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  1. cake ideas?

    ok i have to work with what i have.i just put a strawberry mix in a bunt cake tin and its in the oven.i want to put somw thing in the middle where the hole fuirt or something and on top of thae cake.anyone have any ideas of what i can do and also what kinda frosting should i use.thanks

  2. Cake Ideas?

    I was going to make my dad a cake out of this cook book that I saw at the library but I didn't get it (the cookbook). I went back to the library to get it the next day and it wasn't there so I need ideas of cool cakes that I can make. I want something special not just a plain chocolate cake. the one that I thought was cool in the cookbook was a spiral cake where it was a circle cake but it had two different colors of spirals. Another idea I had was to make a checkered cake. Is it really hard or what? I need all the ideas that I can get. Thanks!

  3. Does Anyone Have any relatively simple cake ideas for a Spongebob style Luau ?

    We have a back up plan of a spongebob cake from the supermarket. But we'd really like to make it ourselves, we were thinking of an erupting volcano cake, but its too complicated! Please post any ideas, recipes etc!

  4. What are some ideas for a 13th birthday cake?

    I'm turning 13 in about 2 months and I need some ideas for decorating the cake. I love rock music, I live in Kansas so I'm a country girl, I'm interested in retro things, etc. if you wanted to know some things about me. I don't think the party is really going to have a theme so I'm trying to find cake ideas that will work for anything. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

  5. Are There Any Cake Ideas For Me?

    I wanna make a cake but I don't have a mix or a working oven. I have a microwave. Any ideas?? oh and i have no powdered sugar lol. all out. are there any with just basic house old stuff. lol. i know its a long shot but im trying.

  6. Birthday cake ideas for a 13 year old girl?

    My 13th birthday party is coming up and I desperately need cake ideas. My party doesn't have a theme (its a scavenger hunt) but I would like a really original cake. I would really appreciate some links to some cool, unique cakes. Thank you!

  7. What are some cool cake ideas?

    I am on my high school's cheer team and I am very good at baking so I want to make them a cake for a goodbye present (this is my last year) There are no allergies. I want a cool shape for the cake and I want it to taste amazing any ideas? If you have pictures and recipes that would be great. Also, it has to serve about 30 people. BTW the team is buccaneers/pirates. and our colors are blue, white and silver.

  8. wedding cake ideas and other information?

    im getting married yay! haha and i need help! my future mother in law is making out wedding cake, and she is amazing at what she does, but she needs ideas and the only one i have is that quilted look on one layer or maybe not at all, but have any of you seen any bad ass cakes? now question number 2 any random wedding details that are often forgotten or overlooked? and tips about planning and stuff like that?

  9. What are some creative birthday cake ideas?

    My husband and daughter's birthday are on the same day, and I need some creative cake ideas. They both like to hunt so I was hoping that I could find a cake related to hunting. Thanks much!!!!

  10. Any ideas for a spy themed cake for a seven year old's birthday?

    so far we are using a combination Mission Impossible / spy type invites and accessories but need help with cake ideas!

  11. What are some easy and cheap decorations and flowers and cake ideas for a christmas themed wedding?

    I am getting married December 27th, 2008. I need some ideas as far as decorations, flowers, and cake layouts with a Christmas theme to them. I have thought abouut having my children cut out snowflakes from paper, and hang those from the ceiling. I am on a very tight budget and need some good, but inexpensive, ideas for flowers, decorations, and the cake. PLEASE HELP. ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. My colors are the traditional green, deep red, white, and we are throwing a little bit of purple.

  12. Any really cute cake ideas that are easy to make?

    my birthday is coming up and i would like to have a cute cake made by me. weather its a cute way to ice it,a cute color scheme, or the shape of the cake i would appreciate any ideas. and my party is kind of a summer, recipes,websites...its all good! also tips on icing the cake would be nice too! thanks!

  13. Birthday cake ideas for a hoarder?

    We are having a birthday party for my soon to be 68 year old Grandma who is a mega hoarder. She has a great sense of humor about this so as weird as it sounds we'd like to make her birthday cake and party sort of a clutter theme. She especially has a thing about hoarder furniture and chairs in particular. So we'd thought about taking a bunch of my daughter's doll furniture and stacking it on the cake. I know this is weird but any ideas? We might also incorparate some themed games into the party as well. Any ideas for those?

  14. Website with birthday cake ideas?

    I am looking for a website that has pictures of cakes for my birthday. I want a great looking cake for my 18th birthday that's coming up next weekend and I need some ideas. I'll be making the cake so it can't be extremely difficult but I think I can manage something grand. Or if anyone has any ideas of a cake, that would be a big help too. Feel free to email me. Thanks!

  15. Dose anyone know a link with good cake ideas?

    I need a like with cake decoration ideas. I need somthing elaborate.

