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  1. I need 1 recipe for cake & decoration (altogether & a picture is needed)?

    My friend is having a party and i want to decorate a cake for her, I've never decorate a cake before, and i want ONE recipe for the cake and the decoration, not one of each i think that it's better to give me the web address for the recipe, thank you very much

  2. How do I transfer a cake decoration smoothly?

    I want to make a cake & transfer a picture onto it. I know the basics of how this is done but I'm a beginer in cake decorating & was wondering if someone could please explaine how you get it to look this smooth with such good details like this pic I found online. Thanks for the help!!

  3. Pinoccio Cake Decoration?

    Do you have any ideas for decorating a birthday cake themed Pinoccio?? It's kind of last minute so we can't get those cake pictures..but do you have any ideas?

  4. who out there has ALREADY completed a winter wedding??

    I'd love to hear how it went, decorations, pictures, cakes, EVERYTHING! I'm very excited to be getting married in the winter, for a little bit of a different feel. ALSO, if any of you have any left over items you might want to sell, I'd love to know about those as well. :)

  5. Help!!! I'm looking for a Yugioh Cake Topper for my son's Birthday?

    Is there anyone in the Lower Mainland, BC that might have this cake decoration? (It's a picture of Yugi deuling with his dueldisk and it is the size of a slab cake)

  6. what decorations should i do on a chocolate heart shaped cake?

    If you have links to pictures of decorations on a heart shaped cake that would be awesome! Please let them be something easy i can do I would like all the decorations to made with icing not fondant P.S its for my 7th month anniversary with my bf today so i need to make it special =D

  7. Hannah Montana Birthday Cake.. HELP!!!?

    My daughter will be turning 5 on March 5th. She is absolutely crazy about Hannah Montana, I've found the party favors, decorations, that sort of thing at Deans Party Mania, but I can not find the birthday cake. IS there a cake yet? Or would it be better to just take a picture and get a picture cake made? Does Walmart, K-Mart, or Krogers make them? Please help!

  8. 1 year old birthday cake decorations?

    I went to walmart the other day and asked if they could put pictures on cakes and they said only if they are home photos. Well I bought my daughters 1st birthday stuff off of the internet and it is butterflies and fairy's. I want her cake to somewhat match the theme but I dont know what to do. I was thinking maybe I could get on the net and find a site where they had cake decorations you could buy to put on a cake or something. Any ideas? I get that Fergus but I care so instead of being a jerk go talk to someone who cares. By the way I wanted to know where I can get decorations to put on the cake not places to go and get them to do it.

  9. Where can I find a picture of a cake that is decorated like Wedgewood's Blue Jasperware?

    I've seen lots of pics of blue cakes with white piping or lace decorations, but I am looking for the blue with white Classical figures, just like the actual china has. I saw a picture of a wedding cake like this in a magazine back in 1998, and have been looking for it ever since. Anyone know where there is a picture, or a place that can explain how to decorate a cake just so? lulu- thats similar. The white relief should look like Neo-classical figures, Greek Gods and Goddesses and such. Here's an example:

  10. What is the best bakery on Oahu to meet my needs?

    I need a bakery that has excellent cake decorations. I want Care Bear decorations, not just little plastic toys or a flat "picture" looking decoration. It's for a first birthday on the first week of march.

  11. name for a cake blog?

    i am 13 years old and absolutely in LOVE with cake. i already know i want to be a pastry chef when im old enough. I wanted to start a blog on blogspot about cake, things like finding pictures of cakes online and reviewing the decorations, talking about flavors, etc, but the name i wanted ( is already taken. i checked it out, and it is a really good blog, so there is no need to email and ask for the domain (i only do that if the domain is in no use) so i need your help picking out a name. IT MUST HAVE THE WORD CAKE IN IT! i was think but it looks like it has the word "meat" in it. and also, please don't tell me to try a different site like or or i am using blogspot, and thats final. thanks! cen, i loved that idea. now im sad. buttt im going with and just have the title say "the" in it. haha ^^ nevermind about that. its taken too.

