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Cake decorating ideas?

I am entering a cake decorating contest with my school. The problem is there is no theme so I dont know how to decorate it. Any ideas are very much appreciated! I was told to keep it simple but i really want to win!


  1. It can still be simple and look great. I won a cake decorating contest with a plain white cake base with orange flowers and mint green leaves. So either a Easter theme or done in school colors or theme would probably be good.
  2. pirates cake would ahve the map and coins hidden treasure ,scull and cross bones
  3. Ocean Cake! For my sisters 21st birthday, my mother and I wanted to go all out. She loves the ocean, fish, seahorses, everything.. so we found this idea for an ocean cake. We made it and everyone got a kick out of it. They thought it looked like the coolest cake ever and of course it was delicious! Here's what it looks like: Here is the directions for making it:
  4. You could use a few different colors of blue and purple on a white cake: it would be a pretty winter theme. I would use a royal or navy blue, a medium blue, a sky blue, and one or two shades of purple. Use a rose tip to make ribbons or flowers, and a star tip to do shell borders. Not too complicated, but it would be elegant.
  5. Try making a snake cake (placed the links in the source). Liked this idea because it looks easy and interesting. I think you might have a good chance with that one.
  6. Try just a simple 2 layer round cake, ice the lower layer with butter cream icing, put a layer of jam, like raspberry or apricot on the bottom layer, then put the top layer on, cover it with the butter cream frosting, covering the joint all the way around. Then get fondant and roll it out, cover the whole cake with the fondant. Than take fresh flowers and put all the way around the bottom, then a nice mound of flowers on top. tulips and lilies would look very nice, in complementing shades of pink or yellow, or whatever your favorite shade of flower is. The short stems of the flowers should actually be stuck into the fondant. You could even find a nice little glass butterfly or dragonfly and put it on top of the flowers. Or you could get the little butterflies from the craft dept. that are fabric and put several on the cake, all around the bottom with the flowers and then one nice glass one on top. Good Luck. btw, Fondant can be purchased at Walmart in the cake decorating section, by the crafts.
  7. This would be awesome! Directions here: Good Luck!
  8. *** Make a chocolate covered cherry Cake with handmade chocolate roses on it, here are the recipes CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY CAKE BAKE IN 3 CAKE PANS AT 350º FOR 25 TO 30 MINUTES. INGREDIENTS 1 can cherry pie filling 2 eggs 1TSP.almond extract 1 box chocolate fudge cake mix (18 OZ) INSTRUCTIONS Mix together eggs, extract and cake mix.Gently fold in cherry pie filling with wooden spoon.Be careful not to mash the cherries.Dough will be very thick. FROSTING INGREDIENTS 1 cup sugar ¼ cup can milk 5 TBS. butter boil 1 minute, ADD 6 oz. Chocolate clips. Mix, soon as smooth, spread on cake. Candy Melt Roses Ingredient 14 oz Candy Melts - (1 package) 1/2 c Light corn syrup Preparation Method Melt candy melts according to package directions. Add heated light corn syrup and stir until thoroughly mixed. Let set at room temperature in an airtight plastic bag for at least 24 hours or up to one week. Candy becomes easier to work with as it sets. When ready to use, knead a small amount until it reaches a workable consistency. MODELING A ROSE: Start with the base and mold a cone that's approximately 1-1/2 inch high from a 3/4-inch diameter ball of modeling candy. Next, make petals. Flatten 3/8-inch ball of modeling candy into a circle that's about 1/4-inch thick on one side and about the diameter of a dime. Make several petals this size. Wrap first petal around the point of the cone to form a bud. Now press three more petals around the base of the bud. Gently pinch edges of petals. Make five more petals using slightly larger balls of modeling candy. Flatten, then thin edge with finger and cup petals. Press petals under first row of petals. Continue adding petals, placing them in between and slightly lower than previous row. For a fuller flower, continue adding petals in this manner. TO MAKE CANDY LEAVES: On the back of clean, thoroughly dried, grape or rose leaves, paint on melted Candy Melts with a soft pastry or decorator's brush. Pull out pointed or curved edges to resemble certain kinds of leaves. Let coating set and when completely dry, carefully peel off candy.
  9. The funnest and easiest for me is to use specialty pans. I have a John Deer tractor, a heart, Elmo, Christmas tree, Easter Bunny, and a bunch more! All you do it spray the pan with cooking spray Pour in batter and bake. Let cool 5 to 10 min, then turn onto cooling rack. Either dye plain white icing or make your own! "Paint" the icing on using a star tip. Place the stars very close together and follow the outline the pan made!