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what would be a good substitute for berries as a cake decoration?

i'm baking a cake for a dinner party and i know one of my guests isn't a fan of berries. does anyone have any other suggestions of what would look good on this cake:


  1. raisins, nuts, M&Ms, fruits, etc
  2. oh my gosh i want to eat that cake..... delicious! im not so creative so i dont know what you could do in place of the berries...maybe fruit?
  3. grated chocolate over top
  4. You could let it go with out any decoration. Or what I would do is take a cheese grater, and chocolate, like a hershey's bar, or if you have them the melting discs. Grate the chocolate as you would do cheese, over top the cake as you move around to spread it out. You could even melt chocolate and drizzle it over. Or drizzle melted butterscotch. Crushed nuts are another option. Even sprinkles.
  5. peach slices, mango, kiwi fruit, walnut halves, cherries. or any combination of the above. all of these look great and taste delicious.
  6. If you were wanting to still stick with fruit, how about cherries, grapes and maybe kiwi fruit for some colour? Or something like ferrero rocher chocolates or truffles placed around the top, or maybe even some big chocolate curls? The cake looks delicious!
  7. This cake really doesn't need any berries. Use either butter cream or cream cheese frosting. Then if you really want to add something more, you could add crushed pineapple using the cream cheese frosting or toasted or colored coconut with the butter cream frosting.
  8. Unless that one guest is the honoree, it doesn't deserve to dictate the party. That cake with sliced strawberrys is stunning. Don't try to please everybody. That person can remove berries or don't put any on one froth of the cake. You are in charge