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  1. Easy ideas for decorating a cake for mothers day?

    ok so for mothers day i have to make my mom a cake anyone have any ideas?

  2. Please help? easy cake decorating for 3 yr old girl birthday? simple ideas?

    I have to make a cake for a little girls 3rd Bday party. I know how to bake the cake, frost it, but thats it. I dont know the first thing about frostings or flowers or things like that. Can someone please give me some ideas how to decorate this cake elegantly with candies, sprinkles, some toys and ribbons maybe? I was thinking pink frosting with colored sprinkles along the sides, maybe some pink and white gumdrops along the top sides. What can I do on the surface? And any idea's how to deliver the cake? What can I put it on if my local bakery wont give me an empty box? it is a long sheet cake. Thank you!!!

  3. Tips and ideas for cake decorating?

    I am going to make a cake for a friends birthday, but i dont work well with fondant. so are there any tips for super smooth icing? Any brand names, or easy to make frosting? and also, i am doing a lot of piping, which tip works best for you for very intricate detail? And what kind of frosting works best for piping, again any brands or recipes that work best for you?

  4. Some help with frosting and then decorating a cake please?

    what all do i need to decorate a home made cake? some easy n good ideas for a b'day cake decoration please

  5. Cake decorating?

    Hi i am making a chocolate sponge cake on xmas eve with my four year old son. Never really baked before. I have the recipe for the cake, but im looking at decorating the cake with icing sugar (maybe) Any easy ideas? I would be very grateful x x x x

  6. Easy cake icing recipes ?

    It's my daughter's one year birthday tomorrow, and I made a cake. I'm not much of an expert at decorating it though. Any easy ideas that will look great ? (I thought about candy sprinkles, but she is too little and I'm worried she'll choke on them) Also, how much cake to I need for about 20 -25 people ? I made two nine by thirteen ones and put them one on top of the other with blueberry pie filling in between. I have ice-cream to go with it. Is this enough ?

  7. Do you know of an easy way to decorate a cake like this?

    My daughter LOVES Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The problem is I am no artist and the cakes I have seen on do it yourself sites seem very difficult. Are there any easy do it yourself ideas? Besides buying an edible decoration.

  8. My friend and I want to make a barbie dress cake for my sisters wedding shower...?

    I need some decorating tips and ideas. should we use fondant: a smooth surface and easy to decorate or should we use icing? we need lots of tips...we aren't very skilled in the whole cake decorating thing

  9. Any cute/girly birthday cake ideas?

    My step-daughter is coming up for a visit next month and we will be celebrating her 4th birthday while she is here. I want to make as much stuff as I can b/c I want it to be really personal and creative and I want her to be able to help me make some of the things (I'm not going to let her know they're for her birthday party, though). I saw an idea for a birthday cake in a parenting magazine that I thought was really cute: choose whichever flavor cake mix you (or the child) like, bake it in a 13x9 in. pan, spread white icing over it, use Fruit Roll-Up strips to decorate it like ribbon wrapping on a present, and then place Sprees all over it to give it a polka-dot wrapping paper look (I put this in here incase anyone else could use that idea) Does anyone else have anymore cute cake ideas that are fairly easy but will be "cool-looking" to a toddler?? Thanks in advance!!

  10. I am having a tea party for my daughters bday. HELP need easy directions to make teapot cake. Pans? Pics?

    I'm okay with cake decorating as long as I have pictures and directions step by step but finding a teapot cake is proving difficult. Any ideas?

  11. Does anyone have any ideas for how to decorate a cake for a christening?

    My niece is being christened on Sat. May 26th and afterwords there will be a dinner at the home of my sister's in-laws. My sister has asked me to bake and decorate a cake for the occasion and I am not sure what to decoarate it with. (This is MUCH easier to bake a cake for a b-day party--where there is a theme)

  12. What are some easy ways to decorate a cake?

    Ok, so my mom volunteered me to decorate a cake for a family party without me knowing. I am in a cake decorating class, but we JUST had our second lesson, which is the first we decorate cakes. I only know how to make stars and zigzags! When I asked her what to decorate it like, she said stuff like flowers or tracing a figure of an Elephant on (its a white Elephant party) but she doesn't get that the class where we learn how to make flowers is 2 days AFTER the party, or that its hard to trace a elephant with piping gel. It was super hard with a stupid rainbow! I don't like backing out of things, but I have no clue what to make! I only know how to make a rainbow cake, but its cheesy. Any ideas that only involve the most basic things, like stars and dots?

