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  1. ideas for decorations,games,cake dressiness for a good bye party?

    Me and my best friend are planing a good bye party for my other best friend. It's gona be a potluck at the beach exceped we need some ideas for cake dessiness, games, decorrations and food for the party

  2. What are some games to play at a middle school field day?

    It is nearing the end of the school year and our middle school is planning a field day. There are around 200 kids in all from 5th grade - 8th grade, boys and girls. We (the kids) have been divided up into 12 teams and need 6 games to play. So far we have kickball, dodge ball, capture the flag, and an obstacle course. What else could we do that would be fun for the majority of kids? Other activites that are not included in the 6 games are cake decoration and a water balloon fight or something that has to do with water. Any ideas would be very helpful! Thank you!

  3. Harry Potter Cauldron Cake Decoration?

    If found this AWESOME Harry Potter Cauldron Cake recipe on-line, and I absolutely love it! It is basically a very light-tasting cupcakes with a little hint of cinnamon and ginger. In the Harry Potter 3 computer game, cauldron cakes are dome-shaped, and are sky blue and yellow (I'll provide a pic in a second). How should I decorate my next batch? LOL here's crabbe and goyle eating a charmed batch in the 2nd movie... (not what I was looking for) I can't seem to find it! Just imagine, a cauldron-shaped cupcake, the outside is blue (the cauldron itself) and the inside is yellow (the little "Potion" inside)

  4. Throwing a "geek" birthday party?

    I am throwing a birthday party for hubby, his 40th. The theme is nerds and geeks and I was hoping for suggestions on decorations, party games, cake decoration (I've already made one a few years ago shaped like a monitor and keyboard). Thanks in advance for any help! Forgot to mention, he's a network administrator. The answers so far have been so great, thanks to everyone.

  5. I'm starting to plan a birthday party for my 8 year old daughter who loves Hannah Montana!?

    Any ideas on decorations,cake,games,goody bags,etc?

  6. Can anyone help me come up with some great ideas for my Area 51 Party?

    I am throwing an AREA 51 theme party for my 51st Birthday. I thought it would be great, since this has been a favorite topic of conversation in my Family for many years. I have a few ideas, but would appreciate any positive, fun and original ideas that you may have on food, decorations, favors, cake, games, etc. Thanks!

  7. I need ideas for a B-day party "Boxing theme"... Please help?

    Anything... Decorations, games, cake decoration

  8. Anyone know any dinosaur themed party games?

    I need to start thinking about my son's birthday party, and he wants a dinosaur themed party. I can handle the cake and the decorations, but I need help with games. What kind of games can I have that have a dino theme? Oh, and I refuse to do a pinata, lol--they've seen too many AFV episodes. BTW, he'll be turning 6.

  9. my cousin is having a 1980's party on saturday, she's turning 14 and it's her first co-ed party?

    any ideas on how we can decorate the house, games? Cake decorations.

  10. Need ideas for a ninja birthday party for my 5-year-old?

    My son will be turning 5 and LOVES ninjas (but not ninja turtles!) I could use any ideas for theme games, decorations, cake, anything! Thanks!

  11. What should I use? (A cake decoration question)?

    I was planning to make a cheesecake for my aunt and I wanted to decorate it. I wanted to put a few mahjong on it, (those rectangular things that you play, like cards, but smaller) with the words or letters on it. I was wondering how I could do this and what I should use? I found out about fondant and how you could use it to cover a cake but i dont' have all the ingredients needed to make the fondant. any other ways i can make a small mahjong piece and stick it on the cake? also, what could i use to paint the word onto the mahjhong piece. Incase you guys don't know what mahjong is, its this game played by chinese and some others where they use rectangluar shaped cards. its like playing cards but its thicker much much thicker and smaller in size. Thankyou in advance :) (ps. some websites and videos to how to make edible mahjongs would be nice too)

  12. What could I do for 2 milestone birthdays thrown into one ~ 30th & 50th?

    I am not looking for ideas on where to have it or what to have to eat or anything like that ~ I can figure that out. I'm looking into more along the lines of what can I do to make it FUN!!!! I want all of the guests to have a BLAST & never forget this party!!! The party will be held in Oct. 07' ~ I know it's way far in advance but I don't like to have just a couple of months to do anything ~ I want it to be ALL said and done come Sept. Can anyone help me? I did get some suggestions but I'm looking for more ~ what I'm looking for ~> decorations, cake, gifts, games, entertainment, etc.

  13. What decorations can I make for an outside theme anniversary?

    I want to do something special. I am having a few neighbors for pizza, cake and games. But what should I have to put outside for decoration and what games could i play? HELP!!

  14. Narnia birthday party for a 2+a 4 year old, ideas,Turkish delight substitute?

    We're having a birthday party for our 2 and 4 year olds in ca 10 days. The theme is Narnia. I'm looking for more simple and inexpensive ideas for games, decoration,recipes etc. We like things natural. I also wanted to make some turkish delight but found it was loaded with sugar.Any idea for a healthy sustitute? Also a creative cake decoration idea with not too much work and sugar? drinks with little or no white sugar that's not too expensive eather?

