am sure you would be able to get some good ideas here and put together a great cake for ur little ones bday.
  4. Freeze the cake before carving the letters. But really I reccommend using rice krispies treats for the letters.