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Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Help w/decorating cake ideas for 40th birthday (80's themed party)?

    My sister's 40th birthday party is coming up and it's an 80's themed party. Her colors are black and pink. She has asked me to do the cake, I'm not a professional by any means, but I've dabbled in it a little bit. I have a few questions... 1.) What should I write on the cake? It's an 80's themed party and she wants a snazzy saying, like instead of putting Happy 40th Birthday. 2.) Her colors are pink and black. I need some decorating ideas (pictures would be great). I am using fondant and I know with fondant you have to use a buttercream "crumb" coat underneath, is it OK if I use chocolate buttercream, or will the chocolate show through the fondant b/c the fondant is going to be white. All ideas are appreciated and thanks so much for your help!

  2. 81 Year old Grandpa,birthday cake ideas?

    my grandpa just turned 81, they spend the winters in the states but they will be coming home soon. Although his birthday already passed (this weekend) i want to make him a special cake. He loves golf, though he can't play anymore. Do you have any creative cake decorating ideas for this? pictures would be helpfull...thanks:)

  3. How to make an Owl Birthday Cake?

    My daughter would like an owl-shaped birthday cake, I'm looking for some ideas to get the cake right. I like this idea here: ...but was looking for something maybe a little simpler...thanks!

  4. Cake decorating ideas for a 5 year old's birthday party?

    This year I decided to make his cake instead of buying one. I am making a small cake just for him and cupcakes for everyone else. I am having a hard time with how to decorate them since he is used to the fancy cakes from the bakery. His dad is in the army (my son loves to "play army") so I was thinking about getting those little green plastic army men to put on top of the cupcakes. Is that a good idea? Icing would be green and brown.

  5. any ideas on decorating a birthday cake with a fairy theme?

    nothing cheap looking like those print outs.

  6. High School Musical Birthday Cake Ideas?

    I am not familiar at all with High School Musical, or any of the sequels. However, this is the theme my niece picked for her birthday party. I am going to make the cake, and want something really unique. It does not need to be simple at all; I have been decorating cakes for years and I am fine to work with fondant, tier cakes, gum paste, etc. However, not knowing the premise of the movie, I am having a hard time coming up with a spectacular idea. Please help!

  7. Birthday cake ideas please i need help!?

    my best friend is having an 18th pre- birthday party. i was asked/volunteered to make the cake for her party. i have made cakes before but i have to design this cake and i want it to be extremely special. but i am having a little issue.. i havent really worked with fondant. i have used it before but not for cakes. anyone got ideas for me for ideas or cakes decorating tips/ sites i can use for ideas.. that party is in about 2 weeks!

  8. Any ideas for decorating a cake?

    I need ideas for decorating a teenage girls birthday cake. Any suggestions???

  9. Any game, cake decorating, or other ideas for a "magical adventure" themed birthday party?

    I'm throwing a birthday party for a soon to be 9 year old, with a "magical adventure theme". I'm thinking pirates, unicorns, maybe some fairies, and the like....have any suggestions for good games, how I should decorate the cake, etc.?

  10. I need help with decorating a birthday cake (camping themed)?

    I want to write out "Happy Birthday" to make it look like logs or tree branches spelling out the words, since it's a camping themed cake. Any idea where to get something like this pre-made, or technique ideas to make it look good?

  11. Does anyone have ideas on how to decorate a boys birthday cake shaped like a number 8?

    I'm looking for ideas to decorate an 8 shaped cake for my sons b-day. If you have made one and have pics, I'd love to see 'em. Please, please, please no race track cakes! I've seen 'em and I don't want to go that way. Not looking for a theme type cake with movie characters either. Just something cool and unique. Can't wait to see what ya got.

  12. 80th Birthday cake ideas?

    We are throwing an 80th birtday party for my grandpa and I need some ideas on how to decorate the cake. I would like to do a 2 tier square cake. I don't want it to be too stuffy looking. I am a pretty accomplished decorator so don't be shy on the difficulty of your ideas. thanks

  13. How can I make a huge fake birthday cake for next to no money that will withstand the wind?

    I have a relay for life team and our theme this year is a birthday party. I want to make a really large fake birthday cake to decorate our campsite. We dont want to spend much money because the money needs to go to cancer research etc. I'd like it to be about 6 feet round and about 5 ft tall. Any ideas how to accomplish this? And what about other decorating ideas for this occassion? this will be outdoors.

  14. cake decorating ideas with no colored frosting..only chocolate.?

    i have: 1 chocolate cake 1 can of chocolate frosting plastic bag to pipe out the frosting. (no sprinkles/food coloring..or anything else) any ideas how to decorate the cake instead of just puting on the chocolate frosting?.. id like to write happy birthday but i have no other frosting or coloring stuff. i should have thought of it earlier and ran to the store but i didnt and now she'll be here in a half hour ... any ideas?