  12. Does anyone know a good site with pictures of a carebear cake?

    It can be in the shape of a carebear or decorated with carebears. Anything else to deal with carebear such as decorations and favors would be great too but I am really looking for a special cake. Thank You.

  13. 1st birthday cake

    i want to make my son a 1st birthday cake and need help my theme is (in the night garden) can any1 help with...? edible decorations template pictures models of caractors any thing really that is related to in the night garden also any website that help you with cake decoration many thanks kirsty

  14. if i were to do a cake sampling party, how would i set it up and where can i get nice decorations for it?

    i want to have a sampling party because i just moved to the neighborhood and i have a cake business. i want people to come out and try my different cakes that i can make. i will have my book of pictures out and dummy cakes to show.

  15. What do I need to make those cookies and petit fours that have pictures and compny names as decoration?

    I am talking about this kind of images, I make and sell different kind of cakes and pastries, but I have no idea of how to work with that kind of decoration, does anybody know? The images are in this page Check the poker chips cookies

  16. I am looking for decorations to go behind my cake table at my reception?

    I am having trouble trying to find some decorations i want for my reception. I have seen pictures of people having what look like window panels that have some sort of sheer material behind them and then like christmas tree lights that shine through as a decoration. I am trying to see if people make these or if they rent them from somewhere. if you had this or know someone who did please help me out. i'm getting desperate.

  17. How would you decorate your cake?

    K I bought this wedding cake topper knowing it wouldn't match anything for my wedding. It does match my groom and myself very well! We love it! So I dont want to know that you dont like it, cause afterall its not your wedding, Its mine! What I am wondering is what color, what kind of decorations, and if you had any pictures of a cake that this would look good on? My wedding colors are Navy Blue, White and some gold accents here and there. Any help would be nice! Thanks I totally forgot to add this! Im sorry! Now maybe it would be easier for people to help.$main-Large$ How about this cake? W/ some trees and stuff? I'd like either navy pearls or whatever or maybe gold? Which would look better? Or Ribbon?

  18. Looking for sites that have pictures of designed birthday cakes.?

    My daughter is studying the solar system and is interested in having that as her theme for her birthday. I am looking for pictures of cakes to give me ideas for hers or to give the picture to someone to see if they can make it. I haven't had any luck thus far so I hope someone can give me some pointers. Also, seeing that is the theme any ideas for the party would be great too! Decorations, food, anything really!!!!! As much info as possible is greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your help! :)

  19. winter wonderland sweet 16 theme?

    can someone find me decoration for my party, it has to be a sort of fancy winter wonderland and i need pictures of cake or decorated locations and party favors and stuff plzz

  20. Does anyone know how to make this fancy chocolate decoration?

    Most fancy elegant restaurants add this delicate little swirly decorations over ice-cream or cake or whatever. I need to know how to make them. Here is a picture: it's those big swirls on top of the desserts I need a recipe and a method Thanks!!

  21. Wedding ideass???help please.picture included.?

    so i have my dresss Look here> now i kinda wanna do my wedding in a shade of blue. so if you could show me the perfect shade. and then maybe some flower.cake. decoration. ideas. anything that has to do with a wedding. please show me. anything would help. pictures greatly appreciateeed...

  22. Cake Wire??!?!?!?!?!?

    What kind of wire is used to make little star decorations for the tops of cakes like in the picture

  23. Opinions on cupcake tiers?

    My fiance and I are having a very small wedding, only about 20 people. Once we've moved and settled into our new place, we're having a bigger reception with friends/extended family and probably having a bigger cake. (There will be about 120 people there) So, for the dinner after the actual wedding ceremony, with only 20 people, I was thinking of getting a cupcake tier. So we can have the cute cutting the cake picture, but not have a ton of cake for only a few people. Would a cupcake tier look odd? I'm not sure how popular they are for weddings. Perhaps I should just get a very small cake? Here's an example of what it would look like, except obviously different decorations and such:

