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Baby Shower Cake Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. were can i find snow white baby shower theme cakes and decorations?

    im planning a baby shower and i cant find a website that has snow white and the seven dwarfs theme also looking for a nice cake. that is related to snow white of course. please help{need to plan shower SOON!!!} thanks so much!

  2. Does this sound like a nice, and fun baby shower?

    There going to be 16 guests about. Favor bags include- Plastic baby bottles filled with candy, homemade cookies shaped like bottles, rattles, babies, etc. Games- 1. Dress the baby blind folded- Where you are blind folded and between two people whoever dresses the baby the fastest and correctly, wins a prize. 2. Don't say "baby"- Pass out necklaces at the beginning of the shower and if someone hears someone else say "baby" they get their necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end of the shower gets a prize. 3. Bottle races- Fill up bottles with juice and whoever finishes first wins a prize. 4. "My water broke"- Get little plastic babies and put them in the middle of an ice cube, pass them out at the beginning of the baby shower, and whoevers melts first without taking it out of the bag, or putting it under hot water has to yell "my water broke" and they get a prize. Food- Veggie plate, fruit plate, Chips, salsa, homemade cookies and muffins, and a cake. Decorations- Baby Shower banner (two), blue and white streamers, and Balloons. Then of course we have plastic plates, plastic silverware, a table cover, napkins, and cups. Does this sound like a nice and fun baby shower? ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :] Also in the favor bags will be samples of shampoos and conditioners, and lotion from my shop. And Prizes will include Gift sets from my shop, picture frames, candy, and other stuff that are nice and cheap lol

  3. Baby Shower Cake - Who is responsible?

    My sister is throwing me a baby shower and hosting it alone. It is a womens only shower. My husband's family out of generosity asked if there is anything to do to help my sister even though my sister isn't having them co-shoting or having recognition of such. The cake has tenatively been given to my sister in-law. I'm a little uncomfortable having my sister let my sister in law pick up the tab on the cake, which is one of the most expensive contributions, when she isn't co-hosting and this will not be homemade. I feel if my in-laws really want to contribute, it seems like my sister should insist on something a little less expensive or important. Like making a side dish or help with decorations or game organizations. Had she wanted them to co-host with her, then I think that is perfectly acceptable, but since not, maybe accepting such a big offer isn't so appropriate????? I'm just asking, because I know my sister in-law wants to help and suggested ways she could, but I also feel my sister shouldn't accept an offer that is one of the main contributions. Everything I read on etiquette, suggests that the host pay for EVERYTHING unless there is an official co-host or an easy task that a close family member can do otherwise, otherwise the host is responsible for everything. That is why it is their gift to the mother to be. Is this correct?? WOW! I think I'm misunderstood. Some of the answers here are way off base from what I'm thinking. 1st... I've tried not to be involved, but my sister keeps getting me involved by telling me play by plays. When my sister-in-law offered her help and then the cake was given to her, she stopped emailing my sister, now my sister is on me to tell my sister-in-law to call her because of the cake. (why should I have to be involved). I felt maybe my sister-in-law may have not continued contact for maybe she felt like what a huge contribution to be thrown her way when she offered help. Also, as for the recognition.... I'm not worried about whether or not someone was my sister who got upset because my mother in law made a comment about how nice of a party that "they" were giving me when she caught wind that her daughter was getting the cake. My sister got upset, called me and thought it was rude, since she was throwing the party. I told my sister to let it go and to leave me out.

  4. Baby Shower Snacks and decoration ideas?

    I am throwing a baby shower for my sister in law on 4/19 and I need some more ideas for the baby shower as snacks go. So far I have a beautiful custom cake ordered, popcorn (in popcorn boxes that say "ready to pop") in the colors of the nursery blue and green. I am thinking about a veggie plate or a cheese plate. And any other food ideas would be awesome. Thanks so much

  5. Baby shower food & decoration ideas?

    I'm having my baby shower on Sunday (I'm 32 weeks along). My mom is actually the one throwing the baby shower for me, but I live with her right now, so I'm helping a bit. I'm having a boy to be named Nicholas. For food, we've already ordered a cake (chocolate w/ blue & white icing), we have puppy chow that I made, and pretzels. For drinks, we'll have sweet & unsweet tea, and a citrus punch that my mom makes. The paper plates are green & yellow, the plastic cups are yellow, & the forks are just plastic & white. I'll be picking up decorations and a punch bowl tomorrow and I could probably find things that are suitable, but I jus wanted a few ideas and possibly decorations and other food/drink choices that worked for other peoples' baby showers. I have a bunch of rubber ducks of different sizes (I collect them), so it'd be neat if someone had an idea for incorporating those into the decor. I do not want to serve carbonated beverages because I will be tempted to drink them (and probably will if they are there), so I really need some other drink options, unless you don't think I need any more drinks. Thank you in advance for your ideas & input.

