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  1. Cake Decorating ideas... A few questions on specific decorations and ideas, please answer!!?

    Hi, I love decorating cakes and I would love some different opinions on some cake ideas. I love cakes that have cookie crumbs pressed onto the sides, how do you do that. any icings (such as royal) that work better than others? Next what are some elegant looking designs that you can make out of modeling chocolate / fondant. What is a really good modeling chocolate recipe, how can you make it colored. Thanks, any cake decorating ideas are appreciated, feel free to share any cool cake themes and instructions!!! 10 Points for most interesting answer-- with most useful information!

  2. wheres a good place to find basic cake decorating ideas?

    i would like to get some free tips on dec,a mothers day cake,an a b-day cake for my dad,his b-day is today an mothers day sunday,i wanna do somin special,this week is always a sad one,b-cause my dads dad died,13th,an my moms mom,the 15th a few years back

  3. Cake Decorating Question 10 Points for best answer THANKS!!!\?

    Hi, I love to decorate cakes and i had 4 questions about cake decorating 1). Fondant: What is a gelatin free fondant recipe that works well for decorating/ covering cakes? 2). Modeling Chocolate: What does it taste like and what is the best use for it? 3). What is a website that will show you step by step instructions on how to cover a cake with fondant and other decorating forms and stuff. 4). What is the neatest cake decorating tip or idea you have ever used or heard of? (It could involve icing fondant, modeling chocolate, fancy desserts, fruit, ANYTHING!)

  4. Party Ideas Needed! Halloween/6 year old's birthday!?

    My son will be 6 on Halloween! He's finally getting big enough to have a real party for that he can enjoy and remember. This is his first year in school, so we want to have a pretty big birthday party. Every year we have everyone come to our house and the kids have dinner and then all go trick or treating, come back and have cake and ice cream and then have too much candy, then it's kind of a grown-up party. So I need some ideas for what to make this year. I have no plans yet...I need a super cool cake idea, a dinner idea that works for kids and adults (not too heavy, but a good dinner) and some snack ideas too for everyone. Anything Halloween themed would be really neat. If you have any wild decorating ideas, feel free to share! Anything helps!

  5. cake tips? ideas? please helpp.!!!!?

    i have a culinary project where we have to design our own cake and decorate it.. im completely clueless on what to do my cake on.. anyone have any ideas or tips to spark imagination? NO FONDANT..we are using basic icing with food coloring, a copy cat (projector for cakes) and an air brush mashine,,, im good with free handing so dont hold back on ideas!!!! thankkk youuuuu!

  6. I need to make icing with Splenda. Any ideas?

    Other sugar free icing ideas are welcome. Most of the icing is going to be chocolate. It is for a cake I am decorating for my Father and his wife's 20th anniversary celebration. (They are renewing their wedding vows.). I will be making a regular (with sugar) cake for the majority of the guests but my stepmother has asked me to make an additional small cake using Splenda because both her and my father are diabetic as are as a number of their friends. I cannot use whipped cream because I am going to be decorating it and using it to make flowers etc. However a sugar free "dream whip" type icing would probably work okay. It would be easy to make icing with a powdered form of splenda or other suger substitute but I can't find it anywhere! I can only find granulated. It says I can use a blender and some corn starch to make it powdered but will it really work?

  7. I want to do some creative free advertising?

    I was brainstorming some free advertising ploys and came up with a great idea. I own a party supply store and I thought I'd take a bunch of business cards and put them in books at a book store both related to party planning (weddings and cake decorating etc) and in children's books. Is this faux pas?

  8. egg-free mini cake?

    i am making a cake for a little girl's 1st birthday party and she is allergic to eggs. does anyone know any GOOD recipes that taste good and were successful?? if i just substitute the eggs with egg substitute with a cake mix would that work? does whole foods market make mini sized cakes without eggs or do they even make cakes? I went to their site but all i found was recipes. I would rather buy something rather tham make it since a am making a large cake already but if all u can find is homemade that is fine with me. also her bday theme is candy shop so any ideas for the cake?? i was thinking of making a mini circle one and decorating it like a mint but i am still not sure.

  9. twilight party. i know this has been asked many of times but im looking for something different.?

    i need free printable twilight themed party invites. if anybody has wordings for invites it would be appreciated. any decorating ideas, cake ideas, game ideas. its not a party for small people, ages 18 & up.. thank you guys..

  10. I want to bake/decorate cakes and give them away for free. what types of places/people should I make them for?

    I love decorating cakes and I would love and could use the practice. Im a beginner in decorating :). I thought I could make people smile through sweets!! Any ideas would be wonderful!!!

