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Butter Cream Icing Questions Answered!

  1. What is the difference between Butter-cream Icing and Frosting?

    What is the difference between Butter-cream Icing and Butter-cream Frosting and which one is best used with Fondant?

  2. How do I make really good butter cream icing?

    I am making a cake, and Im not sure which butter cream icing recipe to go with, that would taste the best with a cinnamon swirl cake.

  3. How do you flavor butter cream icing?

    For example, if i wanted coffee/mocha, what would i do to give it that flavor? And is butter cream icing in the container sweetened, or do i have to sweeten it?

  4. Can I using the butter cream icing in the plastic container in 2-3 weeks from refrigeritor?

    I has been made a butter cream icing around two weeks ago, it was remain and save the plastic container I put it in the refrigeritor. Two weeks later, I had not sure if it's still good, Can I taking and using it the good butter cream icing for a cake?

  5. Is Chocolate Cake the only cake to use with Espresso butter cream icing?

    I am making a birthday cake for my boyfriend who loves coffee flavored everything, so I am making the espresso butter cream icing, however he isnt crazy about chocolate. What other kind of cake would be good with the icing?

  6. What is a low fat chocolate frosting which is not made from butter/cream/icing sugar?

    I love chocolate frosting, but because of the health implications, I cannot use butter, cream, or any icing sugar. The frosting has to be able to set. I have tried the packet pudding, but that doesn't taste good. Any suggestions? And remember, it has to set at room temperature.

  7. how do you draw on butter cream icing?

    how do you draw flowers, decorations on butter cream icing if you have any websites it will be certainly helpful thanks alot (=

  8. can I mix butter and cream cheese into meringue to make icing?

    I'm looking for a butter cream icing that's not too sweet and yet not too buttery cause I made icing with shortening and butter with powder sugar, my kids complained that it was too sweet so I tried the meringue butter cream, and I find the sweetness just right but too buttery for me, can anyone help me with this problem?

  9. Has anybody baked a dominican cake with butter cream icing?

    Im baking a traditional dominican birthday cake tomorrow and I know its usually made with meringue icing but its so difficult to make so i brought a wilton pre made butter cream icing. Is it the same texture as the meringue? Do you think anybody will notice the difference?

  10. how to make easy butter cream decorators icing?

    I'm just learning to decorate cakes and need an easy ,yet not too sweet butter cream icing to practice with .

  11. Does anyone have a really good Butter Cream Icing Recipe for me?

    i love baking, and i have a lot of good icing recipes but i don't have anything for Butter Cream Icing, can u please help?

  12. does butter cream icing end up dry to the touch?

    can i ice a cake with basic home made butter cream icing and if i leave it will it dry to the touch? if not does anyone have a recipe for icing that will dry.

  13. High end butter cream icing?

    Does anyone have a recipe for a REALLY good butter cream icing used in high end wedding cakes?

  14. Can i frost a cake with butter cream icing and add decorations with fondant?

    i want to frost a layered cake completely with butter cream. but i like the smooth perfection of fondant and i want to use that to cut out lettering and a design. will it stick or will it just slip off the butter cream?

  15. do I have to use butter cream icing/frosting for cake decorating? Or can I just use the reg. frost. from store?

    I am decorating my son's birthday cake and not sure what type of icing or frosting to use. Butter cream? Can I just use the reg. vanilla frosting you can buy in a can. I am piping some decoration on top.

  16. Why is my French Butter Cream Icing grainy?

    I'm trying to make a classic french buttercream with sugar, whater, egg yolks. When I pour the heated sougar water solution into the whipped egg yolks, the icing is grainy. Please help!

  17. Could you help me with a Butter-cream Icing recipe?

    The recipe that i have calls for Frangelico and half and half. Both of which i do not have. What i do have is Hazelnut ganache. Could i use that to make Hazelnut Buttercream Icing? If yes, how do i use it? Could someone care to explain? Thank you all for answering. But i did it with the Hazelnut ganache, and it was exquisite. It came out fine, actually it was better than fine. People loved it. But thanks anyway.

  18. How do you make a really good butter cream icing?

    I'd really like a homemade one that works really well. I have tried many from internet recipe sites. I'd really like it soon i need it for the icing on the cake for my parent's anniversary. PLEASE LEAVE SOMETHING!!

  19. Cake Filling which isnt Butter icing/cream?

    What can i use to put in between a choc chip sponge cake which isn't butter icing/cream? I HATE butter, and can taste it in that but not the cake, any ideas? thanks i like cream but not butter cream! which cream would i use? whipping? can i put icing sugar in it to make it sweet?

  20. I am taking a cake decorating class and we are using the butter cream Icing?

    I forgot to add the meringue. How will it affect the icing?

  21. can you use any type of butter cream icing when working with fondant or does it have to be a specific one?

    i want to make a cake with fondant and i want to know if there is a specific recipe for butter cream icing i have to use.

  22. Butter Cream Icing: How long can I freeze it?

    I make my own and do a few cakes a month. I know it stays good 2 weeks in the fridge but how about if I freeze it? Can you freeze it and for how long?

