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Birthday Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. Birthday cakes?

    Factors which need to considered to ensure birthday cake is suitable for child?

  2. birthday cakes????

    when you want to decorate a birthday cake what do u do and how do u make it!!! *please no dairy products! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

  3. **Birthday Cakes??**!?

    I want a birthday cake like this and my mom talks about it being something i dont know the name but it starts with a F. I want it for my 13th b day this tuesday and i was wondering where you could buy the stuff and how you could make the circles and does it taste good?

  4. How do you stick two birthday cakes together side by side?

    I am making a birthday cake for my son's 1st birthday. The pan I am using is about 12"x8" so I am planning on making two cakes in this pan and then putting them together side by side to make 1 large cake. The problem is, I do not know how to do this so that you cannot tell there are two seperate cakes and so that I can ice it as one cake. I am a novice at this cake baking/decorating stuff!

  5. How to send Birthday Cakes in Bangalore and Hyderabad?

    I am planning to send Birthday Cakes to my friends in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Is there web link/vendor who can send cakes to them?

  6. What happened to the birthday cakes you could buy?

    I remember in the 90's my aunt use to get as presents. Little birthday cakes that was really fancy presented. The had nice frosting and messages as well with a ribbon tied around them. It was in a plastic box that could've lasted for a long time if left. They were really cool. Does anyone know where they went and who has or had them? England specifically :)

  7. What kind of icing is best for birthday cakes?

    My hubby and I have decided in an effort to save cash to make the birthday cakes for our twins 2nd birthday. We figure we would make a buttercream to frost the cakes, but we aren't sure what kind of icing to use for the piped decorations. He says more Buttercream, I say Royal Icing, but we aren't really sure. Please help. Thanks!

  8. What are some good recipies for kids birthday cakes?

    I am wanting to make my kids birthday cakes. I want it to be something easy to make and fun for the kids. I have a boy who will be 2 and a girl who will be 4.

  9. Where can I find pic and recipes for birthday cakes made from cupcakes?

    My twins will be turning 1 next month and I have seen pic of these birthday cakes that were make from putting cupcakes together. I was think of doing it with either ladybugs, bubbles, or a flower. However I can't seem to find anything, do you know where I can find pic or instructions on how to make these?

  10. Where can I get my dog one of those dog birthday cakes?

    My dog's birthday is coming up soon, and I want to know where I can get him one of those dog birthday cakes? And how much do they cost?

  11. Had anyone ever thought of how disgusting is to eat a birthday cake?Can birthday cakes be without candles?

    Birthdays are exciting, happy and full of memory. Now imagine the time that the birthday person is blowing the cake ,spraying their spit all over the cake when he/she is blowing the candle as hard as they can . Do we really need to have candles on the birthday cakes?

  12. Where are some good web sites to look at tier birthday cakes with fondant icing?

    I want to have a great cake for my 18th birthday and I was poking around the net for ideas. I'm even taking ideas or details from wedding cakes with colors. Anyone know a good site to look at? I've been googling it but word-of-mouth is easier =]

  13. where to buy icing for writing on birthday cakes?

    can anybody tell me where i can buy the icing that you can use to write a message on birthday cakes? do they sell it at supermarkets such as asda or tesco?

  14. I wanna know where there is great original birthday cakes can be made in Ottawa Ontario?

    I wanna make a great original birthday for my best friend. She's turning 21 so we need to upscale the regular birthday cake.

  15. Anyone know where you can get Little Einstein birthday cakes?

    We're looking for a Little Einstein birthday cake and can't find one anywhere. We're thinking of having a bakery design a cake using action figures we found, but we can't find rocket. If anyone has seen a small rocket figure (maybe around 3-6 inches) or an actual Little Einstein's cake, please let me know. Am also looking for Little Einstein balloons and any other party supplies. So far, we've only found the invitations, thank yous, plates, cups, banners, napkins, and stickers.

  16. Do you buy birthday cakes or make them?

    Sometimes I make my birthday cake homemade and sometimes i go to the supermarket and buy one. what do you do most?

  17. Does anyone know the name of those spark sticks put in birthday cakes?

    Like those sticks that people put in birthday cakes? When you light them up they spark kinda like fireworks. But these you can hold them and light them yourselves. Please help:)

  18. where can I go to find good ideas for birthday cakes ?

    Its my nieces birthday, I want to make her a really cool cake that she will love! Where can I go for some good ideas! Thank in advance!!

  19. how many days in advance is it better to start making cakes and fondant for birthday cakes??