  6. would you like this idea for baby shower?

    I make diaper cakes and my mother in law mentioned to offer a box that has streamers, plates, napkins, cups plastic forks and spoons baby shower decorations that match and include a diaper cake that matches the decorations. and sell the box of items so people would not have to go shopping for all the baby shower items. and they would get a diaper cake also. would you buy this to save time

  7. trying to find baby looney toons cake decorations...some friends are getting stuff together to do my shower?

    and our theme is baby looney toons for the nursery. One of the girls said she would do the cake for me, but she hasn't been able to find anything very good and so I'm trying to help out and find something... If nothing else, can you give me names of some party stores that I can take a look at and hopefully find something for baby looney toons??? Mainly looking for Taz and Tweety, but I'm game for all of them... THANKS!!!!

  8. I'm throwing a baby shower for the mother of a preemie.......?

    We're planning to have the shower sometime in late January, before her baby comes home from the hospital (for several reasons but especially because his health would be compromised by having too many people around him). I need ideas for this shower as it is not your "typical" shower since babe is already born and in the hospital. Ideas on games, themes, cake, decorations, anything. THANKS!!!

  9. How much did you spend on your baby shower & where did you have it?

    Thanks for stopping by! I am throwing a baby shower with about 27 people. Food, decorations, the cake, the wicker chair...chairs and tables...and I dont know why, but it's totaling around $400! I am from NY so it's not cheap out here, but I was just wondering if anyone had any good ways to save money. Where did you do yours? Food? Any good suggestions?! Thank you!

  10. How do I get fondant pieces to stick to the side of a cake made with buttercream icing?

    I am making a baby shower cake and will have flowers and butterflies on the sides but I dont like the way fondat tastes so I am using buttercream icing to ice the cake and the fondant for the decorations. I have never stuck fondant pieces to buttercream ( on the side). How do I do this?

  11. how much is a baby shower with about 30 people, a cake made myself all the food myself, an like bubble bath?

    the place im renting is around 75 dollars. an i need a lot to do a little decorations, bubble bath, shampoo, an that for favors, little cake on each of the tables...

  12. How many hostesses do you typically have to host a baby shower?

    Did you add all expenses of the shower together & divide it amongst the hostesses or charge each hostess with a duty ie: cake, decorations etc. Thanks

  13. baby shower games, food,decorations,prizes and cakes ideas??

    i have a couple games and prizes but would love to get more input on what else to do! its this weekend and my friend is having a girl. i want to come up with something really cute to put on the cake, any advice would be appreciated! thanks!

  14. Baby shower party ideas anyone?

    So my sister in law asked for my help foe her baby shower party. She is dew at February 2 and she wants to have a baby shower in mid-January. She doesn’t want to know the sex. I don’t know who it works since I didn't had a baby shower for my son. Do you have any idea for food and cake and decoration for her baby? I am sorry for my typos

  15. omg my baby shower please help?

    i had my baby shower last night my husbands mother throw it for me it was all of my husband family and my sister everyone took their husbands, only 3 people talk to me (one being my sister), out of like 24 people, no one asked about the baby or anything. they left me out of everything, the whole time i sat there waiting for someone to talk to me. when my sister left, i went in the room because i was hurt and wanted to cry :(. well after 20mins his mom came and got me, and i told her i really didn't want to go back to the shower, she got really mad and throw the baby shower cake outside. i left the house after she did this. is this wrong of me? (i got the games ,decorations, some food, and the cake with my own money) she gave me money for the prizes and she got the rest of the stuff I didnt really feel like they were their for me at all, it seem like it was more of a party then a baby shower :(

  16. what are some good things to use at baby shower?

    my best friends are planning a baby shower for myself, and my limit is $2,000 but we can ajust it. what are good things? Decorations? Cakes? Games? and are diaper cakes fun? I was thinking about giving the guest gifts what should they b i want them to be Nice, what 2 choose? please answer the question