  24. Midnight blue and silver star themed Wedding ideas!?

    My sister is getting married in 3 months and they just decided their theme for the wedding, It's midnight blue and silver star theme. I need any and every idea you can think of. The only thing that is set is the cake. I need pictures and creative ideas from decorations to invitations to favors to anything you can think of, I need web sites and pictures and anything that could help me get a good idea! I appreciate all the help... Please give me as much info as you can :) -Stefayne

  25. What do you think of my fashion sleepover (pics included)?

    For the past week i have been planning my 12th birthday fashion sleepover and with the help of people on yahoo this is what ive come up with: Fashion show-Lots of lights and pictures Games & Activities-Scavenger hunt, blindfolded makeover, makeovers, face painting, red carpet, photo shoot, stay up late contest, before and after pictures Party favors- Mini fashion magazine with pictures from the party Dressing room- bathroom Decorations-Strobe Lights, pink, gold, lime green, and silver, mirrors, pictures of me Movies-Norbit, Meet the browns, madea goes to jail, Daddy’s little girls, The Mummy, The Happening- about $30.00 at blockbusters (underlined= have already or borrow) Trophies-about $36.85 Food- Pizza Party Favors: Flex Word Key Chain 4pc- $1.00 Butterfly Bracelets & Rings 4 sets- $1.00 Bangle Bracelets 5pc- $1.00 Girls Party Favors Package 6 prizes- $1.00 Jelly Bracelets 12 pc- $1.00 2 Pack Sun Visors- $1.00 Winner Award Ribbon 3 pcs-$1.00 Balloons- $1.00 Birthday Straws- $1.00 Party Loot Bag 8pc- $1.00 Budget:$100-$300 We will setup at my house.Then we will go pick up all of my friends in my dad's mercedes benz. When we get to my house my family should already be there so we will eat and play the wii.Then we will have the cake (pictures below). After all my family leaves (except my parents,my 2 little cousins and my niece) we will have the fashion show.Then we will do the rest of the activities.And watch movies untill morning (if we stay up that long).Then the guests will recieve their trophies and MIGHT leave in a limo. Cake- the last one is my profile pic i will either do a mixture of the cupcakes or choose one type.feel free to suggest any changes or please add any ideas.Include any recipes of food or drinks. i am still working on this so no insults please. i recovered the last pic

  26. Help! Wedding reception decor?

    I'm getting married on October 18th. I'm so stressed out that I end up in tears almost daily. There are so many things that are not finished. I haven't picked out a cake and I don't know what to do about reception decor or even ceremony decorations. My parents are paying, but I really don't want to go overboard price-wise, even though they say to just get what I want. I know that they can't just afford anything, but I do want it to look nice. Here's what I'm working with: My colors are black white and red. For the ceremony, I'm doing red dresses for the girls, red ties and flowers for the guys, mostly white flowers for the girls and red flowers for me. The reception will be kind of the opposite, with black and white everywhere and red accents. I've looked at so many pictures of cakes and centerpieces..and nothing seems right. I know that decoration isn't what a wedding is all about, but...I was always told that my parents wouldn't be able to give me a "dream" wedding, and now that has changed. I want it to be beautiful. This will be the first event that is about me (and my husband of course), including birthdays. Long story. I just want it to be gorgeous. I want to find decorations that are "me." I want to love my cake. Please help! Pictures would be greatly helpful.

  27. How do I keep smoothly shape fondant?

    I've been playing with fondant for a little while on my cakes, but when I put it over the cake I can never get it completely smooth around the bottom edges, so I end up having to hide the bottoms of my cakes with extra decoration. How do I get it to look smooth and picture perfect?

