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  1. Im looking for a wedding cake that has horse and carriage going up road all the way around the cake to castle?

    I'm looking for a picture of a wedding cake with horse and carrage on a road going all the way around the cake to the top of a castle cake topper. I really need some help with this, if anyone has any ideas on where to look i would be so greatful! Thanks

  2. How to make a Little Mermaid Under the Sea Sand Castle Cake?

    I am trying to get ideas on how to make a Little Mermaid Under the Sea Sand Castle Cake that is half cake and half rice crispy treats. The only characters I want is Flounder, Sebastian, and Ariel. I want it to be colorful because it is going to be a beach party for my little girl who will be turning 3. If anyone has any ideas or picture that they would like to share please contact me at

  3. I'm making a castle birthday cake for sunday. when should I start?

    I have found a castle recipe for my 1 year olds birthday cake. When can I start. If I make it today with butter icing will it still be ok by the weekend?

  4. how do i make a fairy castle birthday cake for my daughter?

    i need a simple way of making a fairy castle birthday cake for my daughter of a web site that can tell me how to make one thank you

  5. what can I make towers out for a castle cake?

    I'm making a castle cake for my daughters first birthday.....what kind of food can I make the towers out of I though about twinkies but there to skinny

  6. any1 KNow how to make a diaper cake castle?

    would like to make one for a upcoming baby shower but would like instructions instead of just trying to wing it. Iam talking bout a diaper cake, its made out of real diapers but made to look like a cake

  7. Does anyone have a picture of the Betty Crocker Enchanted Castle Cake from the boys and girls cookbook, 1965?

    I found the recipe and cannot find a pic and I'm not sure I understand the instructions for constructing it. I need it for my daughter's bday party tomorrow, 3/5/06!

  8. How can i make some castle cake turrets?

    im making a medival castle cake for a school project and i was thinking of making the castle turrets out of rice crispies and cover them with fondant. Is there any other way that i can make the turrets??? I want to make them nice a fat...this is how i want my cake to look like

  9. How to frost 3-d Castle Cake?

    I need to know the best way to frost a 3-D Castle cake so it doesn't loose the detail of the mold. Should I try a thin layer of buttercream. it is a bundt cake mold does this mean it has to be drizzeled?

  10. How do you bake a cake in the shape of a castle.?

    I am a relativly expreienced beginner baker. I have baked many cakes from scratch (I mean starting with unsweetened baking chocolate) but I want to bake one for my sister's birthday in the shape of a castle. I know you need molds but can you make them or do you need to bye them. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

  11. Where can i find a cathedral/castle cake design?

    were going for a Vlad the impaler type castle or cathedral look but keep finding small cheesy kiddie looks... Were to be married in a gothic romance ceremony next halloween. We are pagan/wiccan and mixing my romanian and his chinese cultures with our own gothic/emo look... We've covered my Mina Harker replica gown and candles for the bridesmaids and candlelabras along with organ music, black lights and fog machines but the cake is discouraging... HELP HELP HELP

  12. Lookin for horse and carriage going around road up to top of castle wedding cake?

    I am still looking for a picture of a horse and carriage going around a road all the way up to the top of a castle for a wedding cake. I can't find a picutre that i like and the last question I did didn't really help with the answeres i got back. Anybody got any different ideas?

  13. anyone have -Diaper Cake Castle -Instructions?

    My sister in law is having A baby girl soon and her baby shower is coming up and I'd like to make her a Diaper Cake Castle. I have made a diaper cake in the past but never a castle cake. Anyone have instructions or can find me a web page with instructions on how to build a diaper cake castle?Or helpful cute ideas?

  14. Castle cake!?!?

    Can someone find me directions to make a medieval castle cake? All I can find is ones for kids! I mean what to do with icing and stuff. I cant afford to buy anything new.

  15. how to make a cake castle?

    can anyone tell me how or give me a site with recipes to make a cake castle like in the anim kekkaishi ive looked all over the web but the ones i can find are little tiny weak ass lookin castles i want to make a huge one lol

  16. Wilton romantic castle cake set?

    I was just wondering and I know i may sound stupid but the Wilton romantic castle cake set. The peices that are included in this set are they made of something edible or do you have to take the tops of the towers off the cake before you eat it?

  17. Recently tried a butter cake from cafe in Heidelberg castle I was wondering if anyone knew the recipe?

    this is a german recipe. im in germany and went to a cafe inside the heidelberg castle in germany and they had this cake.

  18. Motte and Bailey castle cake?

    My sister keeps pestering everyone about a project she has to do for school. It involves making a motte and Bailey castle as a cake. I know this project couldn't quite be any stranger or more complicated for a 12 year old, but does anyone have a clue about how to do it. Help, please!