  11. Recipe for a stress free holiday.?

    I need a cake that will leave people talking. A cake that will melt your insides, but will not leave me with so much stress. It needs to be easy, but delicious. I have holiday M&M's, vanilla frosting, cake mix and alot of decorating ideas. Please help.

  12. tips on decorating an ice cream cake?

    i want to decorate an ice cream cake. i am worried that the ice cream will melt while decorating. i was wondering if i should decoration the top layer first then assemble the cake. that doesn't seem like a good idea to me though. i am painting a dinosaur on the cake. also, does anyone have any tips on how to pipe the dinosaur on the cake? i don't want to do it free hand. i was thinking of drawing it on parchment paper the transferring it to the cake. like what they do with tattoos. i don't know how to go about doing it though. it's going to take me a good hour to do the dinosaur. so i can't really work quick enough before the ice cream melts

  13. How can I start getting healthy today?

    I'm 13. I'm not overweight, but I have alot of muscle and I want to stay very strong, I'm a ballroom dancer so I need it. I want to start a new diet (not to lose weight, just to keep healthy) and new excercise regiment TODAY. I really want to start living a healthier lifestyle! Here are my ideas so far: Baking gluten free (I decorate cakes too, and I love to bake) More antioxidants (I love acai, blueberry, etc so no problem) Drink healthier drinks (vitamin water, more plain water!) Eat organic produce Take more vitamins

  14. Is it possible to throw a First Birthday with less than $100?

    I have 22-25 people who are JUST family, and a few of my friends/family friends add up to about 35 total! I just found out that a refund check I'm supposed to be getting won't be quite as much as I had hoped for, so I can only spend $100 at the most. I was planning on doing sandwiches (pb&j - grape and strawberry, crunchy and smooth, pimento and cheese, and turkey, ham and roast beef, with stuff to put on them and white and wheat bread), Rotel cheese dip and chips, cookies, and cupcakes instead of a cake now. Plus drinks, decorations, and plates and cups etc etc. We're having it at home or at the city park, somewhere free! There's only 4 kids under 10, and one is younger than my son, so she won't need a "happy" bag, and the others I could probably get some stuff from the dollar store, like $5 total! Is there any way to stay under budget with that many people? Any suggestions on how to cut corners on prices? Any cheap decorating ideas? Its a cow theme!

  15. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes...?

    Im planning on making ice cream cone cupcakes for my neices after school class... Ive been reading the reviews from different sites about how the overally product turns out but other than difficult transport I noticed quite a few people complained the cakes got soggy. Im trying to avoid this, whats the best way to do so? PLEASE HELP! *** or if u have any simpler cupcake decorating ideas suitable for 10yr olds feel free to leave a link or recipe***

  16. Major surprise party! Tell me if it sounds good and tips would be great!?

    So 4 of my close friends all have birthdays (16) in the same month. Our other friend who isn't born then is helping me. I came up with this idea that we would pick them up early in the morning and kidnap them. Then take them to this really pretty spot and watch the sunrise and eat donuts and hot chocoltate at this spot not far off (we have a thing with sunrises and this particular spot). Then we hang out for the rest of the day and have a sleepover. I have talked to all the parents who are fine with the idea. And I know it will be really fun but I LOVE going over the top with surprises and parties. So here are my questions: 1. How exactly do you kidnap someone? I was thinking that we wear wierd clothes, hide our faces in a mask, and change our voices. We blindfold the person, and handcuff them. But the problem is, more then one kidnapped person will be in one car so should we cover up their mouths too? Does this kidnapping method seem okay? 2. I wanna give them more surprises during the day. We could hang out and not plan anything like we normally do but I think it would be great to add in some more surprises for them (that are not freee or cheap). For example, we love the Lion King and were going to surprise them by watching it and we are baking each person an individual mini cake in the shape of something that reminds us of them. Any other fun ideas? 3. The day that we do this will be after one girls birthday. For my birthday, they decorated my room one year when I was out and it was really nice. Another year, they wrote with chalk and decorated the outside of my house. I would love an excuse to do something like that for them but I don't know what the reason would be to do it! We lways do stuff like that on our exact birthdays. Any ideas of excuses we could use to decorate or another plan for that? Or should we just wait until all of thier birthdays? If you have any awsome ideas feel free to suggest. Thanks!