  23. How do you smooth out butter cream icing?

    I've tried dipping my spatula in a bowl of hot water and it worked pretty good but it didn't make it totally smooth like you see at store's. I would use fondant but I find that it doesn't taste very good to me. Does anyone have any extra idea's?

  24. Where can I find a good recipe for butter cream icing that doesn't use vegetable shorting?

    Hey thanks! Thats a good one!

  25. How long does butter cream icing keep in the fridge?

    It's a recipe using eggs, thinking of making it tomorrow night and keeping it in fridge till Friday, will it still be ok?...

  26. Why does my icing taste bad? I use the Wilton butter cream icing (basically crisco&sugar) and it tastes bad?

    I took the Wilton Cake Decorating class, and my icing tastes really bad. the recipe is just crisco, powdered sugar, water, and vanilla flavoring, and it tastes &smells bad. like rotten lemons. (its a hard smell to describe) Does anyone have a recipe that is good for piping and decorating, but tastes good? Or could someone tell me why mine tastes and smells funky?

  27. How long will homemade butter cream icing stay good in the fridge? I want to prepare as much before the party?

    as possible! thankyou in advance! oh the party is on saturday!

  28. Does anyone have a good butter cream icing recipe?

    I love to cake decorate and am looking for more options.

  29. Butter cream icing for fondant cake?

    I am making a fondant cake for my grandma's birthday in a few days. All fondant cake recipes suggest to use butter cream icing for the "glue" to stick the fondant and the cake together. The thing is that a lot of the people in my family can't stand the buttery taste. Can i substitute the butter cream icing with normal store bought cake icing?

  30. butter pecan cake with butter pecan ice cream as filling... what would be a good complementary icing?

    i at least want to make a butter pecan cake... i want an ice cream as filling, and an icing to top it off. what flavors would mesh the most?

  31. If i add milk to my butter cream icing do i need to refrigerate it?

    I say yes but have heard that sugar will preserve it but i don't know buttercream is the name it doesn't have butter in i just called lol i add a butter flavoring but some make it with milk while i only use sugar but i did find som earticules saying all dairy needed to be refrigerated which i was almost sure of but the sugar being a preservative someone said threw me offer thanks everyone for all you help

  32. Cupcakes with butter cream icing left out in car for 4 hours?

    It is 74 degrees out and the windows are cracked open in the car. They were not cold when I bought them, so would this be okay?

  33. For a butter-cream icing recipe, can heavy whipping cream be used in place of milk?

    Will this make the recipe creamier or TOO heavy and greasy? It's for my husband's birthday cake and he likes creamy, thick frosting. Thanks for your help!

  34. What is the difference betweeen Royal Icing and Butter Cream Icing?

    what do you use them for?

  35. I am just getting into cake making and am having trouble frosting with butter cream icing.?

    I mean its easy to spread but it keeps sticking to the cake and making the cake fall apart. I have tried freezing the cake to see if that helps, but it didn't. Any tips? Also any tips on the easiest way to get my icing really smooth? Going to attempt making a cake for my daughters 2nd birthday which is in 3 weeks.

  36. My homemade Butter cream Icing came out weird?

    I did home made icing for my wilton class and I didn't use all the flavoring cause I didn't care, BUT I did use vanilla and put the right amount in and then some. It has no smell like regular icing? Why is that? Cause I didn't add the other flavors? Like butter flavor? Someone eat some and they liked it but it smells like play dough to me lol Thanks

  37. Does it really matter if i don't have a clear vanilla extract to make butter cream icing?

    I have pure vanilla extract, but not clear? Will it drastically affect the icing when I go to color it? Do I even need it? Please help. I'm making a cake for Fathers Day. Thanks

  38. Why can't I get my butter cream icing (frosting) red?

    I've been using the Silver Spoon icing sugar following the recipe on the packet (75g butter + 175g icing sugar). Then adding Dr. Oetker Natural Red Food Colouring a drop at a time, but half a bottle later the icing is still pink and tastes only of food colouring. This is for a ladybird (ladybug) cake so needs to be really RED!

  39. Butter cream icing recipe without shortening?

    I have to make a cake with butter cream icing but without shortening please help!!

  40. is there any way to make butter cream without icing sugar?

    making a cake and have no icing sugar, is there ANY way to make butter cream without? and not chocolate buttercream. is it possible just to use normal sugar? answer asap thanks (:

  41. Do you frost the cake then use (butter cream) icing to decorate?

    Or do you not use frosting period and just use the icing?

  42. can i still make butter cream icing with out meringue powder?

    lol and how pls?

  43. Can i use royal icing for my cakes? Ive used butter cream icing before but now its starting to melt!?

    Needs to be answered in a week from today! Someone help!

  44. How do I make butter cream and butter icing?

    Recipes please.

  45. Which tastes better? Applesauce Cake with peanut butter, carmel, or cream cheese icing? (no raisins in cake)?

    I make an Applesauce cake (no raisins) with peanut butter icing at Christmas Time. I like it with peanut butter icing, but others say I should try the Carmel, or Cream Cheese, but I don't agree, what do you think?

  46. Butter cream or Cream Cheese Icing?

    I'm making a chocolate cake and don't know if I want to top it w/Butter cream or Cream Cheese Icing...What would you pick?