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  1. Cake decorating ideas?

    I am entering a cake decorating contest with my school. The problem is there is no theme so I dont know how to decorate it. Any ideas are very much appreciated! I was told to keep it simple but i really want to win!

  2. cake decorating ideas?

    Ok, so I have to decorate a stop-sign shaped cake. Any ideas of how to decorate it other than like a stop sign? Its for my father-in-laws 55th birthday. My kids are helping to decorate it.

  3. Cake decorating ideas? What to do for a 10 yr old?

    I am making a cake for a 10 year old girl. She LOVES peace, and animals. Any cake decorating ideas (She like fondant icing) but other than that I have to clue!

  4. Cake Decorating Ideas For Halloween Party?

    Our office is doing a party and is doing a cake decorating contest... does anyone have some cool ideas of what i could do... and if you know how hard it is to use fondant if you have never used it before?

  5. Christmas cake decorating ideas... please help me!!!!?

    I am always chosen out of our family to decorate the christmas cake. Last year i made it into a fireplace shape and everyone loved it this year i cant think of another idea. I've looked in loads of books and all over the internet but i still cant come up with any good ideas. PLease think of ideas or ones you have done in the past. Thanks any ideas welcome!!! Thanks again xxxx it needs to be something that no-one really does. or something that they never see.

  6. Need cake decorating ideas - for musician?

    My son will turn 18 on Dec. 24th. He is a drummer in a band. Does anyone have ideas on how to make small drum set on his cake - Like a large marshmallow for the bass drum, nilla wafers on a small dowel for the cymbals, etc. Any one ever made one?

  7. Halloween cake decorating ideas?

    I just finished baking a chocolate cake, and I don't know what I should do to decorate it. Any Ideas?

  8. What are some cake decorating ideas?

    I'm turning 13 and im decorating my own cake cuz its more fun, but i don't have any ideas

  9. Cake decorating ideas? (reading)?

    Okay I want to make a cake, but it needs to be reading themed. So could you throw some creative, cool ideas for a reading themed cakes. My resources are pretty lenient so throw out any ideas that come to mind. (It all has to be edible.) It's a contest at school BTW

  10. decorating ideas for a butterfly cake(not in a butterly shape)?

    I am decorating a cake for a one year old girl's b-day. so it is just a baby cake and then i am going to do cupcakes. I cant find a good design. any ideas?????

  11. Do you have ideas for cake decorating?

    I need some ideas for a circle cake 8' and keep in mind I am only 13 but I love decorating so my sister (16) and I are having a "baking war" to see who's is better. It'd be nice if i fitted into the Autumn theme but it doesn't need to. Thanks for your help! I need the best ideas you have so I can beat my sister who brags all the time about how she could do SO much better than me. THANKS (again)

  12. Decorating cake ideas?

    I am going to make a Halloween cake for our Halloween party and I need to have my idea set in stone ahead of time, so I can make a practice one before I make the actual cake. I have been looking everywhere for Halloween cake ideas and haven't found any that interest me that much! I'm pretty sure that I'm going to make my cake using homemade fondant, but I need a pretty simple decorating idea, because I've used fondant very few times. Thanx! -Marli

  13. Mothers day cake decorating ideas please =) xx?

    can u please give me a link for a cake decorating website with ideas on mothers day cake decorating , im only a beginner but are very artistic so a bit of a challenge is ok thank u xx

  14. where could I get some ideas for simple cake decorating?

    I got some great stuff for decorating my own cakes so just looking for some simple ideas to do it myself. Maybe a website?

  15. What are some ideas for cake decorating?

    I want to decorate a cake,I was wondering if using a sandwich baggy would work as a tube for the frosting?

  16. Christmas Gift Ideas For Cake Decorating Mom?

    Well my mom just started doing cake decorating a few months ago and she really enjoys it but she doesn't have very much money so she uses the cheapest supplies there are, for Christmas I want to buy her some nice tools for cake decorating. Problem is I know nothing about cake decorating so do you guys have any suggestions for things she might like? Or might help her? Thanks alot!

  17. Indian Cake Decorating Ideas?

    My uncle is finally coming home from india after living there for years. me and my mom want to make him a cake for when he gets home. my mom has taken cake decorating classes so she has had experience. We want to make a cake representing india. WE ONLY HAVE TONIGHT TO DO IT. We do have fondant, and we were thinking about using it. we have red,green, blue, and yellow fondant. We just need some decorating ideas. Websites and pictures would be nice, but written ideas are good to! thank you!

  18. Ideas for decorating a flourless chocolate cake?

    I am making a flourless chocolate cake with ancho chili powder. I have made the cake many times and it always gets great reviews. My problem comes with decorating the cake. Traditionally, I have dusted cocoa and powdered sugar in a pattern on the cake. I would somehow like to decorate the cake to reflect that it has chili powder in it. Perhaps making a chili pepper out of some edible confection for the top Any good ideas on what I can do?

  19. CAke decorating ideas?

    I have to make a speech on "how to decorate a cake" then, people will eat it. It has to look impressive and taste good. My only ideas so far are to do piping to line the top and bottom. (like this: What else should I do. I want it to look REALLY impressive.

  20. cool cake decorating ideas/tips?

    i am making a cake for when my dad returns home on friday cause e has been gone for a any tips or ideas?

  21. Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas???

    So last night me and my fiancee where talking about our wedding cake. He said...that my best friends mother in-law makes cakes for a living and she might be able to hook us up with our wedding cake and it wont cost that much. What do you think would be a beautiful cake idea? *He also doesnt want a big wedding...but rather mid-size or small. I was thinkinging maybe a 3-4 layer cake.* I guess ill be spending some time with my best friends mother in-law for the cake decorating. Asking me if such and such is okay and if it looks right. Just got to remember my best friend is like a Twin sister to me, we're close friends!

  22. Creative baby cake decorating ideas?

    Here is the situation. I'm having my whole family over to surprise them with the news that we are expecting a baby boy. I'm going to bake a blue cake to signify that it's a boy when they cut into the cake. What are some clever ways I could decorate the cake to build up anticipation before cutting into the cake? LOVE the question mark idea!!!!

  23. I want to make an amazing, really cool cake any ideas?

    I want to make a really cool cake. I get kinda bored now that school is out and i love baking. does anyone have any ideas on really cool cake decorating ideas? i was thinking of using a marshmallow fondant but i don't know what to make out of it.

  24. What are some ideas for decorating a cake with an Italian theme?

    I've come up with one idea; grapes and vines. Any better ideas?

  25. Christmas Cake Decorating - any ideas?

    I have done two large round traditional fruit cakes as well as four smaller cakes (same mixture but just put into loaf tins). I don't want to use icing, but would like to decorate them, to make them a little bit different from the traditional Christmas cake look. If you have any ideas of what I could do, I would really appreciate it.

  26. Cake decorating idea?

    I know this is really early but I just thought of it and I don't want to forget to ask. I need a really cute idea of how to decorate a cake for Christmas.