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How To Decorate Cake Frosting Questions Answered!

  1. How do you make cake frosting?

    Specifically, frosting that you can decorate cakes with, including piping on those cool flowers and ruffly edges. Mine is always too stiff or too runny. I have heard that you're supposed to add meringue to it, but I am looking for an exact recipe. Thanks in advance!

  2. How much frosting does it take to decorate a cake?

    I am wanting to make a square cake for my sons two year birthday, and was wondering to decorate the entire cake, sides and top, put a ruffle type border all the way round the cake, and do a small decoration how much icing do I need. I notice that the recipe for the icing calls for the frosting of the entire cake but do I need to make additional icing to decorate.

  3. how to decorate a cake for my husband?

    my husband two fav colors are black and neon green... i was thinking of having the cake frosting black but need ideas on implamenting the green.... im clueless on what to use and what design to do it in. open to all suggestions Please include detail on how to do things. I don't want the cake to look sloppy. I would like it to look like I know what I'm doing lol

  4. How do you decorate a yellow cake with chocolate frosting....?

    For a 9 yr old boy. I was going to make a basketball cake (baked in a metal mixing bowl) but then he told me he wanted chocolate frosting. I Consideredheavily sprinkling the cake with orange jimmies, but I hate the taste of those things and thought everyone else might hate it as well. Any other decorating ideas are welcome. He likes cars, basketball, martial art cartoons, and Nikes

  5. how can i decorate cake for 3 yr old girl?

    I have to make a cake for a little girls 3rd Bday party. I know how to bake the cake, frost it, but thats it. I dont know the first thing about frostings or flowers or things like that. Can someone please give me some ideas how to decorate this cake elegantly with candies, sprinkles, some toys and ribbons maybe? I was thinking pink frosting with colored sprinkles along the sides, maybe some pink and white gumdrops along the top sides. What can I do on the surface? And any idea's how to deliver the cake? What can I put it on if my local bakery wont give me an empty box? it is a long sheet cake. Thank you!!!

  6. How to decorate a birthday cake for my mom?

    I was going to frost it with regular cake frosting from a can and then make Royal Icing to decorate it. Anybody have any suggestions on decorating it? Thanks!! I can't go to the store to get anything extra. Basically, I just want suggestions on what I should do with the Royal Icing.

  7. How to make a good homemade vanilla frosting for decorating cakes?!?

    i have: vanilla extract almond extract powdered sugar crisco water milk butter i'd like to make a cake and be able to decorate it with icing tips but every frosting i make does not i want to make a really good homemade vanilla cake thanks! -de :] sorry i would vote you best answer i just don't know how i am new to this! i am sorry!

  8. Cake decorating, frosting, etc.?

    Okay, so like... if anyone knows how to do this effect on cakes, would you let me know? It's somewhat like a fade effect on the border of the cake top. It looks awesome. Open the link in a new tab to see what I am talking about. Also, what frosting should I use for cake tops/sides and how would I smooth it out so it looks professional? Something that tastes good. Give me a link to the recipe,... I'm getting bored of using the marshmallow fondant because it gets too sticky when you slice the cake and kinda feels like gum when you chew it. Another thing, how do you make black icing for piping or anything close to black? Thank y'all. :)

  9. Does anyone have a cake decorating alternative to frosting?

    I need something that I can color green for the grass in the middle of the race track, that will also be thick enough to hold onto the cookie crumbs that make up the actual track. Any suggestions? Would real whipping cream work, and how last minute would I need to make it?

  10. Does anyone know how to decorate a wedding cake? To make all the frosting smooth?

    I am making a wedding cake & am in need of useful items that can help. Hints & information. Anything will help. Please..

  11. Can anyone tell me how to make cake frosting gray or silver?

    I'm trying to decorate a sport-themed cake for Father's Day that requires the color silver, but happy to settle for gray. I just can't figure out how to do so. Any and all responses majorly appreciated! Thanks!

  12. Question About Making Frosting For My Wedding Cake?

    my mom and i are making my wedding cake together, we are not having it done professionally but my mom has been decorating cakes since i was little...anyway we are trying to figure out how to give the white frosting a shimmer of silver in it WITHOUT airbrushing the entire cake, something we can put in the frosting or some kind of frosting recipe that will work for decorating but has a silver shimmer to it. any ideas?

  13. How to decorate/frost a cake?

    So my brother's graduation party is coming up and since i consider myself a creative person i thought i'd make him a cake and i wanted to frost the schools mascot on it. However, i've never decorated a cake before! I mean of course i've frosted a cake before but i've never done anything fancy like this. So i was hoping someone could give me some tips to make sure it looks good, like what kinda frosting i use, how to make sure it comes out clean, stuff like that. if you know of any good websites with some pointers that could be helpful too. thanks!! and by the way, here's a link to the mascot that i was planning on drawing on the cake:

  14. Cake Decorating: Baking, frosting and decorating ahead of time?

    I know it all needs to happen quickly. Can I bake the cake on Thursday nite, and do a quick glaze or thin frosting when cool enough. ... then Friday Ice it for real and get it all smooth and ready to decorate... then Decorate on Saturday? I cannot do it all in one day because I am a single mom and have no time, and cannot take time off of work. Party is at 3:00 pm on a Saturday. I cannot get it all done on Saturday or Friday nite... I need to create a timeline for myself... also, I was wondering about making flowers and other decorations ahead of time too... how far in advance to make these? a couple of days? or week? help? There are no really good and easy to use cake decorating sites that I have found... except Wilton. Any others out there?

  15. i need a recipe for a thicker frosting?

    i'm trying to learn how to decorate cakes, and the frosting recipe that i have is really..runny. does anyoen have any ideas??

  16. How much to charge for a decorated layered cake made from scratch (frosting from scratch too).?

    A co-worker asked me to bake a cake for her boyfriend's birthday - a german chocolate cake. I am going to make a round, two layered cake made from scratch. What would you charge for the cake? Store cakes are made from mixes so I can't really compare pricing as I feel that my cake should be more since it's made from scratch. My mother-in-law suggested $8.00, but I know that's way too low. Any suggestions? Not that this should increase the price, but I do have a lot of experience baking and have won many awards for baking at County Fairs and state wide contests-that is why she is asking me to bake a cake for her.

  17. can i decorate a buttercream frosted cake with fondant decorations?

    I am making a crusted buttercream frosting and I want to decorate it with fondant decorations can I do this? and if so how do I get them to stick to the buttercream?

  18. How do I make frosting for a Sandcastle cake?

    I need a frosting recipe to decorate a sandcastle cake, I plan to sprinkle it with sugar to make it look like sand and use white bark sanddollars and starfish to decorate with. Any recipes or tips will be appreciated.

  19. how do i make the airy white buttercream type frosting for my childs birthday cake?

    An icing/frosting that was used in a home made cake I recently tasted was not the usual buttercream (butter & icing sugar) i usually use for my sponge cakes. This was pure white, and fluffy but still tasted kind of buttery. Any recipes would be appreciated as I am trying my hand at cake decorating and it would go much better for my daughters white and pink ballerina cake I will be attempting to make in a couple of weeks!

  20. How do you frost a cake?

    We want to frost a cake, but the cake keeps sticking to the frosting and then the entire thing looks cruddy cause the frosting has all little bits of cake in it. I'm using Duncan Hines cake mix and DH whipped frosting. This is for my son's Cub Scout cake decorating competition.

  21. How do you decorate a cake to look like an oil painting?

    For my art history class, I have an assignment to decorate a cake to look like a famous painting. The painting I want to do is Vincent Van Gogh's Mulberry Tree: I feel like frosting is too thick, so what would be a good way to decorate it to look like this?

  22. I need help making my daughters birthday cake ^^ pleeease?

    I have some good recipes however this is my first "real" cake that I've ever made. Sure I have baked a cake and frosted it and it was ok, but I'm making her a decorated cake like you would get from a bakery as she requested. I have bought some tools, they are icing bags and the metal tools used for making leaves and flowers etc. I don't even know how to use them? Do I slide the metal piece down into the bag until it pokes a hole? What I need are cake decorating ideas, Pictures would be best, something for a beginner like maybe just a frosted cake with ruffles at the bottom and top edges but I am not very creative and cant think of a pattern or design or anything like that. Her favorite color is purple, so I'm thinking of a pastel cake frosting and then a dark purple for the ruffles and decorations? I need tips and advice, pictures and anything else you can tell me or show me to help make this work out. The cake is going to be a double 8in round. I really want this to work since she requested it. =) Thanks in advance.

  23. How do you make a pretty cake when all you have to decorate it is frosting?

    I really need help I can't go to the store and I can't find anything but chocolate frosting and some weird sprinkles to decorate it with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. How can I decorate a cake and achieve a nice, smooth appearance?

    I am a relatively good cook, and most of my food turns out pretty well. Cakes are the exception, and I am notorious for my bad-looking, crumb-covered, cakes. I have two main problems. One is that the cakes that come out of the pans never seem to be the same size, so when I go to make a two or three layer cake and frost it, it ends up being uneven and looks really bad. I watch the show "Ace of Cakes" sometimes and they always cut off the edges of the cakes to get the shape they want. I tried this and ended up making the ugliest cake of my life. My second problem is avoiding crumbs which always seem to get into the frosting. What am I doing wrong? I don't mind makeing my own cake batter or frosting from scratch if anyone has a good combination. Please don't suggest fondant though. I've already made several fondant cakes and they turned out very nicely. I would use it all the time if it weren't for the high calorie content. So please, I would really appreciate tips on how to make my cakes better. Thanks.

  25. How much should I charge for a Character Cake?

    Trying to decide if I can make any money decorating cakes. What is the going price for Character cakes in your area. These cakes are made with frosting, using star and line tips etc. Bart Simpson, Raggedy Ann, Bugs Bunny with carrot etc...

  26. How long can I freeze cakes decorated with buttercream frosting and fondant?

    I made and decorated 2 birthday cakes yesterday for a birthday party today using fondant and buttercream frosting (eggs, used only in the cakes, no milk etc.). Due to a snow storm the party got moved back to next Friday. How long will they keep in a refrigerator or freezer?

  27. How do i decorate a cake like how it's done in a store or bakery?

    my friend's birthday is tomorrow, and i've called all the nearby bakeries, but none can do a hello kitty red velvet cake... and since red velvet is her favorite kind of cake, i figured i'd make it, but i want the Hello Kitty design on it. How do o make a design that looks like the kind you'd get from a grocery store or a bakery.. like it's airbrushed? or at least, how do i make the frosting lay down so that it doesn't have all that texture to it? just, how do i put the frosting on so that it looks professional??? thanks a bunch in advance, i know the question's kinda all over the place...

  28. How can I make this recipe smaller/half it for a test batch size?

    I want to make a small portion of the recipe below how do I make it smaller?thanks CAKE DECORATING FROSTING - BUTTERCREAM 1/2 c. butter 1 c. shortening 1/2 tsp. salt 2 tsp. vanilla 2 lbs. powdered sugar 1/2 c. water Cream first 4 ingredients until well blended (3 minutes) on medium speed. Add sugar and water; beat until well blended. Keeps indefinitely in refrigerator. I want to make less then half if possible. I just want to try this recipe in the smallest possible amount, but wondering if I can do that without messing up the recipe?? THANKS EVERYONE!

  29. How to Make an icing for a cake?

    I want to know how to do a cake frosting that dont stays soft, that become hard, but not to cover cake just to decorate.. Like meringue icing.. thanks! I dont want to buy anything like meringue powder, I want to buy like flour and that , like a homemade recipe.. And I dont want to use whipped cream or products that come readyy..

  30. Where can I find the recipe for the chocolate layer cake shown on the Yahoo! Food Video opening?

    It looks like a lovely cake, and I would love to get the recipe and/or instructions if its only how they decorated the cake with the frosting. Thanks!

  31. how can i make cake frosting?

    i have never baked a cake or made frosting from scratch.i need a cake frosting recipe that the ingredients in it are simple and that i can add food coloring into it.The frosting needs to be soft enough to be easy to spread on the cake but thick enough so that i can decorate it with different designs. thanks!

  32. How to give a smooth finish to cake frosting?

    How can i make the frosting smooth on the cake, i dont have a spatula for frosting.... do i absolutely need one, or can i just use a wide butter knife to do the job? Not good at decorating so need tips. Also can i get wafer roses for cake decoration? Any other readymade decorations ?

  33. Does it look cheap if I make a birthday cake from scratch?

    I was thinking of making a birthday cake for the guy i'm dating. We've been dating since february. It's gonna be a 8" round layered chocolate cake and I'm gonna decorate it with icing, etc so it looks nice. I don't have training in cake decorating but I've read things online on how to decorate cakes and I have some of the tools. My mom thinks it's cheap that i'm making the cake. She thinks I should buy one instead but I figured it's more thoughtful if I make it myself. I've made him a frosted cake before and he loved it but i've never made him one for a special ocassion. What do you think I should do? Also, is it too feminine to put a couple roses on the cake for a guy? Yes, I bought him a gift too and plan on taking him out to dinner.

  34. how do you bake a b-day cake?

    not a baker soo i was wondering how youu bake a cake. cos my mum wanted me to do one for my gran. also whatt you use to decorate the cake like icing or frosting and also how youu make the filling which goes in the middle of the cake. Thanks alot Xx

  35. How should I decorate my cake?

    My mom is baking a cake for my bday party and I'm wondering how I should decorate it. I have a pic that I drew and was going to turn the pic into edible frosting. I also thought of painting the pic on the cake myself with actual frosting, but I thought that might be hard. Then I thought of using powdered food coloring to sprinkle on the cake to make the picture, but I have no idea how to do that. I'm not sure what to do. The pic is of a nice beach scene that I drew myself. The party is next Saturday, any ideas?