  19. I am making my first two tiered cake?

    And I need some hints. I decorate cakes all the time, but this is the first time I have tried to make a stacked cake. It is a castle cake, and I have a top for the 8" round which is plastic, for turrets and then a 6" goes on top of that. Do I frost the whole top of the first layer? I am pretty sure the frosting will stick to the plastic turret round, so would it be a good idea to have some spare frosting to sort of refrost the top, once we take off the top layer? I have never done this, so I have no idea. Thanks.

  20. Where can i find cake decorating supplies in chennai?

    i would love to make a cake for my daughters birthday, but don't know where to get the supplies for decorating the cake....i'm planning to make a castle cake for there any place in chennai that sells cake decorating supplies??? please someone tell me....

  21. has anyone made a shaped cake using rice krispies treats?

    i want to make a dragon or castle cake and was thinking of a cake base with rice krispy treat molded dragon / castle covered in fondant on top - is this too ambitious ?

  22. can some one get me PICTURES on how to make a diaper cake ,wreath,castle and carriage?

    please step by step pictures

  23. Help! i have to build a castle out of scratch for history! what are good ideas that i can make it out of??

    okay so its due on Friday. and my teacher didn't even give us full details on how the castle is supposed to be, he said we can make it anyway we want just as long as it has a manor. we can make it out of anything we want even if its a cake castle. so what are good ideas???

  24. I am making a birthday cake and have a question about the icing.?

    I am making a big castle cake for my daughter's birthday. I need to decorate it today because tomorrow is the party and I won't have time to do it tomorrow. I won't be able to fit it in the refrigerator so will it be ok to leave it out until tomorrow? I am making home made icing... just powdered sugar a little milk and vanilla. Does anyone have any other recipes for icing that you'd like to share? And once again, is it safe to leave out of fridge.

  25. Can I use regular Box yellow cake mix in a Bundt pan?

    I got an awesome castle Bundt cake pan for Christmas. Problem is, I have never used one! I love love love yellow cake, can I use a yellow cake mix in it, or will it just crumble? Is there a better brand to use (like Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines) or is there a variation I should use in the preparation? Here is the cake pan I recieved: Thanks so much!

  26. help in the making of a boy's castle cake....?

    My son's 1st birthday party is coming, its going to be on a saturday....I am using fondant to cover the cake and im using some kind of fruit fillings (Im attaching a link to the page where I found the recipe) Im working with square and round cakes, ice cream cones. Now, I am not doing to many decorations, maybe just a few, but this will be the first time in my life that I make fondant , I have watched many videos and Im convinced that Im using the marshmallows recipe because it tastes good...Im trying to pre-do some of the things here, maybe I'll do the cakes on friday together with the fondants( I know fondant can go in fridge overnight, this is ok), BUT I don't want my cake to be served cold, so Im trying to save some time but Im also trying to make it so this doesn't happen (cold cake). ANy bakers out there that can help mePLEASE ? Can I maybe keep the cakes outside opf the fridge on friday ( I usually keep my house at 72') and wil it be ok for saturday evening? Do u think that I should practice with the fondant before this date comes? How can I make a fruit filling that is somehow natural and fresh? I just don't like to use jam or mermalade. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you!! here is the picture of the castle cake...

  27. i need to know more about cake makeing!?

    ok so this year i am makeing a 4 storey sand castle cake for my sister's bday and i need to know if i should use fondant or not. and i am also makeing a few things like chairs unbrellas trees and shells and i want to gaet some ideas for those thing on creative ways to do it. i would also like any other ideas that any one could share with me . if u have any ideas they will help! THANK U!!!!!

  28. birthday cake problems?

    Hi, I am having a harry potter themed 14th birthday party and I need help with the cake. If anyone can help me out by giving me a link or a pic with a recipe on a hogwarts castle cake but made with cake and not with cones and i think i have seen some with a quditch field but no recipe. If anyone can help me out with a cake thing please let me know.Thanks.Bye.

  29. Need help with my bundt cake (Palace/Castle pan)?

    I got this bundt cake pan on clearance thinking it would make a really cute b-day cake from my daughter (b-day this weekend). This is the first bundt cake I've ever made, I made a practice cake today, I used spray oil and flower, and boxed cake mix and the cake turned out good and moist but not all of it came out of the pan and it split in half once out of the pan. I need help. I want a white or pink cake, I thought about used angel food cake, but I read somewhere that you shouldn't use angel food cake in a bundt pan???? Does anyone have any advice on how to get the cake to come out of the pan properly?