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  1. can anyone tell me some good birthday cake recipes or cake decoration ideas that i can make for my mum?

    my mums birthday is in a week and i want to make her a really nice cake, my dads birthday is two days later and its his 50th so were having a big party but with all the preparation and planning for his my mums is being forgotten, she's done a lot for me lately and i want to make her something special, any suggestions?

  2. Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas Please?

    Does anyone habe any decorations that they make out of marzipan themselves which I could use to decorate my Christmas cake this year? Please Include pictures if possible and Ideas or Instructions on how to make, I would really appreciate it!! Thank you soo much in advance Jenny

  3. where can i find cake decoration ideas?

    i know how to make shapes a bit, what i need are design ideas.

  4. cake decoration ideas?

    I am making a cake for my mates 16th birthday. Im not sure what to do though. ideas are.... middle: plain, or choc buttercream. jam? top: plain icing, choc icing, white buttons, choc buttons, 4 chocolate shaped winnie-the-poohs :) and i also have a few terrys choc orange segments and a big toblerone. any ideas appreciated :D first off, its a girl. number two, she'll love the winnie the poohs :D

  5. Creative cake decoration ideas?

    I'm making a hawiian cake for a school function and i'm doing the ocean and i was wondering if there is something that looks like water but is cheap or easy to make and not to messy, thanks, any other ideas are welcome also!

  6. Some decoration ideas for a cake with chocolate frosting?

    I have almost nothing at hand for decorating a cake any simple ideas?

  7. Cake decoration ideas?

    Basically this year for my birthday I am having a joint family birthday party with my husbands grandmother. She will be 70 and I will be 28. I have agreed to make the cake. I have done this before but usually I just purchase a premade cake and buy decorations to put on. This year I would really like to make the cake and cake decorations from scratch. So I would really love ideas on a simple but good recipie, some cake decoration ideas and some how to information on how to make the decorations. Ideally I would like a good website where I can get the info. I would love the cake to look very special and as I have a few months to practice I wouldn't mind if it had a lot of detail to it. I would just love the cake to look and taste spectacular. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

  8. What are some good decoration ideas for an orange cake?

    I'm making an orange cake with a basic orange flavoured icing for a friend. I was wondering what to decorate it with though? Last time i tried to put some fresh orange slices on top, but they made the icing runny. I have lots of oranges to use up, so what could i make out of them for decoration for my cake?

  9. any good cake decoration ideas?

    i'm making some victoria sponge fairy cakes but i'm unsure what food colouring to use, and how to decorate them. they are for my best friends birthday and can you suggest any websites with lots of cake designs on and things like that :) or suggest decorations that i can get. any different ideas will help. thanks :) websites would be good. colour ideas, anything :D

  10. some cake decoration ideas please?

    making some victoria sponge fairy cake but i dont' know which food coloring to use?

  11. "Dirty Thirty" bday cake decoration ideas? Anyone??? (FYI - Family will be at party)?

    I am hosting a surprise "Dirty Thirty" birthday party for my boyfriend and am working on the cake. I just have no idea how to decorate it. Any ideas? (family will be present) He does like 80's hair bands - so maybe something to do with that. Hmmmm

  12. Cake Decoration Ideas??

    I was gonna make a marshmallow Fondant cake, but decided it is too much work. Now I am gonna just have regular buttercream frosting. Is there any edible Polka Dots or something I can stick on it for decorations? Is there a website I can find the decorations to buy. I really like Polka Dots, Stripes, etc.

  13. I need an cake decoration idea for my boyfriends birthday?

    Hey, my boyfriend is turning 17 in a week and I am making him a cake. I was going to make him a guitar cake but its too complicated and want something simple but cool. Not just a regular cake that says"happy birthday!" but an interesting cake. Any ideas are appreciated!

  14. I need cake Decoration Ideas for school!?

    My school is doing a cake deco comp. and i need ideas of wat to put on the cake. Nothing inappropriate for this is a Christian School. Thanks

  15. any simple cake decoration ideas?

    i really need help!! please?? im baking a cake for my boy friend for our 2nd anniversary... im thinking of making a circular shaped chocolate cake.. but dont know how to decorate it... any ideas?? umm.. u cud show me some simply decorated cakes (pictures).. dat wud really help... please???

  16. Do you know where I can get good Sweet 16 Decoration ideas?

    I'm throwing a sweet 16 party for my friend. I need cake decoration ideas the most.

  17. Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas? 10 points!?

    My dad left it up to me to make my Mom's Birthday cake tomorrow and i want to make something different that will surprise her a lot. Like i don't want to just do a cake with frosting... Yes i am going to still put frosting and stuff.. but i was wondering if anyone had pictures of any easy to make and unique looking cakes. I am going to use red velvet cake and vanilla frosting.. i also have food colorings to make other colors... I was thinking putting strawberries on it (different things) but i do not have thoose here at home i was hopeing maybe some ideas you guys come up with involve things that i already own.. So whoever comes up with awesome pictures of cakes or just ideas in words will win 10 points!!!

  18. Large cake stand...small cake. Decoration ideas?

    The cake stand that i have is 14", but the cake i made is only 8". Is there a way i can make this look less weird? Like maybe decorations or something.

  19. Where can I find ideas for a simple birthday cake decoration (bunny?_?

    A while ago, I saw in a magazine a recipe for a birthday cake, shape as a bunny (just the head). I remember how to make the shape, I don't remember what the decoration look like, except that they use candy to make the eyes, nose, etc. Where could I find pictures as an example?