  17. Baby Shower Decorations Ideas?

    I am trying to think of more ideas for my BFF's baby shower on Saturday. It is my godson so I am going a little over the top. So far I have planned: alternating blue and white table covers with baby bottles filled with blue and white candies that hold balloons with these little rattles I got propped against it (babies that are about 3 inches tall) and table confetti that says it's a boy. I also got a banner that says Jenn & Glenn are Having a Boy, Congratulations on you Bundle of Joy. For their table I got a larger rattle (same concept) as well as a baby balloon (to add in with the other balloons) and diaper cake. Above the chairs they will sit while opening gifts I have an umbrella I use cotton balls on the inside to make it look like clouds hanging down over her head? I am also planning on putting a clothes line across a whole wall to add clothes to when she is opening gifts, that way people can see them clearly. Anybody got anymore cute, cheaper ideas? Do you think this is enough. I will have spent on decor, invites, and gifts about $400, is that enough for your god baby? I know I will spoil him rotten once he is actually here but I want her to have a really special day. No games though please, we are not game at the shower people. Below is stuff I already have, thank you all so much!!

  18. trying to throw the best baby shower possible?

    My husband's cousin is having twin boys. She recently lost her grandmother who was the glue that held the family together and she hosted all her grandchildren's baby showers and bought the cake and decorations and everyone had a good time. I came into a little bit of money recently so I decided I would host the shower for her and I am so excited. What are some good tips on how to be a good host? What should and shouldn't you do at baby showers and what do you do if you have a rowdy family that could possibly get into a fight? Please share your worst and best experiences at a babyshower you hosted or one you went to? Thanks

  19. What are some things I need to throw a nice baby shower for my sister-in-law?

    I know I need to get her a cake and some decorations. It's a small shower (not alot of people coming) but I still want it to be nice since it's her first baby. I need a list of things that I will need for the baby shower. (besides gifts lol)

  20. What are the guidelines for a baby shower these days?

    Most don't like playing games at showers... I was going to have nice fall flower arrangements decorating the tables, and put a tag on the bottom of 4 or 5 lucky chairs for the prizes. We rented a facility and will have good food for all invited. We will probably play just one game. We have cake and punch and the baby is due early November. We will have light decorations also. Is this fine?

  21. How Much Does It Cost To Host a Baby Shower?

    Break Down of Cost Please- Invitations $___ Decorations $___ Cake $____ Gift for mother to be $___ etc. Thanks!! 10 points**

  22. I'm having my baby shower at a restaurant.....?

    and I want to add my own decorations besides centerpieces but the owner wont let me hang stuff from the walls. What other decorations can I do besides hanging stuff from the walls. I already have pink table covers, centerpieces, favors, cake table and place card table, but I need baby decorations.. Any ideas???

  23. I am selling Baby Shower Decorations!? I need some opinions please!?

    I am trying to make some extra money and I have started making diaper cakes, washcloth/bib lollipops and washcloth candies. This was an idea for cute inexpensive shower decorations. Please tell me what you think or any suggetions you might have to improve the idea. I was already thinking that I want to use this ribbon I fond that says" Oh thank heaven for little boys/girls" instead of curling ribbon. Also I want to offer them in blue yellow and green too. I was thinking of charging 3.50 a piece for them. You think that is to much or to little? Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

  24. i need help planning out a baby shower!?

    so we have decided it would be easiest to do a veggie tray a fruit tray and pizza. obviously were having cake but do people do ice cream with the cake for baby showers? anyone have any fun games to play? what kind of favors do you give out at the party? what kind of prizes do you have at the party? how about decorations?

  25. Elephant theme baby shower?

    I need ideas for an elephant theme baby shower for a baby BOY so preferably light blue decorations. I am just having trouble finding stuff. Can you send me links with ideas you have. Cake ideas, invitations, decorations, favors, etc. Thanks in advance!!

  26. i need help with a baby shower ?

    im throwing my best friend a baby shower and i already have the place the decorations the cake and ect..but theirs a problem i still don't know what im gonna serve to eat and the baby shower its in jan so its cold and i don't want to cook so i want something that's affordable and can feed 80 people so if you have any tips or ideas please let me know i will appreciated

  27. I want to have the fanciest baby shower ever since my husband and I didn't have a wedding...?

    And didn't get a wedding shower or anything (no honeymoon either). So my mother wants to make that up for me by giving us a huge baby shower. Any suggestions on theme, decorations etc. and where we can find an extravagent cake? lol I forgot to mention that the shower will be held at my parents house (it's pretty big) and that men will be invited so if you have any ideas for a nice co-ed shower, I'd really appreciate it! And thanks to everyone who's responded so far, all ideas have been great!