  15. Any ideas on decorating a cake with the theme of a mountain range?

    Has anyone some pictures of a cake decorated with a mountain range/ peaks- Will appreciate thoughts /ideas as to the kind of ingredients used or a design that can be used. the basic cake is a rich fruit cake, covered with Marzipan and topped with maybe royal icing or similar type. any suggestions? This cake is for a milestone birthday. If someone knows a website that has pictures of this kind of decoration kindly mention it-Thanks

  16. any creative ideas to decorate a birthday cake?

    its for a 11 year old girl

  17. Any ideas for a birthday cake for a six year old boy? Thanks?

    Any ideas work. Pictures would be great too! I am pretty experienced with decorating cakes, so something challenging is fine too! Thanks so much!

  18. Cake decorating ideas....?

    I'm making a dome shaped ice cream cake for my mom's birthday, and I am trying to think of ways that I can decorate it other than just icing, candles, and "Happy Birthday Mom". If you have ANY ideas, please tell me!! THANKS! <3 The ice cream is IN the cake. I have a special pan set that leaves a place for you to put filling INTO the cake. And I have no fondant, and there is no possible way to get to a store to buy any before we eat the cake - I've just got to use the resources I have, which is....icing, food coloring, and all of the basic things you would find in a pantry.

  19. Need ideas for a Prince themed child's birthday cake!?

    Hi, I am decorating a cake for my nephew's 1st birthday party in October. His them is going to be "Little Prince". I have a fine arts degree and have decorated cakes before, so I'm not looking for cheesy ideas, but something for a moderate to difficult skill level. I do not want to use a Wilton cake pan in the shape of a crown. I am looking for creative ideas or wesites that will help me along. Thanks ahead of time for your help!

  20. Birthday cake decoration ideas for an elderly lady?

    It will be my 88 year old great aunt's birthday in a month and I volunteered to make the birthday cake. I can bake well, but I don't have much experience with cake decorating, so I thought I would skip the piped flowers and other decor that I would need a pastry bag for. I was thinking of possibly using fresh flowers around the cake (it will be a chocolate cake with chocolate icing) and possibly a couple of flowers on the top. Also, how would I do the candle/s? I was thinking of a single candle, but since the cake will be a 9"x13" cake, would the single candle be dwarfed by the size of the cake? She is a lovely old lady, and I don't think it would be a good idea to have the cake be covered in 88 candles that she would not be able to blow out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  21. 21st birthday cake ideas?

    my sister's turning 21 and i want to make a cake that's liquor themed. the ideas i've come up with so far are making a rum cake and buying those little chocolate candies filled w/ liquor to put on it. now i'm thinking about how to decorate the cake, like make it resemble something like a keg (but couldn't find any gray frosting). i'm planning to make it a 2 layer cake. thanks!

  22. I need a super simple idea to decorate a birthday cake.?

    Im not much of a chef. My little girls 2nd birthday party is tomorrow and I have everything I need to make a cake, I'm just not sure how I should decorate it. Does anyone have any simple ideas to decorate a cake? I did get pink icing. I like the dolls idea. I'd love to find a candy that looks like balloons. Any ideas?

  23. 15th Birthday Cake Ideas Please help?

    I'm baking and decorating a cake for my boyfriends brother turning 15 tomorrow. I've used dark chocolate cake in 2 9" pans. I'll be using vanilla frosting, and have all the tools to decorate, but I've just got no idea what to do for a decoration. He loves PS3 and Guild Wars (computer game), but really, I'm not sure what else he likes. Sort of hard, I know, and I'm sorry. Anyone have any ideas? He's the 'cool' kid type, so nothing corny- thanks. :) I know he's only a 15 year old guy, but I do want to impress, ya know? His mom is going to see the cake too, and he's my boyfriends brother, so I want to impress all involved.

  24. My Dad's birthday is tomorrow....cake ideas?

    He is into poker and cars....I want to make his birthday really special. I am going to be making a cake and a special dinner for him. What are some good cake ideas? I'm a pretty good cake decorater, but I'm not professional or anything. I have access to a michaels but I don't know how to decorate the cake. help

  25. Ideas for decorating a victoria sponge cake?

    Yeah, so i'm planning on making a birthday victoria sponge cake for my niece, but I need some ideas for decorating it... I'm no expert when it comes to baking and decorating but I'd say I'm an 8 on a scale of 1-10, so don't make the ideas too crazy! Thankyou x And how is that anything to do with my question? Lol I don't want a cake made of a shoe...

  26. i need help with cake ideas for my bf birthday?

    i need ot order a cake from either giant eagle or walmart tomorrow for my bf birthday . He loves football especially ohio state and he loves music.... and movies those are some of the things he likes. it a big deal to get a cake decorated special for your birthday in my family he will be twenty three so most the designs i find are pretty childish does anyone have some pretty good ideas. Please help thank you so so so so much

  27. Ideas for a birthday cake to fit a 50s theme party?

    My daughter is having her birthday party at a place that is decorated in a 50s theme so I kind of wanted to make a cake to fit the theme. Any ideas?

  28. birthday cake help ideas?

    I want to make a cake that I can decorate, the person I'm making the cake for loves fruit but is allergic to nuts. I'd love some recipes please. I forgot to mention that it needs to be able to keep well. I'm in UK so please only give me recipes in grams or ounzes please.