  28. Blood Red, Burgundy, Gray, and Silver Wedding Decoration help...?

    So... A few weeks ago I asked for pictures of burgundy and pink wedding images for my neices wedding. Well, we have decided to take this to the next level and allow my father to help pay for everything. So, the colors are now a combination of Blood Red and Burgundy with subtle hints of Gray and Silver fluttering here and there. OK! We definitely have the wedding colors thought out. But now we are struggling to get pictures of decorations. We have thought out the centerpieces as we will be having white table cloths with a burgundy square of fabric on top of that. Then we will put a square mirror over that and have hurricane vases with blood red rocks on the bottom and filled with water, a blood red rose and a candle and wrap the vase with gray tulle. At the tables there will also be the favors which will be boxes that hold red velvet cakes and topped with a gray tulle pom for additional pops of gray. Should this be gray? Or a different color? What do you think? Well, we pretty much have that handled but have no idea what to do for anything else. What exactly must you decorate for optimal beauty? Please help guys as I am only the aunt and have no idea what to do.

  29. Did I "Paint the Picture?"?

    my mom always tells me that the key to writing a good book is to "paint the picture". you can't just expect your readers to see the same thing you are. it makes total sense to me and i was just curious if my first chapter (even though its not finished) paints a picture for you. The engine cut off with a hum and my seat belt unlocked at the same moment. I grabbed my backpack and pulled at the door with a sigh. I planted my feet firmly before I shut the door. As I headed to the porch I watched my step for the sneaky black ice that tends to jump up at you. As walked up the seven steps to the house, I savored the last silent thoughts I would have inside my head, for I knew what was waiting for me behind the front door. I reached the door, and automatically my hand stretched out for the knob. I gave it a good twist, pushed it with a little power and took a step inside. I turned with the door and shut it behind me. I slipped out of my shoes, kicked them out of the way and waited for it. It wasn’t long until I heard the murmurs. But as soon as I had taken another breath she was already there. “Violet!” I met her eyes and smiled brightly, just as anyone would. “Hey Darcy.” I managed to get out before I was suffocating in her arms. “God you look the exact same-” “Good your home. I’m glad; you’re just in time for cake decorations.” “Oh mom, its okay I really don’t want to intrude on Darcy’s things. I mean isn’t this a mother-daughter thing?” “Well considering I have two daughters, it’s going to be a mother-daughter-daughter thing.” Her hands were already reaching for me and I was forced out of my jacket and scarf before I knew it. “Besides I need your opinion, you are the only one who I can truly trust in this house” Darcy winked at me in the same moment that my mother shot her a “yeah right” glare. I walked to the kitchen with my mom rattling on in one ear and my sister in the other. Darcy was talking about how she wants a classic looking cake, and I think my mom said she wanted something with a modern-twist. I wasn’t paying attention, my mind was elsewhere. I sat down next to Darcy, and my mom sat on her other side. The book was right in front of Darcy and already opened before I even blinked twice. After two hours of looking at baked goods, I eventually made them believe I had homework to do. I practically ran to my bedroom, knowing if I took too long they would weasel me back into there plans. I closed the door, and breathed in the sweet scent of raspberry. It was the one thing I would never get tired of. It was comforting, sweet, and only two dollars and eighty three cents at the store (the plug-ins that is). I went to my dresser, got a hair-tie and pulled my hair back and put it into a pony resting on my neck. Just as I was about to turn away from my bed I noticed a little white envelope sitting on my pillow. I smiled, knowing exactly what it was. I took two steps, picked it up and read the front of the envelope addressed to, “my dearest little sister”. I turned it around and slipped my finger underneath the seal to open it. Inside held the invitation to Darcy’s wedding. The paper was so soft; it could’ve been mistaken for silk. I let my finger glide across the letters before I actually read them, I knew if I read them now I would fall over, considering the date for the wedding was just a little over two months away. Something about the date always caught me off guard, and it wasn’t even like the day was dedicated to me or anything. It was just the way it all sounded. March 11th my older sister would be marrying the love of her life, and I would be standing next to her as the proud maid of honor. It didn’t seem to be real. I still remember when she announced to mom and dad that she was marrying Brain, it was raining outside, and I had just walked in. My mother had tears of joy coming down her cheeks, and my dad was already crunching numbers. But here we are, December 3rd and we just finished the final decisions, the cake decorations. I sighed and set the invitation down on my desk, knowing it would be waiting for me to read one day. I sat on the edge of my bed and stretched my arms up high above my head. As I was lying down I heard the familiar ring of my cell phone. I let out with a grunt and picked up my phone from underneath my bed. I glanced at the caller ID and saw in big bolded letters TIFFANY. “Hello?” “Hey its me, so I was out getting the mail and my neighbor, the police man, you know which one I’m talking about?” “Yes, I know which one, the old one right?” “Right right, well he was talking to me about this family moving in down the street.” I was trying to relate this back to me or her in any way, but I couldn’t find the connection. “And what does this have to do with us?” “Well I heard this family consists of some sons…” I caught on instantly; Tiffany was a little boy crazy. But the one part I didn’t quite get was that tiffany already had a boyfriend, that she oops a few words were cutt off... I caught on instantly; Tiffany was a little boy crazy. But the one part I didn’t quite get was that tiffany already had a boyfriend, that she adores, so why is she so excited about the new neighbors, but just as the thoughts ran through my head, I realized what she was implying. the paragraph that cut off.

