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  1. where can I buy cake decoration supplies?

    I'm planning to make a bush de noel for this christmas, but it seems like nowhere carries cake decoration supplies in vancouver. I have all the equipment for decorating but I simply dont have some things like a little "merry christmas" or "christmast tree shaped " sign I can put on the cake. Where can I find those?

  2. what is the best online shop for cake supplies in Canada?

    I've just moved to Canada and am trying to find a good supplier for cake decorations online. In the UK we had Jane Asher's website which was wonderful and I'm struggling to find something similar over here Can anyone help?

  3. Where can I buy cake supplies in London?

    I'm looking for somewhere I can buy cake boxes (for regular 8 - 10 inch cakes, plus large cupcake boxes), designer cupcake cases, sprinkles, cake boards, decorations, piping bags... all those sorts of things. I know there are lots of online shops, but if I can find one in London, it would save on the postage! Thanks for answers so far. Can anyone suggest a good, cheap, London based supplier online then?

  4. Cake supplies?? What is the best website!! PLEASE HELP!!?

    What is a reasonable website to order cake decorations from?? REAL ANSWERS... PLEASE NO DUMB ANSWERS... LIKE STEPHINE

  5. Cake decorating supplies in manchester- retail not wholesale?

    i live in england manchester and i cant seem to find a retailer who sells glitter and more than your average cake decorations you get in sainsburys

  6. does anyone know where to buy ready to roll coloured icing/fondant in Central london?

    does anyone know of any cake decoration supply/craft shops that are in the central london area?

  7. Where can i find lilo and stitch birthday supplies?

    I have been searching the internet for about 3 weeks now and i can only find cake decorations for lilo and stitch birthday party. My daughter loves them so its what I want her birthday party theme to be. Can soeone help me find all of the partywear, decorations, nd tablewear to have a party. I am adding a hawaii theme but need more things for the acctual characters. Thanks to anyone who can help! Thank you Kathrine but all of those are deleted you can't purchase them

  8. Need help for baking a 21st birthday cake!!?

    My friend is turning 21 in less than a month.. and as a part of doing something special for her I want to bake a cake for her special day. I have never baked a cake before but I have been doing a bit of research on how to go about the process.. I have looked up a few cake decorations too. I have a few basic things in mind but I want someone who can help me with the step-by-step process. Here's what I have thought.. It has to be a 2 layered chocolate cake which would serve about 20 people. I saw this one recipe online where the cake was made with not only a cake mix but also a brownie mix. The brownie layer was added between the two cake layers.. I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to do something like that! I was thinking of going with two kinds of icing.. chocolate and vanilla. But I don't know the different types of icing and how can one make them.. I read about Fondant being used for cake decoration.. so I was interested in it as well. It seems pretty simple than decorating the cake with icing. The fondant makes the cake look very clean and smooth. So, this is all that I have in mind.. I haven't decided of a theme yet.. but I thinking of going something simple.. like cutouts from fondant or something. I don't have any supplies or cake pans.. but I wouldn't mind buying something that wouldn't be too expensive. If you could help me with baking this cake I will be very glad.. or if you could give me an email address for someone who can help me it would be very helpful too. Thanks!!!

  9. Jo Jo's Circus Party Supplies???

    My daughter will be turning 2 on Sept. 15th. I need Jo Jos Circus party supplies. I've checked with Wal-Mart and Food City, and they don't have Jo Jos Circus birthday cakes or supplies. Can you tell me where I can get toppers for a cake or supplies and decorations? Online or in person @ a store. Any suggestions would be great. Thank-You.

  10. Cake Decorations Phillipines?

    I am looking for the supplier of particular cake decorations which I am told are made in the Phillipines. They are different sizes of roses, assorted colours and made from gum paste.The wholesalers here are not happy to supply me with the suppliers address. Thanks Thank you for helpful answers, now that wasn't such a stupid question was it! Mia,can I email pic to u?

  11. Where might one find going away party supplies?

    I'm in need of a cake and decorations for a going away party within the next two months. Where might I find this type of decorations?