  29. Cake Decorating Ideas?! Please Help!!?

    I need to decorate a cake for my friend's 18 birthday. I wanted to do something cool like tie dye or crazy colors or somethings. Any ideas will help!! Thanks!!

  30. Simple birthday cake ideas?

    I'd like to make a birthday cake for my daughter's 1st birthday as we are having a family gathering. I've not made a cake since school (many years ago) and wonder if anyone has a simple recipe and instructions for a sponge cake iced and decorated, nothing too fancy that will stress me out! Also how far in advance can it be made, as I'll be limited with time and may have to make it a few days before. Thanks for your help

  31. My sister wants to have a birthday/baptism party for my niece, Any ideas on how we can decorate?

    I'm not to happy about mixing the party's together, but what can I do I'm just the auntie. Anyway she will be 3 years old, and I was thinking of a Tinker bell theme (Light green and pink), The girls will get fairy accessories (like wands) and the boys will get pirate accessories (like eye patches). Not sure about the games except for a treasure hunt. Since she will be having a baptism I was thinking of adding siliver to the decorations. I really want her to have a tinker Bell birthday cake but I was also thinking of having mini cupcakes with white frosting, But I think thats too much cake. Any other ideas for decorating, food and games?

  32. 21st birthday cake ideas?

    this is my dilemma, my friend is having her 21st birthday party on Saturday and I am ridiculously broke, no joke. I came up with a conclusion, I'll bake her a cake. I can afford the cake mix and the frosting but not a new pan with a character or something. So what I have now is a small/medium round baking pan and a large rectangular baking pan. What creative things can I do with the frosting to reflect this milestone in her life. I was thinking something along the lines of a jack daniel's label since that is square as well. Any ideas or tips. I've never baked a cake for anyone, I'm not to worried about the actual baking part as much as the decorating part because i have no experience with frosting. Thaks guys.

  33. Birthday Party Decorating ideas?

    We are having a 55th surprise birthday party for my dad. Theme is going to be "Puff The Magic Dragon". I have found the stuffed animal, the movie, and the song on ebay but I'm having a hard time finding decorations. Any ideas? For food we are having....Chicken, Mosticolli, Potatoe Salad, Macaroni Salad, Coleslaw, Drinks, Cake, and whatever we can think of. Puff the Magic Dragon was my Dad's favorite thing growing up and we want to do something special for him.

  34. cake decorating ideas for my friends 13th b-day?

    for my m8s 13th birthday im making her a cake. Its just goin 2 be a basic sponge with pink buttercream icing. But i dont know for the decorating. Its going to be pink butter icing and i was thinking about putting smarties around the edge and writing 13 with smarties in the middle but i think that would be quite boring. I want something so cooly decorated i want her to see it and go 'wow! did u make that!?!?' so what do you think i could decorate it wif?

  35. Birthday cake and color scheme ideas?

    I need ideas for my 15th birthday cake, & I also need a color scheme for the decorations. I am going to order a carrot cake, but how should I decorate it? I was thinking of several different color schemes Hot Pink and Royal Blue Hot pink and Yellow Hot Pink and ??? What do you think?

  36. Cat Birthday Cake Ideas?

    My kitty, Billie, is going to turn 4 on August 10th (seems like I JUST got him as a kitten!!!) so I'm planning his party. I want to make him a cake but he is very very picky. Since he loves canned food I'm going to get him a can of VERY high quality canned food as a cake and maybe crush up his food/favorite treats on top. But I was trying to think of other things. I'm trying to avoid tuna. What else should I give him? I was thinking maybe things to decorate the cake a little. What about shrimp at the grocery store? Salmon? I'm open for ANY and all ideas as long as they're cat-friendly! Thanks for your ideas! Anyone have any canned pate typed cat food suggestions?? I think I'm going to add kibble, KRM powder, and some of my choices of seafood, blend it, and use it as a kind of frosting...

  37. what is the cake decorating stuff used to make flowers etc?

    and could I use it to model a face for a birthday cake. the idea is to make a cake in the shape of a pram. the suggestion was to use a dolls head, but I'm not keen, sounds a bit macabre to me so I thought of either the flower stuff or marzipan.

  38. Cake decorating need help for a 16th birthday cake. THANKS!?

    I need a few things: first, has anyone ever done something where you get white cake mix and color separate parts of it in bowls then make marble with the different colors? how would you do that in more detail? and second, do you know of any good websites that have cute ideas for cakes. thanks a bunch

  39. Anybody have ideas and/or recipes for a really special birthday cake?

    On Friday, we're having a birthday party for two of my friends. I love to make and decorate cakes so I'm usually the cake-maker, and I try to make each one as special and yummy as possible. Inspiration has failed me so far, and I'm getting desperate. Only two more days! HELP! It only needs to be big enough to serve 10 people, and all ten of us like it all--nobody hates chocolate or carrot cake or has any food allergies or anything, so all suggestions will be gladly received! Thanks lots!

  40. Recipe for monster truck birthday cake and icing recipe?

    My son wants a monster truck birthday cake. Does anyone have any ideas, recipes, or pictures of monster truck cakes. Also does anyone have any icing recipes and cake decorating tips. I have never done this before.