  17. Anyone had doubts about there wedding venue once its booked?

    So me and my fiance have eventually set a date for our wedding, may 2010. Found it difficult to decide on where to be married as everywhere is sooo expensive! Eventually decided on a place called Piperdam ( the first venue we agreed on. We paid the deposit to make the booking but since then i cant help looking at other venues and thinking they look better!! I had originally wanted my dream wedding of a castle in scotland, beautiful gardens, exclusive use, but we dont and our parents dont have £20k to have such a grand day. Piperdam is still gonna cost us too, its not cheap but is very picturesque like i wanted. I want my guests to be like "wow", im a bit of a show off and want to impress. Part of me is being realistic and is just excited about being married to the person i love and not care where it is but then the "cinderella" part of me is wanting the wow factor. Also if any one can give me some money saving tips for weddings would be grateful! I am getting a wedding cake from marks and spencer and decorating it myself (£150 max) Hiring a part time photographer who is keen to build up his portfolio (£600 for full day from getting ready to first dance) I was originally quoted £2k from another photographer Found a piper online who plays for free for sheer enjoyment, just pay travel expenses and a few cokes. Not having wedding cars, gonna borrow a friends fancy car and have ribbon on it. Making my own invitations, brother in law is designing them, father in law does calligraphy. Using silk flowers for bridesmaids as you can pick them up quite cheap on ebay. Friend who is makeup artist and hair stylist is doing my hair and makeup on day. Getting my designer wedding dress made by milly bridal for £200 quid than pay for original at £1200. Having favours, miniture jackdaniels £1 each and sweets for girls Having a friend DJ at night (hopefully) Any other ideas? Thanks in advance xx

  18. April Fools?

    Ok, I am a mom and quite the funny prankster, I love April Fools!! I would appreciate clean answers please. But I would like some funny prank ideas for my kids. My oldest is 14 (boy), and my middle child is 6 (boy)... (also have a 15 month old but she's too little) Nothing mean please, last year I waited until dinnertime (which was so hard to wait but worth the look on their faces and the laughter!) anyway, I made meatloaf covered in mashed potatoes and decorated with ketchup and mustard to look like a cake (I know.. Yuk! I actually had something else to eat waiting in the wings) then earlier that day I made red jello and poured it into cups to resemble juice or Kool-Aid and placed a straw inside to make it more realistic. I even got hubby with that one!! But like I said clean, and not mean... And hey feel free to give an idea for hubby too!! One year I sewed his boxers shut!! LOL (I know, I'm terrible, but we -especially me, are always laughing! Thanks for your help!

  19. Help with my barbie sweet 16 partay!? (:?

    Hi! I'm turning sixteen in less then three months and we've been planning this party for at least 3 months now. it's going to be at a venue at the hilton with a roon (all glass windows) overlooking the ocean. the color scheme is hot pink black and accented with white and silver. my entrance is going to be me walking into tik tok by kesha and i will be singing it while my closest friends are dancing a dance i choreographed. i still think my entrance might need a little more tho. any ideas? the tables will be decorated with white table clothes and black overlays with pink sequins, etc layed accross them the center pieces will be different barbies (ex: beach barbie on a base with sand and shells then down to the uniform pink/black base all have). i think my moms also getting custom candy bars made to put on the tables. the center of the venue is the dance floor and i think i need something to kind of play this up other then empty space. any idea? in the same allignment as the dance floor will be the dj and my cake on a light up table. the cake will be like a wedding cake but made to fit the theme. after the intro everyone will be able to get food which includes mini burgers, mini hotdogs, fries, sweet potatoe fries, chicken nuggets, etc. i wanted to stick with a mini BARBIE Q food theme. there will also be the normal beverages and special pink lemonade as my special barbie drink. after eating and maybe dancing a little i will do my father daughter dance to "butterfly kisses" and "the hustle" mixed and then my friends and i will perform a coupled dance to "barbie girl". i will then light the 16 candles with my close people. its the whole tradition thing where u call up people who are important to you. we are making a candelabra because my mom used to do party stuff. it will be black and pink feathers then mirror then glittery black then pink letters spelling out my name and silver candles. after that we will do the cake and i will cut the cake to "sugar sugar". after that everyone will pretty much be free to dance all night. other details include there will be a candy and ice cream bar and they will be decorated with zebra table clothes and black overlays with a pink bottom with pink stuff on top. the guests will be allowed to take candy home as a favor. is there anything else i could do favor wise? oh and finally i have my design for invites but i want something special with them. like something touchable other then a piece of paper to say ur gonna have an awesome night. one girl ik is giving out masks for a masqurade. i dont want to ask my parents to buy 100 barbies but just something. i also wanted to get "barbie" to hand them out but that might be considered "distracting" at school so how would i do that? thanks in advance i didnt ask you to judge my family's prosperity. were not rich. most of these things are already set in stone the only things i need help with is maybe something i can give out with my invite and a cool way to do it @gotoitalyforloveandlife thanks for not being rude about it. the big sweet 16 is more of a family tradition.

