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anyone have some birthday cake ideas i could use?

im having a joint birthday party for my lil boy who is turning 1 and lil girl who is turning 4. finally decided on a jungle theme! i make birthday cakes for almost all the birthday parties in our family. so i need some ideas for this one. a cake thats not too boyish but not too girlish at the same time. any ideas?


  1. if your making a jungle theme. there's allot of things in the jungle. most boy like snakes, lizards and spiders. and since little girls like cats there's tigers, panthers, and maybe add some trees. and a few monkeys.
  2. Why not a Diego and Dora in the jungle type cake?
  3. Here are links maybe it will give you some ideas: mine?;_ylt=AmSnpkp9ncWLCISSdFiseOHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100711162119AAOwRPs
  5. I think what you should do is to make a birthday cake out of something you know your little boy would love, and then put a picture on the outside of the cake, but with ice cream inside! Ice cream cakes are my favorite and always have been since I was younger. ;-).