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  1. How should I decorate my husband's birthday cake?

    It's my dh's birthday today. I love to decorate cakes but I'm just not getting any inspiration for this year's cake. Any good ideas for a 32 year old man? He likes the outdoors: hiking, running, scenic drives. We live in the mountains and he loves the mountains. Need ideas - pictures of actual cakes even better!!!

  2. Looking for website, that gives detail on how to decorate cake?

    Im learning how to decorate using icing not fondant and was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that have pictures of unique cake ideas and then shows you step by step how to recreate. No videos please, prefer pictures. Links to sites would be awesome

  3. does anyone know a site on how to decorate cake sides manually without using stencil or silk screen?

    i need a good free site on cake decoration preferably video ones ,pleeeeeeeeeease.

  4. How to you BAKE a good cake?

    I love to decorate cakes but the cakes themselvesdo not turn out well the alwa crumble when i try to ice them. so whats the secret... any cake recipes from scratch are welcome, also any good buttterccream recipes? thanks

  5. How to decorate cake candles?

    For my wedding, I chose cake candle as my wedding favor. I want it to be homemade. I just want to ask, what should I do to decorate the cake candles, that the decoration is something like "embossed"? I am not sure of the right term. Thanks

  6. Best advice and/or online sites to learn how to decorate cakes?

    First, I will clearly state that I in no way have a lot of money to spend on anything (my grandmother took several weeks taking cake decorating classes and spent hundreds of dollars on the supplies and classes - she makes beautiful cakes, though). I'm looking for a inexpensive style to decorate cakes to make them look great and not cheap. Personal tips would be appreciated; websites would be even better.

  7. how to melt white chocolate to decorate cakes?

    I need your advices on decorating a dark chocolate-coated cake with white chocolate cuz i can't think of anything else to decorate on the dark layout. And plz advice on the white chocolate melting temperature. Thank you. I HAVE NO MICROWAVE.

  8. how do u make the cream or iceing which is used to decorate cakes?

    how do u make it? i have the cake baked...but i need cream to decorate it and write on it plz help tell me how to make it

  9. How Do I Decorate A Cake for A Police Officer and or a Boater?

    Tomorrow we are celebrating my boyfriends 26th Birthday and I needed some ideas. He is a police officer and I wanted to decorate it apropriatly, and I need ideas. I don't know a whole lot about cake decorating. So anything that isn't too advanced would be awesome! He is also a boater so if they're are any boating ideas that would be awesome too! Thank You!

  10. How do I make a plain cake from scratch for decoration?

    I am learning how to decorate cakes and I want to know how to make a plain chocolate, yellow or vanilla cake from scratch. Any recipes?

  11. Can you give me a cake decoration idea?

    I'm making a heart shaped cake for Valentine's Day, but i dont know how im going to decorate it. If you can, please include pictures of decorated cakes! Thanks!!

  12. Professional Pastry! How do you get the top icing of the cake so smooth?

    ??? i love to bake and decorate cakes.. i plan on going to school to do it professionally, but i have a few cakes to make for upcoming birthdays, and i can never seem to get the top of the cake completely smooth like in the stores.. how is it done? thank you!

  13. Decorating a Birthday cake?

    For my friends 17th birthday I was asked to make a cake. I am a very good baker, but when it comes to decorating cakes I could be a lot better. And I was wondering if anyone can recommend any websites/books that give instructions for how to decorate a cake? Also where can I buy cooking supplies such as cake pans, etc. ? Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

  14. How to decorate cakes like a pro...?

    I took a Cake decorating class through a local college. It was only a couple of hours and most of them were semi-pro ans were only interested in making Roses! I know some stuff, but what's the best recipies, teniques and such... I will probably be making my own wedding cake, so I need all the help I can get!

  15. How do you decorate a cake like the "Terrible Towel"?

    My boyfriend is a HUGE Steelers fan and since I'm back in school and can't afford much for his birthday I wanted to back a cake and decorate the cake like the Terrible Towel. I don't have any experience in cake decorating so any advice would be helpful. Thanks!!!

  16. Are there any classes in Chino,ca that teach you how to make and decorate cakes?

    My mom and I want to try that together. We have been hooked on that show on TLC called Cake Boss, and we really want to try to learn how to do some cake decorating. Thanks!

  17. How do I decorate this cake?

    I decided I'm gona buy a blank cake & decorate it myself, where can i get a cheap deco kit for cakes that works good & how do i make the filling that i use to draw & write the lines with? Thanks jamie

  18. What is the best way to decorate a Christmas cake with glace fruits and nuts?

    I've seen pictures of cakes decorated with glace fruits and nuts instead of icing and would like to do this as an alternative this year. I am assuming the fruit and nuts are put in place after the cake is cooked, if so, how should they be attached?

  19. Im doing a cake decorating project and I need to know what to decorate?

    The theme is 4-H America's Future. Obviously its a 4-H show that I am doing this for. Im completely lost on ideas of what to put on it/how to decorate it? Any ideas?

  20. How much would it cost to open a Cake shop?

    And do you have to have some sort of degree to do so? I know how to decorate cakes. With icing and fondant. I've been doing them about 3-4 years now. I've always wondered how much it'd be to open a shop or what my options are.

  21. Whats the rate a person gets paid to Decorate Cakes in a Bakery?

    I was thinking about going to school for Cake decorating and I wanted to know about how much can be made in that field?