  12. How do I divide this bill up? Family Party, 3 couples... How would this come out?

    My grandma's 90th birthday party was a great success but I'm having trouble figuring out how much we each should pay. I spent $250.00 on supplies, cake, decorations, etc. out of pocket leading up to the party. The total restaurant bill was $1628.00. We are to be going in to the whole, a grand total of $1876.00 when all was said and done, 3 ways. Should I divide the GRAND TOTAL of $1876.00 in to 3 ($625.33) and subtract 1/3 of the $250.00 or should I subtract $250.00 from my $625.33? How do I properly divide this tab up 3 ways? I'm exhausted and just can't get my brain to wrap around this right now but I need to email my family tonight with the total... Thanks for any help!

  13. How to set up an online cake business?

    As a hobby I sometimes make cakes for birthdays and special occasions. I've always thought they looked quite good - not as good as a qualified cake decorator could make, but still quite fun - however after making a cake for my boyfriend's mum's birthday people started asking if I took orders and my mum's colleagues have started asking for cakes for their kids' birthdays. I was thinking about setting up a website and selling my cakes online. I have no intention of making it anything hugely professional, as my cakes aren't completely perfect. They taste good, I'm assured, but my cake decoration isn't 100% and until I can afford to send myself on a cake decorating course they won't be! I was just thinking that maybe people out there would appreciate a cheaper version. Would I need any health and safety certificates or food hygiene certificates? I live in Scotland and it would just be me in my kitchen supplying locally. Does this sound like a terrible idea? I'm a student and just wanted to make a little money out of something I love doing. Ok, it was only going to be me in the 'business' and my car delivering to local people in my area nothing huge. I always take packaging into account when I'm making my cakes because the friends and family I've made it for before don't live nearby. I'm not intending to compete with real companies, I just wanted to make a bit of extra pocket money if you will. But ta, Cala, for your answer.

  14. where can i find professional baking supplies as store bakers use?

    you know quite often i just do not see what i am really looking for when baking cakes,etc at home..really would like to buy more professional baking supplies as those professional bakers use to buy there topping decorations,and spinkles etc at home..please help..!!

  15. Where can i find some cool FIESTA party supplies?

    Im looking for anything you can give me....and cake decorations too!

  16. What is the grooms mothers responsibilities in a very small wedding?

    My son has decided to get married and is only giving me a month to prepare. It is informal, just vows exchanged in a very small church with immediate family, around 25 people combined. This is my first time, my only son. We haven't any money to spend so the budget is small. I was told I am to supply the food for the wedding rehearsal and the reception. Also clean-up. Is there anything else? I don't want to look foolish, I haven't met her parents and won't until the day of the wedding, they live out of town. Do I also supply the wedding cake? I understand her parents are more broke than I am, what are their responsibilities? The kids ( they are 21) already have a dress, a suit and rings. Do I also supply the decorations for the reception? Oh, dear. I know I just can't afford this! Please help!

  17. I am doing a scottie dog themed birthday party for my two little girls but can't find any supplies any ideas?

    I am doing the scottie dog theme for my two little girl's birthday party but I can't seem to find any ideas. The only place that sells decorations is but I would like some options and maybe some cake ideas and other decorative ideas. Can anyone help?

  18. wedding cake question?

    im wanting to have a miniature wedding cake at my bridal shower... i can get it from sams club for a great price... only problem is they said they will have to sell the tiers seperately? im going to have a 10in layer on bottom and a 5 in on top. what supplies do i need to put the 5 in on the 10in. how do i go about doing this? like this, only different decoration, and buttercream icing. help!

  19. What percentage of your total wedding cost did you spend on your church and reception decorations and supplie:

    Please include the following purchases/rentals in your percentage: Centerpieces/candles/candelabras/archways/guestbook supplies/rental cake/knife set/wine glasses/flowergirl basket/ringbearer pillow/cake topper/pew bows/pillars/unity candle holder/moneybox.

  20. I am planning a mardi gras sweet 16?

    a cake dress things for a goodie bag party decorations/supplies

  21. Does any one know of any good ideas of how to make crafty Coraline party decorations or party favors?

    I cant find any party supplies in Coraline theme... my daughter is turning 4 this month and i need some crafty ideas. the cake is taken care of but i would like to totally deck my house out with homemade decor!