  13. Any easy dessert ideas?

    I'm craving something sweet right now but we don't have anything in my kitchen. What can I make using simple ingredients that I most likely will have in my kitchen already, is quick, easy, and doesn't involve a lot of clean up. I want to keep the dish washing to a minimum. I don't want to make cake out of the box because i'm already doing that later this week for my cake decorating class. Just to give you an idea, I have graham crackers, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, a couple squares of baker's chocolate, vanilla extract, maple flavoring, nonfat milk, oatmealyogurt (strawberry or blueberry i think) . I have the usual staples too: white flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, salt, butter, etc. Fruit- I have apples, bananas, and oranges I think. I want to avoid having to use the stand mixer if possible just to avoid all the clean up. I also have cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee beans, instant coffee.

  14. I need good ideas for the fondant cakes?

    my parents dont care for the idea that I want to start decorating cakes. I am 15 and my grandma and some of her friends owned a cake shop and she has some tips and things but she says she is to old to teach me that kind of stuff. with the 4th of july comming up i think i can get them to realize how much im into this idea. so easy but things that look hard would be nice. i need cheap good tasting fonda

  15. What are some easy, tasty cake decorations?

    I just made a very dark, rich chocolate cake, with a glazed chocolate frosting, which I used to top the entire cake, but I want to decorate it with something pretty like tiny sugar pansies or something. But I dont get anything of that sort in the stores around me, so does anyone have any ideas? pattie j: thats an idea, but they dont look pretty. They look very pretty on cupcakes, though..

  16. Easy cute way to decorate for 1st birthday cake?

    I am thinking I will make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling for the adults. Any ideas of what cute colorful things to use instead of just sprinkles? For his little cake (the one that's just for my little guy) I need good ideas. Any help?

  17. can anyone help me find an easy fish shaped cake to make. 3d cake that is easy would be great..?

    any decorating ideas.

  18. I need a name for a Home Cake Decorating Business.?

    Your Question I need a name for a Home Cake Decorating Business.? I have been making cakes for a year and a half or so. Lately people have been asking me for business cards to pass out as they have been asked by guests at their parties. Also, the only place I have my cakes available to see are flickr and facebook but only friends can see the facebook pics so i;d like to start a group or fan page. The only trouble is I don't really have a name. My email is cakesbystace but I really don't like that name. My name is Anastasia, or Stacey, but I don't necessarily need my name in it. Just want something unique and easy to remember. ANyone have any ideas??? I realize I have to check to see if the name I choose has already been registered here, in Saskatchewan Canada, but I don't even know where to start looking. Here's my flickr site to give you an idea of the kinds of cakes I do. Thanks!

  19. Any ideas on how to decorate a birthday cake for my dad.?

    Easy Please!!

  20. How can I put filling in a sheet cake?

    Is there an easier way to put filling in a sheet cake without torting and taking a chance on it not laying right on top of each other, etc... I am making a full sheet cake for a surprise party next week and I thought about just making a plain sheet cake (and decorating it of course) but everyone loves my fillings for my cakes. Just not sure how to do it for a full sheet cake. Any ideas?


    My sons 13th Birthday Party is tomorrow & hes requested a "Boat Cake" not just a cake with a boat on it but an actual boat made of cake (Ace Of Cakes/Cake Boss style ;) Im ready to tackle the project (coffee in hand Im pulling an all nighter) but I need a bit of help... It would prob. be easier if I just exp. my plan of attack thus far... Im thinking Ill use two rounds (stacked) or maybe a loaf & carve the hull of the boat which by the way is to resemble a lobster boat (we're from Maine) not a sailboat or cruise ship... -cover it with fondant & place it on a base of sheetcake (covered in blue piping gel to resemble the ocean) & try to jazz up the "water" so it doesnt look empty with just a wide expanse of water. (Lobster pot buoys made of fondant maybe?) So basically I need... 1) Recipe for PIPING GEL that yields more than just a few Tablespoons 3-4 cups? 2) A Recipe for home made fondant~ 3) ANY tips, tricks, advice and/or decorating ideas =) I TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!

  22. how can i make a normal cake... contest winnable?

    I have a family "cake-off" i am on a team with a ten year old and an 8 year old. i am 14. i am not very artistic and neither are the other kids. wee need to win a contest and all we have is a rectangle cake pan, red velvet cake white icing (with food coloring) and sprinkles sugar and like tubed icing for decorating. i need help to win the contest. last year we did and ice cream theme with pink frosting that said we all scream for ice cream on it with ice cream cones in the 4 corners. we lost to a cake only because it was a chocolate cake and the judges liked that better. so to make that short i need a quick easy easy easy decorating idea (easy) that isn't hard using household items and a rectangle cake pan. PS my mom aunt and grandma are the judges lolll PPS it is a red velvet cake THANK YOU!!!!!

