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Birthday Cake Decoration?

Hi, i really want a 'different' birthday cake this year. Like a novelty cake, or something with well known characters on it! I couldn't find any information on the internet about how i could make it. Can you give me any links to sites where there are good ideas and instructions?


  3. Wilton most defitenly. My mother made cakes for almost twenty years. They have a lot of decorative pans and tell you how to decorate the
  5. These sites are more what your looking for I think: I hope that these help!
  6. ( has interesting projects and recipes and on this wilton link you can find a list of all the decorating techniques with pics. Birthday index: some ideas: why not making a tower of cupcakes or something with cupcakes. check out a tower of cupcakes with birthday faces example: you can also check this great site
  7. go look at your local Wal-Mart. last year we got a cupcake cake there. it was a bunch of cupcakes arranged in a design. you could probably do it yourself.
  8. Try, select cakes/desserts
  9. I think that the best way to decorat a cake is with the theme of the party like one year I had the 50 th theme and I had 45 reacords on my cake and thing's like that .
  10. below is a site that make help you with ideas for cake, but they do not have any receipts. Hope it helps: