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  1. How do you make a freesia out of sugarpaste? (Wedding cake decoration)?

    I am trying in vain to maake a freesia from sugarpaste. I am using an Orchard F1 Freesia cutter, but the petals of the freesia seem to be too far apart. Should I use a metal cutter? Do you need one shape of cutter or two? Thanks.

  2. Wedding cake flower decoration?

    I need to find someone or a store that makes crystallized flowers for a wedding cake in Monteregie.

  3. Wedding cake recipes for frosting and tips on decoration?

    i have to make my first wedding cake in a couple weeks and really am starting to panic and second guess myself, if you guys could give me some tips for the frosting or for the decorations (simple please) i would really appreciate it!

  4. Where can i buy wedding cake decorations?

    Does anyone know which website can I buy the wedding stairways and bridge to decorate the cake with? i tried ebay but didn't find much and i also tried amazon and it didn't help much.

  5. Ultimate Cake Off wedding cake decoration technique? Episode 6?

    I saw an episode of Ultimate Cake off a couple of weeks ago. There was a contestant (Mark Randazzo) who did a decorating technique on top of fondant using a paint brush and I think egg whites? I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me what this is and perhaps where I can find information on how to do it? Here is a link to the website that contains a photo of his cake. It's a flash slide show. You will have to click over to the 3rd image to see the close up. Thanks!

  6. wedding cake?

    my fiance and I are wanting to make our own cake for our wedding after looking around and seeing the unbelievable prices people charge for a wedding cake. We are pretty much beginners to cake making so Im asking this in plenty of time to do many trial runs! If anybody knows how to make a great wedding cake please let me know and any decoration tips and advice. Thanks! The cake is for around 60 people, I dont mind if its 2 or 3 tier. We really arent picky on the flavourings whether its chocolate, vanilla, fruit or anything else we are open to anything at this stage!

  7. Wedding Cake?

    Does anyone know what webite I could go 2 2 fing fake flowers 4 a wedding cake. There are going 2 be 4 ind. cakes shaped like hearts in ivory. I'm looking for cheap fake flowers that I could put on the cake for decoration.

  8. How do I make or where can I get wedding cake decorations like this? Thanks!

  9. Where can I buy wedding decorations for a gay wedding?

    When I visit San Francisco in December, I need to buy a plastic wedding cake decoration. I need to find two grooms to place on top of the wedding cake...and for the table centerpieces. Where can I find a selection of styles of two grooms? Many thanx!

  10. Where to get wedding figurines for cake decorations in Singapore?

    I am making a cake at home and I am finding cake figurines (wedding ones) for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.. I really hope you guys could help me.. I am living in Singapore. (but if you have any shops that you wish to name out, feel free) Thanks a lot!

  11. Is there a way to preserve icing decorations from a wedding cake?

    They are beautiful large lillies with very thin petals, something besides freezing them?

  12. how many days to complete a 3 tiered wedding cake with fresh flowers?

    i'm going to make a 3 tiers wedding cake with fondant friend requested to put fresh flowers and fruits as decoration.I'm not sure when to start baking the cake and then when its time to decorate it.

  13. Persian Cake decoration?

    No it's not collete peters I belive she works out of Texas she has been on the food network she is known for her cakes and is an instructor of pastry..does anyone know her name she won on the wedding cake cake off...shes loves the color pink and won the cake decoration for the use of one tip.

  14. Wedding cake - Is $468 reasonable with no decoration for 50 guests?

    The restaurant I'm using for my ceremony & reception has an approved vendor list. I went to my cake tasting yesterday and it was fabulous! But, I'm asking for a very simple cake for 50 people. It will be 3 tiers. One 12" square, one 8" square and one 6" round on top. It will be white cake with raspberry bavarian filling and the outside will be white chocolate fondant with a butter cream layer underneath. The only thing I've asked to be added are the "dot" edge details. My florist will be decorating the cake himself with bombay orchids at the ceremony location since he'll be there decorating anyway but I have to pay $75 extra for that (on top of $1000 in flowers already) My price came to $468 with no details. Although they will deliver it for free and it will be added to my reception bill. Also, I won't have any cake cutting fees for using that specific bakery. If I go with another bakery, I will have to pay $2 cutting fee per person to the restaurant. She did say I would have leftovers and it would feed more like 72 people.

  15. Cake Decoration Tips (non-experts and pro's help appreciated!)?

    All I want is a suggestion on what to replace the hearts with on this cake. The hearts are nice, but meant for a wedding cake, not a birthday party cake. Other then color changes, any tips on changes I might want to make are appreciated (i haven't made the cake yet)

  16. How to find cake decorations and floral designs classes in the Detroit, Michigan area.?

    I am trying to find a class that teaches floral designs and also classes that teach all types of cake decorations specializing in wedding cakes in the Detroit, Michigan area.

  17. Wedding cake for a mexican wedding?

    Looking for decoration ideas for the cake I am to make for my brother's reception. They are getting married in Cancun and the reception theme is following that theme. Thanks!

  18. Please help, I'm looking for wedding cake toppers but having no luck...?

    I need a cake decoration of a couple but the man must be black and the woman a tanned mediterranean colour. I've tried loads of sites but all im getting is either black couples or black and white couples, i need somewhere that has what i'm looking for or can mix and match brides and grooms. Preferably somewhere in the UK, and not too pricey. Thank youu =] x

  19. How much would you pay for a wedding cake?

    I was wondering with so much variety and designs, how much would you pay for your wedding cake? I know it all depends on size, type, decoration etc. But what is the most people are willing to pay? thanks to all your responses, lots to think about!