  23. What type of cake should I make for my mother-in-laws 50th bday?

    She likes white cake, and the color purple. While I can make most anything, we don't want to over do it. I have cake pans in lots of sizes, and shapes. What I'm asking for, I guess is decorating ideas. She is one of those people who are hard to get gifts for, but easy to please, if that makes sense. Purple was my first idea, but purple what?!?!?!?!

  24. easy steps/ideas to decorate cupcakes! plz?

    okay here is a short version: school having cake auction i get credit to going and bring a cake I CAN SIMPLY JUST BAKE AND ADD ICING AND SPRINKLES but this will help us with money. so i the more nice it is the more money we get... ONLY THING IS I'M A BABYSITTER that watches my brother 24/7 that doesn't pay lol so yes i'm broke.. and one have any ideas or suggestions **COUGH** CHEAp ideas and plz no "use your imagination" you tell me that yea i might as well just do sprinkles lol

  25. What should I name my cake business?

    I'm starting a cake decorating business from my home and I need a good name for it. Any ideas? Preferably one word, like something that will be easy to remember that just rolls off the tongue. Thanks! I have already considered Babycakes, but I fear that people will think they're just for baby showers, or that they're just cupcakes. I live in Dallas, TX.

  26. All right, all you decorating geniuses, I need some ideas?

    I'm getting married in September, and I am just really, really bad at decorating and having good ideas about what would look good. I can see something I like and replicate it, but I have no creative flair when it comes to that stuff. We chose an outdoor location for our wedding and reception - there's a lot of natural beauty there. Trouble is, how do I decorate without it seeming mis-matched? It seems easier to decorate indoors, it seems like you can be bolder with colors and textures - I don't want anything we do to detract from what's there, but I don't want it to look plain, either. There are photos of our venue here: The ceremony will be on the lawn, and the reception in the pavilion overlooking the lake. I only need recemption decorating ideas - we want to keep the ceremony very simple. The few details that we have decided: - The bridesmaids dresses are green, it's clover green from David's Bridal. (In hindsight, I would probably have chosen blue to coordinate with the lake-theme, but it's too late now.) *sigh* - We are having individual cakes as centerpieces - probably frosted white with green swirls, unless I can incorporate some other kind of theme that would look better. That's it. I'm stuck after that. What would you do? Probably shouldn't have even mentioned the ceremony - I just need help with the reception. :) Liz - your links aren't working for me. :( Diane G - that reception site is so beautiful, it's like it can't be real, lol! BTW, these are some fantastic ideas. Some are so obvious I feel dumb for not having thought of them already, like adding in blue! That would make things much easier!

  27. Cheap birthday party, help PLEASE, I need ideas?

    Hi all. It is my sons 2nd birthday soon and we are having a backyardigans themed party. I have a budget of about 50-75 MAX (that includes cake,decorations, EVERYTHING.) Any ideas? Also, I am trying to cut costs and bake him a cake and cupcakes, any suggestions on an EASY to decorate backyardigans cake (Pablo is his favorite) Serious answers only. Thanks :)

  28. Halloween Cupcake ideas?

    Nothing to easy im skilled at cake decorating but i neew some ideas Wow great ideas! Thanks so much! I really like the tombstone idea! But I think I'm gonna use something from each of your suggestions! It's for my outh group so I don't think I'll use the raseberry syrup cuz we've got some crazy kids there but GREAT IDEA!!!!!

  29. Need Thanksgiving dessert recipes?

    Im 14 and im suppose to bring some kind of dessert. Last year i made a caramel,pecan cake. this year its suppose to be better! its for thanksgiving. my whole family is going to be there,and i need to show everyone that i know how to cook. its like required in our family. And i kinda suck at cooking.... so i need recipies for thanksgiving dessert that are very good and look amazing. And are easy to make.. any ideas!?!?!?!?! (also can someone give me cake decorating ideas?)

  30. CAKE & FONDANT any ideas?

    what kind of cake is used to be covered in fondant? the thing is...i am not a very good all... usually anything i try and make turns out horrible, but i LOVE decorating things, so i was wondering, would it be easier to just go buy a cake ( what kind of cake?!) and THEN decorate it with fondant? it looks like a lot of fun and would love to try. so should i just go buy one? and if i do, what type of cake is best?

  31. how do you make a frosting to use as a base coat for a cake im going to decorate?

    im decorating a cake and need a recipe for an easy to make frosting to use as the base coat. i only have a limited amount of ingredients. butter, sugar, milk, sour cream...thats about it. anyone have any ideas. dont want to waste the ingredients if its just gonna be runny and nasty. thanks :)

  32. my friend and I want to make a barbie dress cake for my sisters wedding shower...?

