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Which paste to use for cake decoration?

I teach myself cake decorating. When you place some decoration on the sugarpasted cake such as some shapes with patchwork cutters or frills, do you use Mexican paste or sugarpaste with some gum tragacanth to make those decorating items? Or something else? I read some books, but each book gave me different answers.


  1. Im self taught as well, I use sugar paste. I find it works better with the humid conditions we get in Michigan.
  2. What about almond paste/marzipan? You can make shapes out of marzipan and even colour them with vegetable dye.
  3. i use sugar paste to make ornaments and flowers for cakes,but to ice a cake i may use royal icing or ready to roll icing it is amazing.
  4. I use flower paste - so called because it is good for makiing really fine thin objects such as flower petals in sugarcraft. It is a really elasticky sort of consistency almost like chewing gum (!) but can be rolled paper thin. It comes in powder form and you add the required amount of water to mix to a paste. It can be ordered from specialist cake decorating suppliers