    I have a friend birthday coming up. How many days ahead should I make the cake? and how about the fondant? I work 8-5 during the day, and his birthday is on a weekday.... this is not the first time I made a fondant. I helped out decorate a cake with fondant before, just never make a real actual cake myself.

  20. Where can I find the best custom made birthday cakes in Chicago?

    I really like cake, so I would really like to to get another birthday cake besides the same kind every year, so what do you think is the best birthday cake place?

  21. Can i get some tips on kids birthday cakes?

    I have a loving goddaughter and her birthday is coming up. So i was wondering beacuse she loves me so much and i dont know what to get her for her birthday, i brought her everything in the world that she want, i should bake here a layer cake. but what kind of flavor, how should it look.etc anyone has any websites or tips.

  22. Why do some co-workers always ask for donations for birthday cakes and other events?

    Do people really enjoy getting a birthday cake from co-workers? Is it a way to make themselves "look good" in front of the boss? Are they just trying to be nice?

  23. Dean and Deluca birthday cakes - are they worth it?

    My daughter would like a D&D cake for her birthday, and I must say it would be more expensive than any gift on the table! Are they worth it? A hundred bucks for flour and sugar? Please tell me your experiences!

  24. vegan birthday cakes at whole foods?

    I have heard that some whole foods markets carry vegan birthday cakes...but I am not sure if every whole foods markets carries cakes. My birthday is coming up, and I want a vegan cake but the nearest whole foods is about a half hour away and I don't want to drive out there for nothing. If they don't carry vegan birthday cakes, does anyone know a good online source for getting a cake delivered to my home?

  25. Does anyone know how to make "prank" birthday cakes?

    I am looking for instructions or ideas on how to make a "prank" cake. I would love it if the cake would explode or at least shoot something at the birthday boy/girl. I have seen several videos with a balloon covered in icing as well. Any ideas are appreciated!

  26. How much do the ice cream birthday cakes cost at chuck E. cheese?

    It's my nephew's birthday tomorrow and my brother is out of town for a funeral, so I have him for a couple days and he's turning 6 tomorrow. So, I spontaneously want to give him a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese to get his mind off his parents. I'm not getting a birthday package, just a cake because it's just me and him and my kids for some hours. I went online but they didn't have the price.

  27. Has anyone got a recipe for lactose free birthday cakes?

    Hi everyone i was wondering if any of you could help me. My son is going to turn one in two weeks(haloween). He is lactose intollerent and i would love if he could eat his birthday cake, can anyone help me with a recipe for a brithday cake. Thanks a mil

  28. Why do bakeries seem to have a hard time spelling my name right on birthday cakes?

    Whenever my mother has a birthday cake made for me professionally, no bakery ever spells my name correctly. My mother will stand there and write it out for them, along with instructions and they still get it wrong. Every time. I was named for both of my grandmothers. (I never give my real name on a public forum--so I'm going to use MaryJane as a generic example.) To give equal recognition to both, my name is not hyphenated (Mary-Jane), there is no space between the two base names (Mary Jane) and the second base name is not lower-case (Maryjane). It's MaryJane. Although I don't prefer to use my real name in social settings, I still treasure it because I love my grandmothers. It is stressful to pay full price for a professionally done cake only to have to stand there in the bakery and tell them to redo the name after they have been explicitly told how to do it in the first place. Is there any way this can be avoided in the future? Changing my name or using a nickname is not an option. To change my name would hurt one or both of my grandmothers and it would definitely hurt my mother. To use a nickname or a different spelling would hurt my grandma "Jane." (Since "Mary" would be getting all the recognition.) "MaryJane" is not the actual name, just the pattern my name follows, so a cool initial nickname such as "MJ" will not work. Mainly because the two names are not Mary and Jane and the two letters in my name, used as initials, tend to stand for something insulting. If they want to keep their jobs, bakers should know how to spell. Duh.

  29. where can I find a bakery specializing in unusual birthday cakes in pittsburgh?

    This is for my husbands 50th birthday and I wanted a golf theme. It has to feed about 40 people and I don't want to spend a fortune. I'm just looking for something a bit more original than flowers or balloons. Location must be close to Sharpsburgh PA, cake must be done by Saturday Sept. 1st.

  30. Some construction themed birthday cakes?

    I am looking for the instructions and patterns for a birthday cake that is shaped like something to do with construction. Such as a bulldozer or something like that.

  31. Where can i find a place in Riverisde, Ca that makes custom birthday cakes?

    My birthday is coming up and i want to put a picture on the cake that i want. Where can i find a good place to do that that will be willing to put a picture on the cake in Riverside?