    I need some decorating tips and ideas. should we use fondant: a smooth surface and easy to decorate or should we use icing? does fondant really taste that bad? are there ways to make it taste better? im gonna try both on a cake and see whats better. if you know of any great tasting ((and somewhat simple)) fondant recipies please let me know! -thanks so much for all your answers

  33. I need a carrot cupcake recipe. And ideas for a bunny bake sale!?

    Sounds weird, huh? Well, me and my friend are doing a bake sale and donating the money to a rabbit shelter. We have decided to make things bunny and carrot and stuff. Not all will be, some people get turned off by the idea of vegetables in cake. I need a simple recipe. And my mom says carrot cake is easy enough to make, but should I make it from scratch, or buy a box mix? And any frosting recipes? I already have shortening (normal and butter, because we had to make frosting for a cake decorating class but the recipe is disgusting :P) What are some ways to make bunny theme stuff? We will have cookies, cupcakes (harry potter cauldron cakes too) and my friend can make fudge. And we will have things like apples, and some kind of drink. The idea I have for the carrot cupcakes: Take the cupcake, frost it, put 2 upside down chocolate chips for eyes, one right side up for a nose. Maybe some thin licorice for the mouth. I think a baby carrot cut in half would work for the ears. Cookies: For the ones like sugar cookies, use a bunny cookie cutter. *BONUS* Cauldron cakes: Short, flat chocolate cupcakes with thin licorice "handles" and filled with whipped cream for the "potion" and have things like little candies you can add. Anything else? B.: I clearly said CUPCAKE B: Well, that is a carrot BREAD recipe. And you need to bake cupcakes differently or they will burn. Oh, and what can I use for ears? The carrots will be too heavy

  34. Two Baking Questions? Fondant? And Ideas?

    I have two baking questions..... Yesterday I made a cake and I used a fondant recipe with out glycerin and glucose. Like I didnt just exclude them but the recipe didn't call for it. The fondant turned out fine. ... But does it always taste so chewy? And does anyone have a cute One 9 inch layer cake idea like how to decorate it that is easy?????? Thank you!!!

  35. Ideas for a cowboy boot shaped cake...for beginners, please!?

    Okay, here's the deal. My son is having his first birthday and we are having a Wild West theme. This includes my husband wanting a cowboy boot shaped cake. I need some ideas from some professionals out there on the easiest way to do this. I am always up for a new challenge so this is my latest one I suppose. I've looked up ideas on fondant, edible sheets of icing and stuff but there's so much out there it is overwhelming when trying to figure out what is easiest. This will be in late September in El Paso Texas so the weather will be in the 90's and this will be an outdoor party. . I would like for the cake to sit outside with the guests so it has to be "weather friendly". Anyway...if anyone can give me some ideas that range from how to get the shape of the cake to how to decorate the cake to make it look like a realistic boot (leather) I would greatly appreciate it.

  36. Birthday Ideas for a 26 yr old???

    I am planning my best friend a suprise birthday party. We are having it in a we can't do certain things. I am already decorating the bar, etc. Anyone have any idea on what would be some cool things to do. It will be too loud in there to play any type of game. Also I am doing cupcakes instead of a cake..easier clean up ..especially if you're drunk lol. Any ideas would be great!!

  37. need advice on making disney cars cake and cupcakes for 4 yr olds party?

    i am so tired of store bought bland tasting cakes , yeah they are pretty but yuck no taste! so im gonna make my sons cake and cupcakes its cars the movie theme figure the lil kids would rather have cupcakes, any ideas onn some cool ones easy ones too please i know ebay has a cake decorating kit but i want something unique keep i mind im not a baker lol thanks in advance i will choose best answer! i actually own the betty crocker cake decorating kit, im not very artistic lol havent quite figured out all the tips and stuff to it i think i have tried to use it one time :)

  38. Ideas for an adult birthday cake?

    We are making my mom a cake for her birthday and i have some ideas in mind i just don't know how to incorporate them. I am also not very experienced so i need something easy. it needs to be a round, two layer cake. I was thinking maybe red velvet flavor. I want a light fluffy icing but something thicker to decorate it with. I wanted to put maybe decorated vanilla cupcakes around the bottom of the cake. I also need to incorporate Andes mints because my mom loves them. And of course it has to say happy birthday mom. I also have mini cupcake pans if you have any ideas to incorporate them. I want this to be really pretty and awesome and simple. please help thanks! I want to do some icing decorating and do something really creative with it

  39. Birthday Cake?

    I'm making a birthday cake for my brother. I have 1 Betty Crocker Chocolate cake mix. I would like a recipe including that in it. Also I need decorating tips and ideas. maybe blue food coloring in plain frosting? It is a surprise so it needs to be easy make in 1 night no-bunt cake. Thanks for your help fellow cooks! Have a great V-Day!