  22. How to convince my mom to let a local band play at my party (my 15th thats a year and 9 months away)?

    So Im having a quinceanera, or maybe a sweet 16, really depends on if we have money or not for my 15, but, my mom talked to her friend, who could rent our venue for 200 bucks, its pretty good, instead of having to have a party at my house, making it cramped. So the venue is pretty big, and wed also save on the cake, cus my moms friend or my aunt both are profesional cake makers, if i get it with my moms friend, it be a discount, if i get it with my aunt, mostlikely itd be her gift to me, id just pay for the supplies (cake mix, icing, fondant) but i really want a local band to play at my party, i have three 3 in mind so nfar, but no doubt id get more in my head before next week lol So far the three id liekt o play are SUAD, The Shoreline, and NNS. (i know the guitarist of SUAD, and the drummer, somewhat, and their singer, shauna is my friends cousins sisters bestfriend. if that makles sense lol) theyve also give me free tickets personally, even though i dont know them personally, then the shoreline, they have sent me a free ep of theirs once, but ive never met them, but im going to hopefully in august. then, NNS, i dont know them at all, but i hope theyd be cheap. But id be willing to pay them myself, and give them all the food they want xD an anwyays, im paying for the favors for my party, my moms paying for the venue, decorations, myabe the cake, or my grandpa will pay for that, and some other people will be paying for other little stuff. How do i convince her to let me get a band? SUAD stands for shut up and dance, NNS stands for the letters of the members of the bands first names. EDIT: im asking because id need to book them as soon as possible, atleast 6 months in advanced, and being that its almost 2 years away, i have a year and a half to talk my mom into letting the band play(: I actually have 312 bucks saved up (from christmas, my past two birthdays, allowance, and what i get painting houses with my friend every ones in a while.) im pretty sure, that in 2 years, id prolly be able to pay them, considering that i got most of that in the past 8 months. though some i had before.

  23. What colors should I make a hello kitty cake?

    I want to make my friend a hello kitty cake for her birthday but i'm still trying to get ideas on decorating it. I have a hello kitty candle that I want to use. I also have some fake balloon decorations that I had laying around in my kitchen that happened to be the same colors as the hello kitty candle. I want it to be a girly cake and was thinking of frosting it white (just whipped cream) and then decorating the borders pink but i'm not sure if there's enough pink in the candle and ballons where it will go. Do you think pink would be a good color? If not, what should I use? The candle: The balloons: I was thinking of putting confetti and curled ribbons around the cake and writing happy birthday in glittery yellow. I like this idea of the hello kitty faces around the sides of the cake but i'm not sure if it would be too much going on with what my plan is. What do you think? This is the yellow sparkly icing I have for the writing. oops, forgot to put the link

  24. Elaborate 1st Birthday Prince Theme Party Ideas?

    I am having an elaborate 1st Birthday Party for my son. His theme is Birthday Prince. My original budget was $1000.00. I have rented a hall that is fancy for $400.00. I have a budget of $400.00 for food. Balloons $50.00. Other Party supplies and decorations $300.00. Cake $50.00. A caterer would be about $700.00 and I am already over budget. So I planned on making some of the food myself. I wanted to have a buffet style dinner. Since it is Winter, I did not want to have picnic type food. I wanted to keep the food fancy, but simple. Considering my son is still eating baby food. I was thinking of purchasing a veggie and fruit tray, fried chicken, chicken fingers, rolls and making baked ziti. There are going to only be about 16 children, so I only have a pinata planned. Any other ideas? I know he is not going to remember this party, but he is a very special gift from God and deserves only the best!