  28. Should I go to the baby shower?

    So I'm throwing my older sister a baby shower. Here's the deal: I decided to throw it with my mom. Then my sister's MIL calls and says she wants to help. Which turned into her and her mom running the whole entire thing. They've decided the menu, the location, the day, the time, the games, etc. They even said they'd buy the cake and decorations, but I put my foot down and said no. My sister is treating my mom like crap lately even though no one's done more for her and her husband than my mom has. No one. She said she doesn't want my mom at the hospital when the baby's born, isn't going to tell her she had it until after the fact, and won't come see my mom on mother's day because she can't stand to be around our dad. I'm getting really sick and tired of her attitude. I've tried to give her some slack because she's pregnant and her hormones are running wild, but it's unacceptable the way she's been acting. She's completely ungrateful for anything anyone tries to do for her. She said if my mom buys her any baby items, she'll throw them out because she doesn't want people buying things for her. She didn't give a reason why. Since I'm not technically the only person throwing the shower anymore, I figure she can do whatever the fxck she pleases. I don't need to go. They've taken this entire thing from me, and the MIL is even making my sister's husband attend because she doesn't think it's fair to only have a party for my sister. WTF! It's a baby shower! Of course it's only for the women! So should I just tell my sister I won't attend, or should I go and put on a big happy face?

  29. Best ideas for a baby shower- no long games please?

    Decorations, cake/dessert... gifts?

  30. I'm hosting a baby shower?

    and I want to make this the best baby shower ever. I want games and gifts for the guests. I want awsome decorations. I have the cake handled, I want ideas on how to make this one amazing shower. We are talking about holding it at a resturant with a private room so alcoholics can be served to those who want or a hotel conference room. not decided on that yet. I want the resturant. I need party games and decoration ideas. I want ideas on how to make this good for men as well as women. I want it to be like a birthday party in a sense with the expecting mom as the center of attention. Please all ideas helpful. No stupid crap like strippers or poker ok, this is serious. its not a bachlorett party, its a inocent baby shower. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I am hosting a co-ed baby shower need itinerary?

    I already have the theme and majority of games however i could use some help with the order of the shower, i dont want things to seem disorganized. It will be about 20 couples. We are barbequing, theme is sports, trying to get ideas for table decorations, and how the flow should go as to when to have games played (there are about 4 or 5 of them), time to socialize, food, cake and presents. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you....Karen

  32. Looking for a recipe for a moist, dense cake that will be covered in fondant.?

    I am making a cake for a baby shower and will be covering it in fondant. It will be a 3 tier cake. Everything I have read says to be sure I use a dense cake that will hold up to the weight of the fondant and decorations. Any suggestions for a good recipe?

  33. i need some ideas for a baby shower. HELP!?

    my best friend is having a baby and she wants to do the shower in green. i need some ideas for themes i can do for decorations and the cake. Thank you!!!!

  34. Baby shower on a Budget Help!!!!?

    I need shower ideas. Themes, foods, decorations, everything. My sister is having a baby! It's the first baby in the family and we are all over the moon. I want to throw her an amazing baby shower but money is definitely tight. The only thing she has said she wants is a cupcake tower in place of a cake. (I had one at my wedding and she loved it) I'm open to any ideas. I need help! Thanks YA!

  35. "punk rock" baby shower ideas?

    I'm having my first baby and I need help with ideas for decorations and possible for my baby shower. I'm already doing a cupcake tier instead of a traditional cake, and getting custom made invitations that look like backstage passes, the colors I'm trying to stick with are black and baby blue, I don't like the typical corny rubber duckys or mylar balloons, and I really hate baby shower games, the seem so forced, but idk what else besides play games you can really do at a baby shower. . . Help!

  36. My boyfriend and I are holding off a wedding due to the pregnancy.......please read for more.?

    We would like to now wait until our child is 3-4 years old, so the child can be a part of the wedding. Also for the baby shower, I would like to have it seem like a wedding party/baby shower. Decoration wise. Incorporating wedding decorations with baby shower ones. Is this a good idea? If so, Do you have any ideas. For example a friend told me to get a wedding type cake, but add decorations on it that are for a baby shower... To the first person who answered this question...Who do you think you are? I am grown up I have a great job and a college education! I wasnt asking your opinon on how to raise my life, I am an adult. Whats the point of rushing into marriage. i lvoe my boyfriend to death, but my mom was a single, unwed mother, and I turned out just fine! There is something called a blended family, I dont want to be a part of that. I think I have the right to wait for marriage.

  37. Is it worth spending around $1,600 or more on a baby shower?

    Its on a banquent hall and everything is included.. food, decorations, DJ, chairs, tables, cake... Everything everything I believe like 80-100 people might be going Is it a good deal?? How much did u spend for urs?