  40. Help with making a wedding cake. ANY help welcome!10 points!!!?

    I need to make a fairly simple wedding cake for Friday. My plan is a square vanilla sponge cake, iced, with decorations. Help! It should serve 30 people, I need a recipe for the icing using icing/confectioner's/powdered sugar. Preferably without shortening, don't know what it is or where to get it. Also, can you give me an easy vanilla sponge recipe, with measurements please? Any decorating ideas? I thought of a ribbon around the edge, little silver-ball decorations, writing icing, and/or a little statue of a bride and groom. I only have two hours to make it, including the baking. Oh, one other thing. Can i make the icing sugar a day or two in advance, and if so, do i keep it in the fridge, or what? Thankyou SO much! Even if you can only answer one question, i would be greatful!!!! Remember...10 points!!!!!!! Is 'ff' supposed to help me make a wedding cake? Hmmm.... or to get two points?

  41. birthday ideals for a 5 yr old boy?

    my sons b-day is december 19th and because of christmas money is a little tight so i was wanting some good decorating ideals and cake ideas and stuff, he isn't having a theme because he don't want one so it should be pretty easy but i am no to creative.....thanks in advance...i want him to have a memorable birthday party!

  42. my best friends birthday, turning 20, TOMORROW, need a last minute and easy gift idea to make her or a chea?

    Tomorrow is my best friends birthday. super super last minute i am i have not gotten her anything yet. i am going to make her a super nice birthday card and decorate her dorm room and get her a cake but i would really appreciate any other ideas of stuff to make or cheap stuff to buy. thanks!

  43. 18th Birthday, Beauty and the Beast cake?

    My friend's birthday is in a couple of months and I told her I would make her her cake this year as I've just completed two courses of the Wilton cake decorating class. I just made the Ariel cake for my other friend's birthday and it came out fine, but they do not have a Belle one. I've seen the barbie doll idea but I don't really like seems too easy to mess up on and I think it's kind of gross to be eating off of a doll anyway. Someone suggested somewhere to make the BATB mirror which I think would be really cool, but I'm not sure how I would make it and get the handle on. I saw a picture of a leather-bound cake book that said Beauty and the Beast on it and it was beautiful, but I have never made a book cake before, so I've never worked with painting or fondant. Just icing (piping, flowers, etc). Does anyone else have any ideas and care to explain how to do it/where to find more information? I've practically drained my google searchbox for anything that might help me, so this is pretty much my last resort. Thanks!

  44. Another Wedding Question...For my mom. (easy)?

    Okay, so we figured out almost 100% we are having it in Gatlinburg. So if we go to gatlinburg, I want some ideas, just so, Yeah, lol. We might have finger foods, What kind should we have? Thats the question. Oh and if she decorates, what to use.? Cake ideas? There is two more questions. Thnxx

  45. What is the best starter cake?

    I usually make cakes from a box and just got the idea that I would really love to make a nice cake in a few months for my husband. I got the inspiration from watching a cake decorating show on WE where the women use fondant and it looks so pretty! So my question is what is the best beginner cake to make that is easiest and I can practice with over the next few months to get a perfect small layered cake for my husband? It doesn't matter what flavor or anything I just want it to be clean and very neat looking. I am not a icing person and thats why I got the idea to try a fondant cake because I like the clean look it has. I can't use any ingredients such as marshmallows or anything with gelatin as it is a pork by-product. What do I need to get started with? Also how do you keep a fondant cake fresh? Will it be ok if it sits for a few days before it is to be presented? Thanks so much!


    Hi, I LOVE decorating cakes with fondant and piped icing but I have a few questions about it. 1). What is the best fondant recipe ever? 2). Whats the easiest fondant recipe ever? 3). Can you cover a whole cake in liquid fondant? 4). What are some neat ideas for fondant decorations. 5). Does anyone have a "perfect" decorator's icing? 6). What are some fondant tips to make it easier to work with 7). Positives/ Negatives of pre-made fondant 8). Whats the best cake decorating tip/ idea you have heard? Thanks so much!! :-))**

  47. Boxed red velvet cake?

    Has anyone tried the Duncan Hines box mix for red velvet cake? I need to make one but want to do it as easy as possible. I will use a cream cheese frosting. Does anyone have good ideas how to decorate or garnish the cake??