  15. son's first birthday ideas?

    My sons 1st birthday is in a few weeks and I am stumped! I would love some tips or ideas for the cake, decorations, games and foods? thanks so much!

  16. Starting a party planning biz for kids?

    I have long wanted to start my own party planning business specifically for kids...complete theme experiences from the cake to the decorations, games and crafts. I have experience with my nieces' and nephews' birthdays and as an Activities Director for our church (for both adults and kids) and have recieved rave reviews...but how do I really get the word out? As parents, would this be something you would be interested in for your kids? I've checked around and a lot of the party planning places here charge about $15/hr - that seems like an awful lot to me...what do you guys think? I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

  17. Can you help me plan a video game theme birthday party for 10 year olds?

    We have 3 boys/3 girls coming for my daughter's video game themed birthday party. We're getting her a Wii for her BD and she has Nintendo Game Cube. We also want to get an electronic dance mat for the party. I'd like to have some type of tournament or other strategy for getting the kids to rotate on the different games. I'm also looking for ideas for invititations, cake decoration, goodie bags, etc. I'd appreciate your ideas.

  18. It's my son's 12th Disco B'day party this wkend - any suggestions!?!?

    It's my son's 12th Disco B'day party this wkend at home with 25 kids, any sug. for food, games,cake, decorations,etc? I am trying to get out of it as cheap as possible but still want it to be a birthday he can remember! Thanx for your ideas!

  19. HELP! i need ideas for my 13th birthday party!!!?

    Ok so my birthday is in 10 days and i need help with everything. my party isn't until the 24th, so i have until then to figure something out. i'm having it at my house, and i'm inviting 15 people (boys & girls). i don't know what to do for decorations, or the cake, or anything else. but i have some ideas, but im still not sure. here is what i know i want. CAKE- sheet cake hot pink icing all over there has to be some black on it chocolate cake DECORATIONS ????????????? GAMES? ??????? MUSIC im just going to put my ipod on shuffle FOOD ????? Then i'm having an after party with two of my friends (girls) Oh and the party will be from 6-10 p.m. Thanks and pleeaaasseee help me!!! (:

  20. ideas for a michael jackson themed party?

    i want to give a tribute to the king of pop, so i am having my birthday party themed after him. so i was wondering, what could i do at my party to make it like mj themed??? such as invites, decoration,the cake,games,and possibly costumes. thank you all for your help!!! people seriously, if you have nothing nice to say dont say it. i am looking for nice opionins not rude comments.

  21. Anyone ever thrown a Berenstain Bears themed birthday party?

    My daughter is crazy about the Berenstain Bears and I plan to use that as a theme for her upcoming birthday party. Any suggestions on games, where to find decorations, cake ideas, etc? Any help would be great!

  22. ozzy birthday cake?

    for my 19th bday...i need an ozzy osbourne cake. i want it to be gothic & out of the ordinary. also not too pricey. i need some pictures and ideas plz... also some ideas on decorations and games for after party... thanx sooo much for your help

  23. Got any great party ideas for first birthday?

    My son is turning 1 in July. I want to have just cake and juice, but with tons of friends and family, mostly adults. We live in a small apartment, so we have to rent the clubhouse (which is nice but a bit pricey). Any ideas? Themes? Games? Activities? Favors? Decorations? Fancy cakes? Punch recipes? What would you do?

  24. How to throw the best birthday bonfire ever (:?

    Me and my best friend are going to throw a birthday bonfire (we are having a joint party) and we really want it to be remembered and special. We're turning 14, both girls, and we want to invite around 60 people -guys and girls-. What are you opinions/suggestions for: -How many people SHOULD we invite? -Invites? -Budget? -Games? -Times? Also, Friday vs. Saturday? -Location? -Cake? -Decorations? -Anything else you want to add? The more the better (: Thanks so much!

  25. recipes for good tasting, nice smelling, and colorful lip gloss?

    I am throwing a slumber party at my house for my 11th birthday,and I was going to make lip gloss for my friends to take home. I want it to be good tasting, nice smelling, and colorful. does anyone have a recipe of their own, or know a website with recipes? Also, does anyone have ideas for party favors, cakes, or games/decorations? my theme colors are black and white.

  26. How do I plan this preteen party for an 11 year old girl?

    Her birthday is August 20th and she wants it to be a pool party and then the guests go home and then they come back to our house for a sleepover. She wants cake, chips, gummy bears and popcorn. She also wants pizza and choa main. I need help planning, making invites, decorations, games, etc., etc.? Suggestions?

