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How to make a Little Mermaid Under the Sea Sand Castle Cake?

I am trying to get ideas on how to make a Little Mermaid Under the Sea Sand Castle Cake that is half cake and half rice crispy treats. The only characters I want is Flounder, Sebastian, and Ariel. I want it to be colorful because it is going to be a beach party for my little girl who will be turning 3. If anyone has any ideas or picture that they would like to share please contact me at


  1. Did you want a 2 dimension or 3 dimension? 3-D will be extremely difficult. I was good in pastries in culinary school, and I don't think I would be able to do it without a lot of practice. Maybe you could compromise a little. Have a cake that has an edible liner on top, and build your castle out of rice crispy treats. You also could make your castle out of cake, but it would have to be layered, with wooden dowels through the cake vertically to help hold it's shape. I would use regular icing as opposed to fondant for your first attempt. Fondant is wonderful, but expensive. If you make the ccastle out of regular cake, I would use rice crispy treats to make the towers and spires. They will hold better to shaping that way. You might want to check on Food Network or You Tube and look for cake decorating contests. You might get some more or better ideas from them. Good Luck!!!
  2. For the castle I would use a bundt pan and then for the towers on the castle, if you want towers, I would get the mini bundt pan and make those and place 4 of them around the cake. Frost with brown/tan/white icing to give it the beach look. You can make shells easily by getting some shell molds and adding a bit of water to granulated sugar. Just enough to very slightly dampen it. Press the damp sugar into the mold. Allow to dry several hours and un mold. Use a paste or powder food color to paint them or just add the paste color to the sugar mixture before you mold the shells. If you want a sandy look around the castle use brown sugar and just sprinkle some around the cake. If you want seaweed I would just go to a pet store and buy some of the plastic plants they use for fish tanks. You can get fake coral that way as well. Hope this helps a bit. Have fun. And your daughter will love what ever you do.
  3. I would suggest using graham cracker crumbs on top of icing for the sand look.
  4. Look, you are probably going to need to go to cake decorating supply store. And, you may have to order something on line (like the plastic figurines if the supply store doesn't have any): Okay, for the sand, I would either use brown sugar OR in a zip lock baggie, put some regular granulated sugar and add a small bit of Brown Paste Food Coloring (you can get this cake decorating supply store too). Mix the sugar inside the bag until you have the color evenly on your sugar. If you want a contrasting texture where the sand meets the ocean, use some crushed walnuts on that edge. Looks very interesting and realistic. For the ocean, while you are at that supply store, get a container of piping gel. And get some Blue Paste Food Coloring. Mix a bit of food coloring (it only takes a tiny dot of food coloring) in the amount of gel that you would need for the ocean. You can put this blue piping gel right over any icing on the cake, it will cover it. While you are at the supply store, they make edible seashells. Just look around the supply store, you might see other "props" edible or non-edible that you would want to add more color to the cake. Good luck. You can do it!
  5. Here is what you do. It sounds as if you are a beginner. Buy a sand castle mold like the ones you get for the beach. grease/spray it LIBERALLY and fill it with warm rice krispie treat mix. wait till its completely cooled and remove from mold. next make a 'thin consistency ganache' made with peanut butter chips (not chocolate). cover sandcastle in warm ganache and then immediately coat with graham cracker crumbs that have been pulverized in a food processor. make sure they are very very fine. then make whatever shape cake you want. square sheet cake could probably be easiest. turn out onto a cake plate and coat in blue frosting. on top of the cake do a swirling motion with your spatula to make waves. around the sides of the cake get creative you can add fish, coral, whatever. then in one corner of the cake sprinkle more cracker crumbs to make a sandy shore. place the castle on and add plastic cake toppers with desired characters.