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I am a supplier of cake decoration products can anyone advice me how to get clients such wholesalers?

I am looking for clients for my products, I am specialised in cake decorations such as sugar flowers chocolate transfer sheets, and north african baked sweets. can anyone help me find clients in europe ?


  1. It is possible but it will require several angles of attack. If you are looking to open markets in Europe you will need to know the indigenous language of the country you've chosen to market to. This is ESPECIALLY true in France. Forget business language being in English-that only applies in Banks or you have something they really need. Then be prepared to do research, make yourself familiar with the potential clients towns and cities. I've been in sales for almost 25 years and customers buy the salesperson first and then the product. Get yourself prepared also to sell the product. Ask yourself what makes your product so good, why should anybody buy off you? What do you do that somebody else round the corner from your customer doesn't do? Research is very important. Try to find out who is the person who makes the decisions regarding buying. Praise your product to the hilt without lying or running down anybody elses. Finally, try writing to your prospective clients with a properly typed letter-headed letter. This will make a bigger and better impression than emails, which often get deleted before the potential client has got to read them. Best of luck...
  2. Nothing works better than handing someone your products too taste! i can tell you that the chinese that live in the united states have made a fortune with this simple and easy concept! the chinese have food retaurants in the shopping malls of large cities and you cant walk through a mall without a chinese employee handing you a sample of their food on a toothpick! the customer then likes the food and walks right by the chinese restaurant and wah la! instant customer! they hand out small pieces of food like chickent pork shrimp pasta and you can do the same in a busy place if you get permission for the property owner ahead of time. you should ask a man too taste your cakes, sweets and too see how he likes them. then you hand them a business card with a business number and maybe if you have a website? i can tell you that many a millionaires started with this easy simple concept. also, you could write letters, email and consult the big businesses like walmart in american and europe too see how they like your product. there was a man recently that had barbecue sauce that was homeade and sold in his nieghborhood. he sold and let people taste his product and turned them into customer in the poor neighborhoods. he then opened restaurant and recently landed a contract with walmart and is now a millionaire, a true rags too riches story. what im getting at is nobody ie. a wholesaler or any business is going too spend the money too mass numbers of products without the potential for demand. you must first develop a business plan, go too the bank and open a small storefront for people too shop. you can do the same exact thing as the chinese in the US, if you have a storefront where there is foot traffic and people walk by routinely ie. business district/retail stores/public place and you start marketing your product. you can win customers by having a school kid ( cheap wages) put you food samples on toothpick and hand them too people as they walk by. food is the only way too let people sample your product versus stopping people too drive a car if you sell cars. food is something people can taste and automatically they can walk in your store too purchase or return as they remember how good it was etc.. they will tell their family and freinds etc... this is the bigger plan and will require capital and loans possibly too start up. if you have the funds too take the risk then develop a plan and go for it! another way is this, if you go too a wedding dress store and you introduce yourself and let the men taste your food, ( men are easier with food lol) or the ladies and give them your business cards with the following ideas in mind. you can ask the wedding planners or clothing specialists too call you with the wedding party information such as contact # and you can ask the people if they have any body that is providing sweets at their event. you can then offer a nice discount and provide the food at their event/wedding and at all times have your business name present as you are always marketing with future business in mind. you can also put ads in the paper for catering or anyone interested in purchasing your cakes for weddings or events as well. you should enter in food competitions around your city if they have them. ALWAYS THINK MARKETING AND ADVERTISING! you may stop in a small store or area business and ask them too sample your product and maybe they give you a chance too sell it in their store and they take a bit of the profits for doing so as everyting is negotiable! i have eaten foods in the US that i didnt think tasted good and neither did my friends but theyre name was so popular and they were so successful in their stategies that they became huge! they obtained success with the right stategies, the key is that you have too reach the masses and as many people as possible. you have too get established with some records or evidence that you are a business and that your product is a winner worth taking the risk! a big business will want too seet that people like your products and if they can do big numbers selling larger amounts and make profits. in other words you by yourself have only so much ability too reach so many customers but if they see that you have a lot of customers then with thier larger distribution abilities they will in turn gain more customers in a joint business agreement with you. first you must demonstrate that you are producing, selling and retaining a lot of customers/sales. then you have a case too say hey im ready too get bigger and we can do this together ie. their resouces. If i were you i would start with a shopping mall and ask the owner for permission too do a marketing survey. all you need is a table and some pencils and printed up questionaire. you can ask the people too taste test different products and too write down which one they like, why they like it, and would they buy it and at what price? if they do not like it, ask them why, and what could be better about the product..