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  1. cake decoration?

    do u know how to make small banana/carrot for cake decoration? where can i get marzipan? does it eatable? what the diff marzipan & foundant?

  2. How can I keep a marzipan cake decoration looking good?

    I am looking for a cake decoration for my daughters first birthday and the one I like is made from Marzipan. Is it possible to keep it looking good as I want to keep it for her for when she is older. Thanks.

  3. How do i keep a marzipan cake decoration for a long time?

    I heard somewhere about some sort of spray or paste available to keep a marzipan cake decoration for years? Can anyone help?!

  4. Which paste to use for cake decoration?

    I teach myself cake decorating. When you place some decoration on the sugarpasted cake such as some shapes with patchwork cutters or frills, do you use Mexican paste or sugarpaste with some gum tragacanth to make those decorating items? Or something else? I read some books, but each book gave me different answers.

  5. cake decoration courses one that comes with a qualification at the end?

    I really want to do a course in cake decoration, But I'm finding it really hard to find a course in birmingham UK, a lot of colleges either don't do the course or the course has been cancelled or is full. If you know where or any details to someone who does training please let me know. Thank you for your time. had a look at the website only problem its american.

  6. i need to know where can i find sugar art and cake decoration online?

    please, i am trying to learn how to make sugar art pieces and cake decoration, any suggestion. online! schools are out of my budget right now.

  7. I am a supplier of cake decoration products can anyone advice me how to get clients such wholesalers?

    I am looking for clients for my products, I am specialised in cake decorations such as sugar flowers chocolate transfer sheets, and north african baked sweets. can anyone help me find clients in europe ?

  8. Using melted chocolate as cake decoration?

    I'm making a cake this weekend and what I'm planning on doing is melting white chocolate, using food coloring (I'm thinking red) and then using a pastry bag to decorate and/or write on the cake. I've never done this before so I'm wondering...will the heat of the melted chocolate cause the frosting to get melty as well? Has anyone done this before?

  9. How to make white frosting for a cake decoration ?

    I need it for writing on the cake... what should be the consistency of the icing?

  10. Homemade colored meringue as cake decoration - will the color bleed into the icing?

    I ran around the shops yesterday looking for just the right decorative sweet for cupcakes I'm baking as a gift - and couldn't find any! Long story short - if I make some small red meringues and put one on each cake will the color bleed and spoil the icing?

  11. preservation of a sugar made cake decoration?

    i need to preserve some sugar made decorations of a cake, it can be frozen but they want it on display. how can i do that?

  12. How to make the mixture with castor sugar for cake decoration?

    What r the ingredients to make the paste?

  13. Does anyone know a UK brand of shortening to use in cake decoration?

    It's to make pure whitre buttercream icing. I know Cisco is an American brand - But I need something I can find in the local Sainsburys!!! (just for the record - is Shortening LARD?!)

  14. Any cake decoration shop in London ?

    I want to know where can I find a cake decoration shop in London ? If you know more than 1 shop tell me . ( I want to know where can I find a shop that sells cake decoration things in London .

  15. Birthday Cake Decoration?

    Hi, i really want a 'different' birthday cake this year. Like a novelty cake, or something with well known characters on it! I couldn't find any information on the internet about how i could make it. Can you give me any links to sites where there are good ideas and instructions?

  16. Good thesis for a research paper on the art of cake decoration?

    I have to right a thesis statement that tells the readers what i plan to write my essay on. i plan to do my project on the The art of cake decorating. Its for a senior project i have to do in order to graduate from high school. so basically have no idea where to start. :/

  17. I need help identifying a cake decoration?

    It looks like a bead, and it is quite small. Sort of shiny, and it is edible? It's usually put on formal cakes Does anyone know what it is called?

  18. Does anyone know where I can order a black lab edible cake decoration? I don't want the kind that is printed?

    and transfers on to the cake...I want one that is three dimensional, like something made of candy clay or fondant. Does anyone know where I could order one? I've seen dog heads made of sugar, but I can't find any black labs.

  19. what would be a good substitute for berries as a cake decoration?

    i'm baking a cake for a dinner party and i know one of my guests isn't a fan of berries. does anyone have any other suggestions of what would look good on this cake:

  20. what can i use for cake decoration?

    When you place some decoration on the sugarpasted cake such as some shapes with patchwork cutters or frills, do you use Mexican paste or sugarpaste with some gum tragacanth to make those decorating items? Or something else? any help will be appreciated.

  21. Do the sparklers that you can put on cakes as decoration affect the taste of the cake?

    I just wanted to know if the sparklers that you use when you light them if they would affect the taste of the cake you would eat as if you put the metal tip into the cake and then lit the sparklers, would it affect how the cake tastes when you serve it?

  22. Cake baking and Decoration in Central New Jersey ?

    I am looking for cake baking and decoration classes in central jersey ? Can anybody suggest a good certification class around middlesex county ?

  23. soccer ball cake decoration?

    hi, i want to make a soccer ball cake for my son, i don't have a soccer ball tin, so i will make witha round bowl, but i need to know how to put the hexagon and pentagon onto the cake to be able to ice. thanks

  24. How to transport a cake with squirty cream/strawberry decoration?

    Hello, I am taking a cake I made today to a barbeque but the travel there involves about an hour of bus/train. Would the decoration survive the trip if I did it just before I left?

  25. Cake decoration - frills?

    When I made frills for cake decoration, I didn't use anything but sugarpaste. So it became brittle. Do I need to add Gum tragacanth to make softer frills? (Some books suggested so.) Do I have any alternative?

  26. Hello,Does anyone know of a beginners course in sugarcraft and cake decoration anywhere in london.?

    Preferably on a students budget but if not any budget will do

  27. pizza sauce and cake decoration, how to make them?

    i need like recipe, with some advice on good decoration for cake.

  28. recipe for a cake and decoration, a full recipe with pic is what i need?

    the usual bunny or something types are needed.

  29. beginners guide to make fondant icing flowers for cake decoration?

    my daughters 2nd birthday is coming up I want to do something for her not buy,please help me