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Some good cake ideas?

What type of cakes can I make witmy Betty Crocker Bake N Fill? Any ideas? Ice cream,fruit,etc.


  1. Im thinking an angel food cake filled with strawberry filling cream cheese!! YUM!! There should be a light icing placed on the cake as well, a white icing. YUMMY!!
  2. this is what i did and it was so good i made a chocolate cake and the middle i filled with cookies and cream pudding it was so good. i fell in love with it if you want it really rich you could top it with a frosting or like a dollape of whipp cream
  3. Try They have tons of recipes. Or Just search by Bake N Fill. They are tons on the site. Mocha Cake with Choc. Mousse Filling, YUM!
  4. a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip icecream sounds really good
  5. Check out the link below. It has recipes for quite a few tasty cakes and desserts that can be prepared easily from home ..