  20. How much is a wedding cake to feed 150 people in New England?

    I was looking for a cake estimate. I will be wanting chocolate cake with raspberry filling and italian buttercream...maybe fondant too and some simple decoration with fresh flowers...althought is sugar flowers are not that much more I would consider it

  21. Looking for a picture of a wedding cake with strawberries and blueberries..can anyone help me?

    Were getting married on the 4th of July and for our wedding cake we would like a cake that uses strawberries and blueberries as the decorations can anyone help me find something like this online? Thanks! thank you!!

  22. Can anyone tell me where to get a cheese wedding cake done in suffolk?

    most suppliers I have looked at are in the west country and only deliver the cheeses without decoration etc. I would Ideally like it set up and decorated on the day for my wedding in October in east suffolk.

  23. Im getting my wedding cake done at stop and shop, what should I choose for decorations?

    BUT my colors for my wedding are Red, White & Black. Im getting a 3 tierd, square cake. I was thinking about doing white frosting, with red roses and black piping. But im not sure how it will look.

  24. I'm making a wedding cake with fruit filling for Saturday. Do I refrigerate it?

    I've never put fruit fillings in my cakes before and I have a client who is picking up her wedding cake on Friday night. It will be covered in fondant. Do I refrigerate it and wait until Friday to decorate? I'm afraid to run out of time with the decorations.

  25. I want to make cake icing, not the frosting or the fondant, but the stuff you use to do freehand decoration?

    I am looking for a recipe to use that is simple and will set up hard, like the kind they use to decorate a wedding cake, on top of the fondant? Can anyone help?

  26. I would like to display a wedding cake as the centerpiece on the guest tables.?

    The cakes would each serve around 10 and be part of the decoration. My problem is that we are having the tables pre-set with the dinner plate & I don't know how to get the dessert plates & forks to my guests. We are also having salad, but guests will put that on the main plate. If I put out dessert plates & dessert forks, how do I keep them from using those for salad?

  27. Is this a ridiculous wedding cake idea?

    Ok so, I dont want the traditional cake with the bride and groom on top. well, as people. Im gonna have a winter wedding and.......... i love penguins so much. So i want to have a cute penguin bride groom on top of a violet, white and silver wedding cake. THen i wanna have cupcakes with violet and white frosting with a candy snowflake as decoration. Is this too "little girl" party? Or is it oK? Maybe you can suggest how it can be better?

  28. Does a normal wedding cake serve everyone?

    When people buy those beautiful wedding cakes with several tiers are they meant for just cutting and decoration or are they large enough to actually serve all your guests if you have about 100 people there? I heard that sometimes people will get a sheet cake as a more affordable option to a larger cake, is that what is usually done when serving cake?

  29. How can I have a mexican theme wedding?

    I want a traditional wedding. I want wedding decorations like skulls and just mexican themed. my wedding color will be red. do you have any ideas on anything.. my invitations, cake, decorations or maybe a website that can help. thanks.

  30. a dark chocolate icing that sets hard for a wedding cake, and wont melt , and can be spread not modeling choc?

    its my friends wedding in south africa, and im making the cake , but havent been home for so long dont thing ant of my recipes can cope with the above 40 degree celceius weather they have over summer! dont want to be to temper a massive decoration and then it melts before anyone even see it! thanks

  31. Cajun/Southern wedding cake?

    I'm looking for ideas on a Cajun style grooms wedding cake. I'm from southern Louisiana, and for those of you who know of the jokes, I am a Boudreaux, and my fiance' is a Thibodeaux. We've been searching for any sorts of cake decorations/cake "toppers" for his grooms cake that would suggest a Boudreaux/Thibodeaux crazy cajun theme but haven't found ANYTHING. Any ideas??

  32. How much USD for the ingredients for wedding cake for 300 guests in the US Midwest?

    Is there a "ballpark" figure for cost per slice? I don't want to know how much to buy one. I am looking for an estimate on the cost of ingredients--cake mixes, oil, eggs, powdered sugar, shortening, etc.--to make a cake for approximately 300 guests, very simple decorations (cake top and flowers provided by bride). Thanks! I had not even considered homemade. But as long as the texture was sufficient to support tiers, it might be a real hit!good. I always used cake mixes before but it has been awhile since I did a wedding cake. Now I have something else to think about! ;)

  33. what is the best recipe for a glossy fondant?

    my fondant comes out a bit dry, what can i do to give it a shiny look? what is the best method for wedding cake decoration with fondant?

  34. where can i some wedding cakes designs?

    wedding cakes decoration

  35. where can i buy butterfly cake decorations in canada online?

    i want to decorate my wedding cake with butterflies and i want to puchase the decorations myself online in canada

  36. Wedding cake and reception ideas needed,for fun young couple.?

    We are planning an outside wedding and reception for 250 people in august in a walnut grove. Its a beautiful canopy of green walnut trees and grass. Its not formal. The colors are hot pink and orange.and Gerbera daisy and sunflowers are the flowers chosen. We'd like any orange and pink pictures of ceremony, flowers, decorations,centerpieces,and attire.

  37. Wedding cake inspiration??

    I'm getting married and I need some ideas for the cake. 2 or 3 tier, all fruit tiers, or a mix of sponge, chocolate, fruit etc.. What cake decorations... Thanks.

  38. What filling for a wedding cake with cherry blossom decorations?

    I am making a cake for a cake decorating contest. We're to make a double layer, 8", round cake.I've decided to make the top layer of my dream wedding cake. I will oneday (hopefully) make my own cake and will use this as a bit of practice. I will be using a white cake flavored with almond extract. I want to use some sort of filling, but not sure what to use. I'm not sure if the cake will be jade green (to continue the asian theme) or will be slightly off-white. The flowers will be whitish-pink to a light hot pink. They will be sprays of cherry blossoms. Here are my inspiration cake designs: Thanks! Thanks for the suggestion!