  25. How much should you spend on your child's 2nd birthday??

    What is reasonable....?? Everyone keeps saying that I'm crazy for wanting to spend a lot of money on her birthday...I've spent $77 on theme party supplies...I still have to buy balloons and a helium tank....I have to get the cake...and all of that....and since there are going to be a lot of small children I wanted to buy a jump and bounce for them to play I can use it for years to come!! So how much did you spend on your childs 2nd birthday?? Ok now I'm starting to think I'm crazy!! here is how I broke it down $100 ~plates, napkins, decorations, balloons etc. $50 ~ to rent building $50 ~ for food including cake $200 ~ for jump and bounce $200 - $300 for presents (we want to buy her a battery powered jeep) so thats a total of $600 - $700 for the party...way too much?!?!? or not

  26. Two daughters getting married 6 months apart, two entirely different weddings.....?

    Both girls received the same amount of money from parents. Younger daughter planned entire wedding and honeymoon with it and has her future MIL and me helping all the way. It's at a B&B that supplies everything (decorations, food, cakes, etc.) It's out of state, about a 2 hour drive away. They are having it at 2:00 p.m. so people have time to drive home. The older daughter is getting married in NYC and is having a 6 figure wedding, professional everything (they are paying the difference). I've been up two times to shop, look around, etc., but that's clear across the country and I just can't pop in every weekend. She's upset that a lot of her family and friends can't come because they can't afford it. I tried to talk her into having a reception in her home state later, but she says this is what they want. She thinks we are ignoring hers and going overboard for her sister. I don't understand why she is being so "showy" but haven't said anything, and never will. What to do? Funny thing is the older one is the level headed, down to earth one. The younger one is the one I thought would have wanted all the truly expensive stuff! I probably should have said that both daughters live in the towns where the weddings are being held. It's just that one is close, the other is across the country. But, they are still considered "destination" weddings for the hometown folks. Kateqd30: We have spent hours and hours on the phone and internet together. I even did most of the research for her, because she is so busy that she doesn't have time, and put lists together of possible florists, caterers, etc., that she visited and made her choices. I cut out pictures of what she was wanting and sent snail mail. Some she used, some she didn't - and that's ok. I even found the dressmaker for her. This will be a very beautiful, lavish affair. I know NYC is different and more expensive. The weddings are much larger affairs that what I am used to. But there is an ownership factor about actually making favors, and doing the flowers yourself, and things like that so there is more time involved with the younger one's wedding. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around wedding favors that cost 75.00 each, and a florist bill that costs more than my car. I got married in blue jeans at the courthouse and had a cheeseburger afterward, which also is not for everybody I didn't say her Dad and I won't go - I'd go if it was at the North Pole in a snowstorm and I had to mush in with dogs! I will also make sure that her sisters and husbands are there as well. Also, just to let everyone know, his family is from Ireland and only 3 people are coming (at least as far as I know). Also, they are paying the balance themselves - they both have great jobs.

  27. Hollywood themed party?

    I have a major dilemma so any help... helps. For my 12th birthday (i am a girl) I want to have a hollywood themed party. My mom says she doesn't want to spend very much money at all. I wanna invite 5-10 people. it will be approximately 4 hours. I need some suggestions for a homemade cake shape, games, low cost supplies and decorations... ex. Thanks for taking the time to read this.... hhhhhhheeeeeeelllllllllllllllppppppppppp...

  28. Movie themed birthday?

    I have a major dilemma so any help... helps. For my 12th birthday (i am a girl) I want to have a movie themed party with a little girly slumber thrown in there. My mom says she doesn't want to spend very much money at all. I wanna invite 5-10 people. it will be approximately 4 hours. I need some suggestions for a homemade cake shape, games, low cost supplies and decorations... excetera. Thanks for taking the time to read this.... hhhhhhheeeeeeelllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppp

  29. i'm throwing my 3 year a spongebob birthday any ideas for me?

    we are doing the usual cake icecream chips and pizza i got everything yellow and spongebob for decorations and party supplies and i'm doing a pinita but its all so original i do the same thing every time any ideas to make it a little different shes finally at the age where she's all stoked about her party so i wanna make it special she's my youngest child

  30. Parents, what's your opinion on half birthdays?

    Tacky? No No? My daughter turns 3 1/2 on the 2nd of August and I was planning on having a small get together with our close family and friends because her birthday party got ruined earlier this year because of the poured the day of her party we had a rain date for 2 weeks later and it poured again.. Now since we've been planning my oldest birthday party my 3 year old has been asking for a pinata & cake. I have all her left over decorations & party supplies... I would only need to get a cake.. what do you think should I do it??

