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cake decorating ideas?

Ok, so I have to decorate a stop-sign shaped cake. Any ideas of how to decorate it other than like a stop sign? Its for my father-in-laws 55th birthday. My kids are helping to decorate it.


  1. whats the occasion? use your creativity or look up cake design on the web and you will get lots of ideas.
  2. what is the cake for? if it's for a birthday cake, you could decorate it like a stop sign, saying, "stop, it's ____ birthday!" or something
  3. How about making a petting zoo using animal crackers and having green patches of grass made out of frosting? Soccer ball, using vanilla and chocolate frosting? Swimming pool? Spider web?
  4. Why is it a stop sign shape? If it's a stop sign shape, then I'd go with that. Write words in icing like, Stop and say Happy Birthday to .........! or, Stopping by with a birthday wish or Stop and Celebrate with ....... The kids could use red hot candies, M & M's, or other small candies like red and white striped peppermints to outline the edges. You could put little Matchbox cars around it, and attach to the top of each a tiny sign with the name of a grandchild or other family member.
  5. put the person/people/group/whoever's name in graffiti in black on the stop sign and say "was here." like ur making it for a person named Bob. put "Bob was here" in graffiti on the side.