  20. What method should I use to stabilize whipped cream?

    What's the best way? I'm baking my boyfriend a fruit cream cake and I want something that is light yet will not melt or collapse if it's been in the fridge for a day! Plus I'm not sure if he'll be taking it home so.. maybe even a car trip. :/ I'm thinking of decorating it with more than just strawberries like I originally planned. After visiting a bakery I saw they added peaches, kiwis, and even blueberry's to some of their cream cakes! I'm worried I'm going to mess up the cake so I'm just going to buy a simple box cake for the base. So you have an idea what I'm working with! (Feel free to recommend one) I would try to make a sponge cake of my own but I'm afraid I'll fail not having baked a real cake in a few years. I have no time to experiment with baking at the moment. But yea, there are so many ways to stabilize a whipped cream that I'm confused on which method to use. What worked best for you? Please help me out! :) Also, this is going to be a two layer cake. I wanted to put whipped cream in the middle too along with fruit slices.

  21. Do you like my 18th birthday idea?

    There's going to be 9 people, including myself and my boyfriend. The teams are going to be split into three's. I will provide a list of crazy things for the groups to do. I will participate in this as well. Each group will be provided a disposable camera to take pictures as proof that they completed the task. Some tasks only need to have one person completing the task to accommodate for my shy friends. Here's some of my ideas: 1. Take a picture wearing clothes for the opposite sex 2. Take a picture with a complete stranger 3. Take a picture with a police officer or security guard 4. Go to the food court/restaurant and ask for something that isn't on the menu 5. Ride around a store in a shopping cart 6. Do a conga line in public 7. If you have any other ideas to add to the list, feel free to suggest them! Each member of the winning group gets a $10 gift card to itunes. All groups need to report to the area outside JCPenney at a certain time. If they are late, one of their photos is eliminated. Afterwards, we'll go back to my house for ice cream cake and pizza. Also, before the day of my party, probably a week beforehand, each friend attending my party will receive a scrapbook page to decorate how they wish for my memory book. They can put advice on it, notes, pictures, poems, drawings. Whatever they wish. I will also hand them out to my family members as well. Just for memories. :) So...What do you think? Maybe instead of a disposable camera, it'll be a digital camera because the photos need to develop if I use disposable. I realized that the menu idea didn't work.

  22. How can i plan a wedding under 1000?

    i already have a dress i got lucky and got a new dress never wore on a site. the woman traded it for some of the items i had posted on the sit. i have a friend doing the photography for free. and the wedding and reception is being held at a family members house who has a beautiful property. i have some of the items that ive already gotten the cake topper,toasting flutes for bride and groom , flower girl basket,and cake serving set. i need to find out how i can keep the food on a budget i want to make the food myself with help of a sister of still looking into cakes and i need to get things to decorate the reception. i need to find all of these things on a budget and what ever else i might need that i haven't listed. if anyone has some idea let me know. or if you know of websites where i can get wedding items really cheap.

  23. Cake Decorating Question 10 Points for best answer THANKS!!!?

    Hi, I love to decorate cakes and i had 4 questions about cake decorating 1). Fondant: What is a gelatin free fondant recipe that works well for decorating/ covering cakes? 2). Modeling Chocolate: What does it taste like and what is the best use for it? 3). What is a website that will show you step by step instructions on how to cover a cake with fondant and other decorating forms and stuff. 4). What is the neatest cake decorating tip or idea you have ever used or heard of? (It could involve icing fondant, modeling chocolate, fancy desserts, fruit, ANYTHING!) **Thanks so much, I will pick a best answer today or tomorrow so try your best** :-)

  24. Cake Decorating Question 10 Points for best answer THANKS!!!\?

    Hi, I love to decorate cakes and i had 4 questions about cake decorating 1). Fondant: What is a gelatin free fondant recipe that works well for decorating/ covering cakes? 2). Modeling Chocolate: What does it taste like and what is the best use for it? 3). What is a website that will show you step by step instructions on how to cover a cake with fondant and other decorating forms and stuff. 4). What is the neatest cake decorating tip or idea you have ever used or heard of? (It could involve icing fondant, modeling chocolate, fancy desserts, fruit, ANYTHING!)