  36. How to decorate the sides of a frosted layer cake?

    Is there an easy way to place an even layer of nonpareils or jimmies on the sides of a frosted layer cake without getting them on the top? Thanks!

  37. Hi im looking for a Marshmallow icing/frosting recipe that can be piped?

    Hi I have learned to make buttercream and royal icing and they are good but I would really love to have a great Marshmallow flavor recipe for frosting or decorating cakes does anyone have any to share? Also I have just bought Pastry Pride to try a whipped cream cake and i would like to have it be Marshmallow falvored but Im not sure how to mix or add it while still getting the right consistancy for Piping and decorating!! Any help would be great! Thank you

  38. can anyone tell me how to decorate a sports cake?

    my son is having his 3rd birthday next saturday, and i have(or will have) everything to make a sports cake, it's a large 12x18 in. sheet cake. i plan on dying most of the frosting green(for grass) i may even dye coconut green to make the grass look better. my dilemma is that i want to put a baseball, soccer ball, football, and basketball on the cake in frosting. I have food coloring to make most of the colors i'll need, but i bought black, and brown, because i know how hard it is to make those colors. i also have a pastry bag, and tips (i have to go and buy a copular didn't know about it.) my question is if anyone knows a way to do this without having the frosting get messed up, i was thinking if i did the whole cake in green and then went back over and added the balls on top, that the frosting might smear or bleed through, plus in the areas that the balls would be, the frosting would probably be so thick it would taste gross. I thought that maybe i should design the balls first and then fill in the spaces with the green, but i was afraid i might get some of the green on one of the finished balls and mess it up trying to fix it. if you can help please tell me, but don't answer if you have nothing helpful to say, or if you are going to suggest fondant( i hate fondant!) also if it helps the cake is red velvet, and the frosting is cream cheese oh forgot to mention i also have a lot of green sugar crystals. might use that instead of coconut, don't know. also please don't give me websites, i've been searching through cake decorating websites for 2 days, and i went to that site in fact, and i didn't find anything helpful

  39. How to decorate a cake?

    on the food network they put on that frosting thats like a sheet (you can roll it out). i wanted to try and make that type of frosting but have no clue how to. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. How long will a buttercream frosted cake last?

    I am decorating a 4 tier cake with buttercream frosting. It needs to survive a 4 hour car ride. Is this going to be possible?

  41. Asian Cake decoration?

    Hi, Been searching the web high and low but can't really find a book on how to decorate/ make Asian cake frosting. I can't stand the american icing... it's just too sweet. I am talking about the cakes that you can buy at any asian bakery... They are elegant and the frosting is good.

  42. Cake decorating help?

    I am making a cake for my little sisters birthday. When I put the frosting on the cake I don't want the cake to break apart and end up with bits of cake crumbs in with the frosting. Is there any tips on how to spread it so it looks very nice. P.S. I am not using fondant, just regular pillsbury frosting.

  43. How do I decorate a blank cake to look like this...?

    I bought a plain cake from Publix with white frosting only. I need to know what decorations can I buy to make it look like this cake. I would like for the decorations to be eatable. Thank you for your help. Incase you can't tell it's a DJ turntable

  44. I am having a birthday party and like chocolate cake so I want to make chocolate cake with chocolate frosting?

    (which is going to be store bought) but then I wanted to make buttercream frosting to decorate. How would that taste? or does anybody have other suggestions to go with what I am making?

  45. How to color boiled icing without spreading the color to the other cake frostings? i used the gel icing color.?

    The cake looks great after decorating it. But when left overnight in the fridge, the tint of the icing spreads on the cake frosting.

  46. Can I freeze my cake and then decorate it? Will it still taste good?

    Hi! I am making a two level round cake for a graduation party this sat. I am using boxed cake mixes and then will be fondanting the two cakes. I have some question; 1. Can I freeze the cakes if I make them today, if so, how should I do it in order to make sure they taste good? 2. I am using buttercream frosting underneath the fondant, I remember hearing that I should put a light coating on the cakes before I freeze them to allow for easier frosting and decorating. If this is true and I freeze the cakes with a little frosting should I wait until they are defrosted before putting on the frosting and then fondant? 3. Do I fondant them separately and then stack them? Thanks for reading and hopefully I can manage this cake :) it'll be my first fondant!