  27. Where can I buy lots of tiny plastic babies in the UK?

    I'm looking for some small plastic baby figures, about an inch big for an art project. I think they're normally used for cake decoration and I've found loads of stuff about using them in crazy baby shower games, but no where seems to sell them in the UK...anyone know where I can get some? Thanks x

  28. I'm having a halloween party, what should i do for decorations, music, food, games etc?

    The party will also be my sweet 16, so there'll still be cake, presents, balloons etc (but they'll be black, orange & dark purple) It's probally going to be at my house, because i can't anywhere better to have it, & because that will give me more money to spend on the decorations and stuff. There will be about 20 guests.

  29. "Panic ot the Disco" fan- party ideas?

    Do you have any ideas for a 14 yr old,(girl) sleep over-party, (pls, no drug or sex!!) for living room decorations,cake decorations, activities, games, etc for about 6-8 kids who love Las Vegas' "Panic at the Disco" band? THANKS

  30. Planning a party... girls please!?

    im turning 13 soon and i need ideas for a party.(this is 4 girls) i am inviting 3 people and its going to be a sleepover. i need the following ideas (its a survivor them) games decorations cake baking ideas what to do all night! what movies 2 watch Anything you can say would be helpful thanx

  31. i need ideas for my 13th birthday i am having a rockstar birthday its at night on a friday 8 to 11 any ideas?

    I already have guiter hero and kareoke and a guitar cake. I need more game ideas and decorations im thinking of getting hair color for everyone to put in their hair just i need food decoration and game ideas it has to be really good to


    i am turning 13 in like 4 days i need REALLY fun games that r not messy childish and stupid i need fun ones plz help me u only turn a teenager once plz help i also need fun games 2 play at nite when my mom is sleeping if u know any good websites to go on with my friends like plz tell me i also need tips on wat to do plz tell me everthying u know plz also tell me some kool gift bag stuff good cake decorations plz help me im desprite if ur question is good i will give u ten points every time u answer any kind of my questions *deal? plz help me i hope u can thx. -nat

  33. Victorian Theme Sweet Sixteen Party?

    I'm planning on having a "high tea" but I also want to play some games, English and Victorian themed. For a party favor I was thinking about either a teacup from a garage sell, little teddy bears, or both. It won't be a very large party, around ten girls. I need ideas on period attire(I'll probably make my own), invitations, games, decorations, food (cake vs. petit fours), English/victorian tea history?. The party will probably be at my house so we would have access to a back yard.

  34. Taylor Swift themed birthday party?

    Any ideas? It's my Sweet 16 :) cake, music, games, decorations ideas!

  35. I'm having a bday party for my 2 year old...any ideas?

    Anyone have any ideas on activites for a toddler birthday party? The theme is Barney. How long should the party last, what food should be served (is it okay to just do cake?), what games played, decoration ideas? Etc. We're inviting immediate family and maybe 10-12 kids. Any suggestions (nice, please) would be helpful.

  36. Any ideas for a bubblegum themed birthday party?

    My daughter is turning 6 next month. So since we are trying to be a little less extravagant this year (and doing a smaller party than usual) I thought that we could give her a bubblegum themed birthday party (my little girl loves bubblegum like you wouldn't believe) because then we could use generic pink plates, balloons and streamers to save a bit of money (instead of all the character themed items you have to buy when you do a character themed party). I've already got a couple ideas for games (biggest bubble blown & how many gumballs in a jar) and an idea for a cake (a gumball machine or a piece of bazooka gum) but I was just wondering if anyone else had any other ideas for games, decorations, cake, etc. that I hadn't thought of. Any interesting/genuine input would be great! i really appreciate everyone who actually gave me ideas, all the ideas i have been given so far are really good. i just don't understand why someone would answer a question with a critisism of my mothering. i am not just filling my children up with sweets. it is a "BUBBLEGUM THEME" party not a "let's eat all the sugar we can party. we in fact will be serving other foods (we will be serving lunch). it's just a theme. i personally think that sandi is lame for the answer she posted. she is assuming that it will just be a sugar fest. that's like saying if i give my daughter a princess theme party then i am just indulging her to act like a spoiled brat princess. the bubblegum idea is just a "theme", you know all pink decorations, a cake decorated like a gumball machine, gum oriented games (like a few of the ones suggested below) and a bubblegum shaped pinata. i would really appreciate answers that are meant to be helpful and not answers that are useless (like sandi's). thanks.

  37. Does anyone have good ideas for a Gone With the Wind party?

    I really want to throw a GWTW party when the weather gets pretty outside. I'm thinking card games, red velvet cake, and horseshoes outside. Anything else?? I live in Marietta, Ga..where this movie is hugeeee. So I might rent an old plantation house in the area. But any other ideas on decorations or games we could all play? Also, does anyone know of any CHEAP ways I could advertise the party so more town people would come?! Thanks!!

  38. Ideas for a few things at an 11 yearold's party?

    Im turning 11 in early february. My theme is My Chemical Romance. All I need are the following things: Cake flavor Decorations Goodie-Bags Games Movie snacks Please answer by february 2nd