  31. no money and trying to throw my daughter a great birthday party?

    Okay every year my daughter has great parties. Now she is going to be five and we are getting a magician. That is already going to cost a pretty penny and we are on a pretty tight budget. I need party suplise for a magic party for real cheap. any body have any good ideas or know where on the web that I can order them for real cheap. This is her special day and I want it to be perfect. This is the one day that she gets to see all her cousins and be a star. Maybe if you have some cheap game ideas for a magic party in that age range that would be nice too...I still need supplies, invitations,pictures,goody bags, thank you cards,decorations,cake,food. Her birthday is on the first and so far all I have done isbooked the magician. Any ideas? Thanx

  32. luau party?

    I want to have a Luau Party for my birthday. Me and my friend are doing it together in June. Anybody know any good websites for party supplies?? I've already seen oriental trading. I need ideas too. Decorations, Cakes, anything!!

  33. Categorizing Wedding Photos?

    I am trying to come up with a category name for the photos of the supplies/food/decorations (like the dress, shoes, jewelry, cake, ect) for weddings. I guess you would call them still-life shots, but I'd rather not call them that. I've currently been putting them in the portraits category, but they obviously dont fit in that! I just cant think of a separate category for them. Its the type of photo, not whats in the photo... that would be like seperating each person in the portrait to a seperate catagory. But maybe I can do a catagory of acessories/decorations... The current catagories I have are Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Reception, & Portraits

  34. Today my daughter turns?

    16. Its so depressing cause I still remember bringing her home from the hospital. Were going out for a family dinner and having her party tomorrow. My dilemma is I need to clean the house up and I'm so tired. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I'm up between 4am-5am to take her dad to work. I still need to get the cake and supplies. I wanted to go yesterday but she didn't. She said we can go today. Today is the dinner,then if we get the decorations we need to decorate and its gonna be late. Not to mention all the cleaning that needs to get done. I don't wanna do dishes at 11pm and mopping the floors at midnight. I know her and I can put the decorations up tomorrow cause she doesn't have school. I need help to motivate myself to clean. However I wanna nap because If I don't I won't be able to get through dinner. What should i do?

  35. My son's birthday is on Valentine's Day, this year is his first birthday. What can I do to celebrate?

    My husband and I want to have a big party for our son's first birthday, we already think we're going to rent a hall and invite about 60 people or so. I'm just not sure if we should do it on Saturday (the 13th) or Sunday (the 14th) and also what kind of decorations should we use- birthday or Valentine's? I want to do Mickey Mouse theme and they have both birthday and Valentine's party supplies. Not to mention, it's also my father's birthday on Valentine's Day. I just need ideas for the cake, party supplies, invitations, etc. Please help! It's coming up so soon!!

  36. Sweet 16 Tips to make a budget friendly party?

    I need tips that are budget friendly to help make my sweet 16 a great one. It's going to be sometime in late April so If that affects anything...? Anyone have tips or places in Lexington, Ky I could rent out or get supplies? For CHEAP! My budget is small but I have high expectations :D THANK YOU SOOO MUCH IF YOU CAN GIVE ME ANY TIPS OR GUIDE ME THROUGH THIS PROCESS, (i.e : what day I should order the cake, get decorations, rent the place, etc.) Best tips will get best answer and ten points by me! Thanksss.

  37. taco truck for catering a wedding?

    Okay I need some advice. My fiance and I are not very picky people and I can't imagine spending a ton of money on a wedding. Most of the caters are expansive in our area. We are already doing a ton of DIY stuff so adding on cooking the food ourselves via family and friends is not possible. Only because I'm scared of working them too much. We are already doing our own flowers, cake, decorations. Our wedding is going to be in the town library's park. We are going for that laid back relaxed wedding. So would it be tacky to hire a taco truck to drive up at serve food that way? They supply all of the plates, napkins and such. All we would have to worry about are drinks. Plus nothing to clean up. For cocktail hour a friend of ours and set up a small table of snacks for everyone. My fiance doesn't want to bbq because he always ends up manning the grill and he said not this time. SO WOULD THIS BE A GOOD IDEA OR A BAD IDEA? Please be kind. If you think its a bad idea please write a idea that we might be able to do instead. Thank you I forgot to add our wedding will be around 50-85 people. I forgot to add our wedding will be around 50-85 people.