  30. help! all twilight fans *?

    hey, my friend is having a sweet sixteen and its a surpirise so shhh! :P and i need ideas! i need: -a good picture for the cake of the books. -a gift idea -decoration ideas -and anything you can possibly think of! :O thank you :)

  31. My bday partys saturday...twilight movie cake ideas?

    My 16th birthday party is going to be this saturday the 27th because my birthdays the 28th. I am in love with the twilight sega and i want my party sort of to revolve around it. Alot of my friends don't like twilight so im not going to make them feel left out so i can only do twilight colors and decorations and a twilight cake....Does anyone know anygood pictures i could use for my cake? im preferably team edward and i plan on makeing alittle colage (sp?) of pictures to go on my cake. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!!! Also.. we are going to be in a big room...with a few family members but mostly friends and we need some games to play. So far we are going to play twister! lol its kinda an inside joke between a couple of my any other suggestions? its a boy girl party but remember PARENTS and Small children lol so please be reasonable...just give us an idea of things to do! thanks

  32. Need some ideas for a purple/brown wedding?

    I am helping my friend plan her wedding. It is next year in June. She has decided that she wants her color scheme to be grape/truffle or simply put purple/brown. Ive been googling a few things but would love some extra help with ideas on what kinds of decorations or favors or cake ideas. Links to pictures would be great too! Thanks!!

  33. Jonas Brothers themed party ideas?

    I am going to get a cake with a picture of them on it, have "Jonas Trivia", and play their music. Any ideas? I need more activities/games to use. Also, any food or decorations ideas? It will be in a really big room downtown.

  34. goth and roll wedding!?

    ok, so, for those of you who have seen bam's unholy union, particularly the actual wedding episode, my fiance and i have a very similar style, and LOVED their ceremony and decor. our colors are red and black and we want to have similar decorations and such. obviously we wont be able to afford the same things but if we can find good looking knock offs it would be helpful. i have found a few things i like, but i was wondering if anyone else has seen this episode and can tell me where we can find similar things? we are still adding our own touches of course, but seriously, there ceremony is exactly how i pictured mine, and the reception was georgous. particularly i am looking for a picture of their cake as thats about what we are going for, but i cant find anything like it really. any help would be apreciated. oh, and my fiance has a very rock and roll sense of style, so we are looking for a tux/suit similar to bam's to the first person who answerd, omg, its georgous. you are going to die when you see it! to the second, thanks for the pictures, the arch is amazing. lol, funny enough the episode came on and im watching it for the fourth time just soaking in stuff, and they just showed a closeup of the cake i was looking for.

  35. Mom's that know how to make a diaper cake, can you help me?

    I pretty much got the whole run down on how to make a diaper cake from different websites. I've seen a few diaper cakes that use paper grass as part of the decoration. My question is, how do you put the paper on there? Put it in between the diapers? Anyone that knows how or of a website , please let me know =) thanks Here's a picture to show what I am talking about :