  32. Does anyone know of any birthday cakes to make and how?

    I need some recipies because its my birthday tommorw and i was going to give everyone a peice of cake or a cupcake. If you know any please answer my question. It needs to feed around 25 people

  33. Marks and spencers birthday cakes to order?

    My question is has anyone actually used Marks and spencers to order one of the specially made birthday cakes not the ones from the shelf? If so was it any good?

  34. Where do you find out how to make the birthday cakes bright colors, polka dot, cute designs, etc.?

    I see all these pictures of hot pink/lime green/turquoise birthday cakes with the cute modern designs. I want to make one for a friend's birthday but I cant find anything. Any ideas?

  35. Who has the best birthday cakes in Northern VA?

    I just want a simple child's birthday cake. Is Shoppers good?

  36. Need information on business that deliver birthday cakes>?

    Please Help! Can any one please help with a business i may contact in the U.K. that delivers birthday cakes. I am from U.S.A. and need to have cake delivered to my friend in the U.K. from Grimsby, NE LINCS.

  37. Is there a website to see the birthday cakes walmart makes?

    I thought you could see their cakes online, but I can't fid the website. Does anyone know it, I need a Little Mermaid cake for a 2 year old. Thanks!! I found the answer to my own question. Thanks though.

  38. are the birthday cakes from food 4 less any good?

    my son is gonna be a year old next week and i don't know where to get his cake.... i whas thinking food 4 less but i dont know if they are good cakes, i want something that's not to sweet very light icing !!! or where is bakery that has good b-day cakes in anaheim?

  39. Does anyone know any bakery's in Chicago that specializes only in birthday cakes?

    Bakery's in Chicago,IL that specializes in only birthday cakes

  40. Who makes fire engine birthday cakes?

    My older son is turning 3 and I would like to have a cake with a fire engine on it. I am NOT a good cook so will not be making it myself! Does anyone know offhand if any large chains (Safeway, Giant, Sam's Club, etc) make birthday cakes with fire engines on them?

  41. Which bakery has the best cakes in Toronto Canada? My sister wants a fancy Birthday cake this year?

    Thoses ones shaped like designer purses and such. So who's got the best birthday cake in town? Bare in mind Im only willing to spend up to $100.00 (on a freaking cake) My sister's cracked but if thats what she wants then thats what she wants She's in the early 20's

  42. Birthday Cakes with photographs? How far in advance would you need to order?

    Its my nephews first birthday on friday, if i ordered early tomorrow morning do you think i could have it by friday afternoon? I know i have left it late so I don't need to b told this.

  43. Does anyone know of a good Bakery in Toronto to order Birthday cakes?

    I don't know any good bakeries in Toronto. I dont wan to order ice-cream cakes, or else i would have gone to DQ or Baskin robins. So does anyone know of any good bakeries? Nothing too expensive, please.

  44. How expensive are professional birthday cakes?

    I want to get one for my best friends 19th birthday. I just need an uper and lower limit for average prices! Thanks! the cheaper the better! but less than $100 for sure. I want a small cake,for like 8 people. A simple cake. I just want her to know hat it took time and effort, and that a professional did it. I just want to know the cheapest professional cake price!

  45. How to make birthday cakes like ACE OF CAKES????

    I want to learn how to make those cool cakes that they do on ace of cakes. I love cooking and make cakes but are the ones with pillsbury frosting but I want to learn to do them with fondant. Does anyone know of a cool website where I can find that info?? Thanks!!

  46. Can safeway grocery store make custom cakes besides the regular birthday cakes?

    I love their other cakes, i want them to decorate it for my anniversary for my fiance.

  47. Does anyone remember the butter cream icing on birthday cakes from long ago?

    Cakes today just aren't like the ones from the 70's and earlier. That heavy suger crystal butter cream icing that you could smell clear across the room. You can't find them anymore.

  48. Where can you get cheap birthday cakes in San Jose, Calif.?

    Me and my friends are trying to get my friend a cake for her birthday, a 1 layer one, mediumish size, and white. We are really on a money crunch. Does anyone know any REALLY cheap places to buy quality cakes? 5 dollars would be good.

  49. Any 1 have any links to pictures and images of birthday cakes?...?

    Hi does any1 have any links to a very good full sized picture/images to a vanilla birthday cake?im making this birthday sig for some1 gotta finish by tonight and ill be editing the cake if possible to 1 thats plain or somthin for a 36 year old gal will give best answer tonight:)