  20. What could be an easy cake decoration pattern for a beginner?

    What kind of border is easy to make on a cake ? Some ideas on easy cake decoration patterns

  21. Looking for a Cool Cake decoration idea for my husband?

    For his 40th Birthday :-)

  22. i am just about to make a cake, but i want to make a decoration on the edge of the cake ideas?

    with a pre-made cake mix, and i have bought the icing pre-made, i am just about to make them so i cant go to the store, is there any way i can make something that will get the job done.

  23. Rubber duckie themed birthday ideas?

    My daughter will be turning one in a few weeks, and I wanted to know if anyone has any cute ideas for her rubber duckie themed b-day. The party will be outside in my moms backyard. We already have a few things like invites, tables cloths, and cake decoration ideas. I love crafts, so anything that can be made I will make. I know she wont remember, but I want it to be amazing! She can always look at pictures of it when shes older.Thanks for any suggestions.

  24. Any decoration ideas for an Animal House themed party?

    My parents are having a late Halloween party and the theme is Animal House. What kinds of decorations should we put up? We are going to cut out the frat letters and my mom is going to make an "eat me" cake. Any other ideas?

  25. Hunting cake decorations/ideas?

    I'm deciding between making a gun shaped cake for my bf's birthday or just a normal square decorated with hunting stuff. but does anyone have good websites that have hunting/bullets/animals/deer stands things like that as cake toppers i could get? thanks for the help.

  26. decoration ideas???

    i need cute ideas for a cookie cake decoration. the occassion is a thirteenth birthday party, and the icing colors need to be black, white, and hot pink. thanks!

  27. Engagement Cake Decoration Idea's?

    I am trying to work out if my idea for an engagement cake would look good. I don't have a huge budget though. My idea is a chocolate mud cake with a dark brown chocolate marzipan or fondant icing with gold Cachous in a pattern of some kind. I had originally been thinking brightly coloured pearl dots on the same cake base but our theme colours are gold and red. I plan on getting the cake professionally made, (not sure where yet). However, I have no idea how much a cake will cost. Is coloured marzipan or fondant icing more expensive? Are the gold Cachous easy enough to get a hold of? I have seen the silver ones at Woolworth's but don't recall ever seeing gold there. The cake will be for 20 people. Single Tier. For an evening party. I was thinking a circular cake but I'm not against square or rectangle etc. Anyone have any pictures of something similar or something like this? I think I like the fondant because of the clean smooth finish. However it depends more on price and idea on the patter for the gold Cachous. Does the fondant icing taste nice. I'm pretty sure I've had marzipan before and liked it.

  28. Help With Ideas for 16th Birthday Cake/Decorations?

    I'm turning 16 in a few weeks, and I'm having a small party (family and a few friends). I need an idea for a cake and inexpensive decorations. The cake theme/decoration theme can be different or the same. The themes I had in mind were Care Bears (laugh if you must), My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and/or My Chemical Romance. Any ideas would be extremely helpful, and if anyone has pictures of any of the aforementioned theme cakes, that'd be great :)

  29. Do you have any ideas for a joint birthday cake decoration?

    My sister turns 18 and my dad is turning 50 and it is my job to order the cake (as usual). So...I was thinking of doing a joint theme. Like half the cake be decorated in pink flamingos and the other half in Bengals. Or I could have Bengals playing in the tropics. Or something completely different. I'm open to ideas, what do you guys think? My sister likes pink flamingos, tropics, girly stuff ect. My dad likes....sports, blackjack, and that's about all I can think of. Ideas?

  30. Cake decoration/theme idea-fondant cake?

    Im decorating a cake for 4-H and i have no idea what to do, its a 3 tiered cake and the bottom cake is 9in middle is 8in and top is 6in or 7in. The fair theme is celebrating 75 years and beyond and 75 years is the diamond so it would be nice to incorporate that a little bit, but ideas and pics would be great! Also im using fondant so i can make things :D Thanks

  31. Ideas for twin girls' 1st birthday cake?

    I am thinking something like a wedding cake, with a large cake with two smaller ones on the sides. I would appreciate recipe and decoration ideas! Thanks!

  32. Im planning my black and white sweet sixteen. I need decorations, cake ideas, and a dress.?

    black and white dress or bright? And please no rude answers.

  33. need ideas for b-day present table and cake table decoration!!?

    im doing my babys 1st b-day party on sat so i need ideas on how to decorate her cake table and also her presents table. can you show me picks or describe. I TRIED GOOGLING IT AND YAHOOING BUT NO GOOD THINGS COME UP

  34. what are good adoption cake ideas?

    my best friend is getting adopted and i decided to make her either a 3 tiered cake or a simple 1 tier square cake. any suggestions for decoration and # of tiers?

  35. Cake Recipe?

    I am making a cake for an Easter themed party. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something fairly simple that everyone will love. Also looking for Easter cake decoration ideas. Pictures a plus.

  36. How to make a dolphin cake decoration?

    I'm making my mom a birthday cake this weekend...and i'm making a dolphin themed cake it's going to be a two layer cake with fondant and "glass candy" for the bottom of the sea with brown sugar on the top for thing i can't figure out though is how to make the little dolphin figurines to stick on the sides of the cake...i thought about piping the outline of a dolphin with white candy coating...any different ideas?