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preservation of a sugar made cake decoration?

i need to preserve some sugar made decorations of a cake, it can be frozen but they want it on display. how can i do that?


  1. Don't freeze these sugar decorations you will spoil them :-( put some Cilaca gel into an airtight container then put some tissue paper on top of this then place your sugar decorations ontop of the tissue paper then close the lid, Wha La. You should be able to get some Cilaca gel from your local cake shop. If you can't get any use salt instead. The salt draws any moisture and keeps it away from the sugar. But.... don;t freeze them!
  2. you can seal the cake decoration in a glass container, make sure you put salt in a cloth packet in it, as salt is much better in extracting moisture out of the glass container. you don't want to put any foreign objects in it since they will only ruin the cake.