  22. Someone who decorates cake professionally, look in more detail posted?

    1. How did you get started in cake decorating? 2. Do you do it professionally? 3. What interested you in it? 4. Did you go to school for it? 5. Do you have any tips or techniques you could share? 6. How much experience is needed? 7. How many cakes have you done? 8. Is fondant good to use? 9. Why do you like to decorate cakes?

  23. Can anyone tell me how to get writing on a cake centered and even?

    I am making a carrot cake for my sister's birthday and I haven't really decorated cakes before. Also any ideas how to decorate it along with the writing? I will appreciate your ideas. I don't have a piping bag but I hear you can make one from wax paper. Thanks!!!

  24. Need ideas for how to decorate cake tables for reception.?

    Am having a formal wedding in November of this year. My dress is ivory with wine back train & bridesmaid dresses are wine. Cake table centerpieces will be made of silk roses in the same colors. What I need to know is what else to decorate tables with. Also, there is a Wood Arbor in the chapel that is decorated with white lights and grapevine wreath. I would like to add my wine color to the wedding & reception, without having overkill on the decorations. There is going to be a lot of white lights and candles in both places, so just want to add some touches of color without going overboard.

  25. How can a decorated cake be shipped to Arizona?

    My mom wants to ship a decorated cake to Arizona, but we're having a hard time figuring out how to do this without damaging the cake itself. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  26. i want 2 learn how to ice & decorate a cake on my own but dont want 2 bake or buy a cake 4 every lesson.?

    any tips on wat 2 do?where can i get dvds on cake decorating.thanks.

  27. does anyone know of any online cake decorating courses?

    hi i am a s.a.h.m and would like to know how to decorate cakes properly.I have done lots before for friends and family etc but would like to attempt thing like wedding cakes ,christening cakes etc made to order.I am looking for a good online cake decorating course or similar. Please can you help me achieve this Thanks for any help you can give me Heather

  28. how long will it take me to make a two layered decorated cake with fondant?

    my sisters birthday party is in 10 days( July 28) and im going to make a nice two layered cake that has fondant and i was wondeing when i should start to make it and how long it will take to finish making it. Please, if you can help do. Thanks in advance.

  29. good way to learn to cake decorate?

    I love baking cakes... love decorating, but would love to learn how to make them more fancy like they do on the food network challenges... using fondant, figurines, etc. any good books, videos? im kinda broke so something simple would be great...

  30. cake decorating? chocolate icicing w/ white making little mountains?

    i saw a way to decorate cakes on a news channel once. it was like choclate icing and then they put strips of white icing on it and draged a knife down it making it look like little mountains..does anyone know what this is called so i can look it up and find out how to do it..i have somewhat of an idea but i dont want to mess the cake up.

  31. Is there anywhere on the net that teaches you to decorate cakes for free?

    I'm want to learn how to decorate cakes for different occasions e.g. kids parties i.e Bob the builder, Banana's in Pyjamas, Thomas the Tank Engine etc. Cakes for Anniversaries, retirement, graduation etc, etc

  32. How can I decorate a cake like this without fondant?

    My cousin is having a party in october and I'm going to make her cake :D but she doesn't like fondant and she wants her cake to be really pretty, so what are my options ?? if I use butter cream or something like that is it possible to make it look smooth and perfect like fondant ?? I don't have any experience at decorating cakes with professional techniques or anything , so please give as much detail as you can ^_^ here's how my cousin wants her cake to look like (kind of :P) thank you :)

  33. How do I make really good tasting cake without a box?

    I'm great at decorating cakes, but I want them to taste just as good. I only know how to bake cake from a box mix, but it doesn't taste as good as some I've tasted. I'm imagining the kind of cake I taste at weddings - it's moist and yummy. What is a good recipe or strategy for that sort of cake?

  34. How do you get buttercream icing to stick to ice cream on an ice cream cake?

    I am attempting for the first time to make an ice cream cake. I am having trouble getting the icing to stick to the sides of the cake. I have been decorating cakes for 6 years and never run into this problem. Can you help?

  35. How do you make to icing on a professionally decorated cake?

    I am wanting to start decoration cakes, but i dont know where to start. I need some helpful hints to begin

  36. Whats the best way to ice a cake?

    How do you ice a cake perfectly? What are the steps to ice a cake without getting the crumbs all mixed in with the icing? Any other tips for decorating cakes are helpful too =)

  37. Have any of you opened your own cake shoppe? What do I need to do?

    I love decorating cakes, and I would love to open a cake shoppe, but have no idea on how to go about it? Do any of you have any suggestions, or words of wisdom?

  38. For the cake decorators and pastry chefs out there?

    I am in middle school but, I already know that my future career will be in making patries and decorating cakes. I have all the tips, pastry bags etc. that I need and I need some tips on how to make a proffessional looking cake WITHOUT Wilton cake decorating classes because I am too young to take them (I think)

  39. How to learn how to decorate cakes like a pro?


  40. Am intrested in taking cake decorating classes, but i dont know where?

    I want to learn how to decorate cakes and desserts.. I dont know of any close by schools that offer it in LA????

  41. how can i start a cake busniess from home ?

    wanting to decorating cake , any kind from my home and sell them , have any ideas how to get started

  42. Cake Decorating, Need Help Making Roses?

    I'm interested in learning how to decorate cakes, I've been practicing making roses and I'm doing fairly decent, the only problem is about the time I get the rose finished the rest of it has gotten too soft and looks melted