  38. does anyone else have a soon to be seven year old little girl who loves Little einsteins?

    my daughter began watching little einsteins the summer after she turned 4, and has absolutely loved them ever since...patiently for 3 years now we have waited and waited for them to come out with the birthday supplies...but they never did, she is now turning 7 and we are having her party in our backyard..and renting a bouncy house. she was going to have hannah montana decorations, and cake...but upon looking through the catalog of a birthday supply company we came across....little einstein birthday supplies...and she was heartbroken..she loves them..has the bookbag, and the lunch box, and I bought her a set of the flannel sheets for winter time that have stayed on her bed. she was upset however because she is afraid the kids will make fun of she is afraid it might seem to babyish....what do you think? I've told her not to worry about the kids....and to choose what she wants..its her birthday...but I'm kinda of worried myself. so what do you think? would it be babyish...or do other seven year olds like them?

  39. Help With My Limo Party(16)?

    Hey Well my theme's are techno/rave/neon/uv i need ideas on decoration *Uv/NeonBODYPAINT* (can't find that anywheere) I'm on a tight budget But i need these supplies Also im making my cake where do i get the ising neon colors what design Please give me really good stores online =]

  40. Ideas for husband's surprise 25th birthday?

    I am throwing a party for my husband's 25th bday in less than 3 weeks, and I am looking for some unique ideas. I have friend handling the decorations and all while I get him out of the house, but I am supplying the decorations. I want to get him a cake...probably in the shape of some type of character, or something funny. My husband seems to think turning 25 means he is getting old, haha, so I told all the guests to bring some type of gag gift (something you would give an old man). Just looking for any suggestions, or any type of entertainment, games, things to do once the party gets started. Anyone who has done this before...give me a heads up on anything I need to know (I've never given a surprise party) Thanks!

  41. Do you think $300 is too much money?

    to spend on a venue for your child's 2nd birthday? It's a bouncing facility that has jump castles etc. The price includes 1 hour of jump time, 45 mins of party time, a character theme complete with paper products and decorations, 2 pizzas and unlimited drinks. We would supply the balloons and cake. We'd be inviting approx 18 kids from her school. So what do you think? Too much?

  42. all u pplz.......READ ME!!!?

    ok well im having a luau party (backyard) and so i need ideas as in food(including desserts),activities,decoration,invitations,outfit,colors,cake(big one not store bought im getting it custom made),anything you can think of........whoever can supply the most ideas gets 10 points thanx!!!

  43. Nightmare before Christmas sweet 16?

    I have a love for the movie, Nightmare before Christmas, and my sweet sixteen will be centered around that theme. I'm taking the NBC decorations from my room to the place of the party but need something else there besides the few props I have. Any websites i can go to for party supplies specifically Nightmare before Christmas stuff? cake ideas invitation ideas activity ideas anything will be helpful to me. thanks : )

  44. Jungle Book Birthday Party?

    I am trying to find some party supplies for my sons 3rd birthday! He really wants to have the Jungle Book theme. I can not find any thing with the characters to decorate with!! I ordered some figurines for his cake but would like some other sort of decorations other than just random jungle items. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

  45. Did you (or are you) buy your little one a first birthday present?

    My twins will be turning 1 in a week and we are having a family party this weekend. My question is did you purchase your little one a birthday gift for their first birthday? My twins have everything they need - clothes, toys, baby supplies, money from every one of my paychecks set aside in a savings account for when they are older, clothes and toys tucked away for when they are older. We are throwing them a party with family and friends on Saturday, already got the decorations, party favors, bought the cake, ordered the food . . . My thought is to skip the present from mom & dad (it is not like they are going to notice) or at minimum wait until after the party to see if there is anything that they need after seeing what they got as gifts from the family. So - what did you do or what are you planning to do for a present for your little one's first birthday?