  16. Cake ideas needed for adult Birthday?

    A friend of mine said she wanted a cake (duh!) for her birthday next month, so I agreed. But I want your ideas, because I want to give her a special cake. Post pictures of neat cake designs or delectable recipes. She loves color and fun stuff. No, not "naughty" cakes. I meant "adult" as in "probably won't settle for the white frosting and balloons." ;-) Thanks for the ideas, everyone.

  17. Hawaiian Cake ideas where to buy them?

    I'm having a Hawaiian B-day and I don't know where to go to get a cake made and i need some ideas. Please send me links to websites.

  18. what are some cake ideas and decorations for a 70th birthday ?

    Its my grans 70th birthday and we are in charge of the cake.. its the first time in a long while since we have got the whole family together. We want something simple but sort of fancy.. and any ideas on where i could get fondant or where to buy it? I live in australia..

  19. Do you have any Christmas cake ideas?

    I am giong to bake a Christmas cake for a Christmas party and needed some ideas for decorating the cake. I need them as soon as possible. Any thing will help. Thanks!

  20. Need easy but delicious birthday cake ideas for husband.?

    However, he is a pastry chef so I want this cake to taste amazing and up to his standards! He loves Boston Cream Pie but anything will work. I am just not very good in the kitchen so I need a sure fire recipe to do the trick. All cake ideas welcome!!

  21. I am turning 13 and I am going to go play lazer tag with 3 of my friends. and I need Cake ideas?

    I am turning thirteen and need awesome cake ideas. this is a really big deal for me and i want a big extravagant cake (but not expensive) please no mean comments.

  22. Any ideas for a cake that is fairly easy?

    i took the beginer class for cake decorating, so any cake ideas that are fairly easy?

  23. Alcohol Themed Birthday Cake Ideas?

    My friend and I are having a joint 30th birthday party. We are wanting a fun cake idea. One likes bicardi and 1 likes vodka. Any ideas or suggestions of where to look for such an idea. thanks, no plans to use as ingredients but to use as the look of those flavours.

  24. calla lily wedding cake ideas?

    I am trying to find wedding cake ideas. My flowers are going to be calla lilies. I have found lots of pictures where there is a plain cake with actual calla flowers on it, but I am looking for a cake decorating with calla piping. Any sugestions would be great.

  25. Cake ideas for a 6-year-old's luau/birthday party?

    I'm having a birthday party at the end of this month for my neice. It's luau-themed and I've already bought all the supplies, I just have no idea what kind of cake I'm going to do!! Cake ideas and cupcake ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  26. any birthday cake ideas for a party?

    need ideas for a friend's 60th birthday party. don't want traditional birthday cake. want something i can make night before.

  27. Can someone help me with cake ideas for a sleepover?

    I'm going to a friend's birthday party tomorrow and we've decided to do a 'bake a cake' competition. The birthday girl then chooses the tastiest cake. But my problem is, I'm stuck with ideas. Can someone help me with some tasty treats? Thanks. Please answer asap:) Thanks xx

  28. Do you know any good 50th anniversiry cake ideas?

    My grandparents are having their 50th anniversiry party and i need to bring the cake any good ideas

  29. Does anybody have cute birthday cake ideas?

    I have volunteered to bake the cake for my cousins daughter's 1st birthday. I need to make 60 cupcakes and 1 cake for the little girl. I have about a week and a half, no time to learn how to do fondant. As far as I know, there is no theme to the party other than just bright, girly colors. Any simple, cute ideas are appreciated! Thanks :)

  30. I'm looking for ideas for a birthday cake for my 8 year old son....?

    My son is turning 8 and we are having a "science" themed birthday party. I don't want to do a basic sheet cake and am looking for some intersting cake ideas. My thought at the moment is a smoking volcano cake (like a science project). Anyone have any other ideas?

  31. What are some good cake design ideas for a 13 year old girl's Birthday Party?

    Help! I am helping to host a 13 year old girls sleepover birthday party. I have an idea of what they could do but I need some ideas for a cake design. I want to make this a really great day for her! All thoughts/answers are appreciated. Thanks!

  32. my grandma used to make a rock cake any ideas for recipe?

    this cake was like a fruit cake but good ,it had raisins ,pecans,was very moist but hard as a rock you had to cut or break off a piece. it was steamed for three hours then put in oven. this cake is great ,but my x-wife has the recipe, and gramma is gone now. any ideas?

  33. My son is turning one and he only has one freind .I would like some ideas for party and cake?

    I would like ideas about a party and a good cake idea and what food to have . It will be mostly adults

  34. I am looking for Bass Fish Cake ideas.?

    I am making a cake for my best friend's engagement party and he loves bass fishing. So I thought that would be my focus. I am having a hard time coming up with ideas. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  35. cake decorating ideas using a camo icing?

    I'm doing a cake for one of my friends going back into the Army. I wanted to do a camo covering instead of regular one color icing to cover the cake. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the cake to look like camo?

  36. I need ideas on how to do this cake Idea I have ?

    Im making my child a birthday cake and heres my idea. Im going to use a bigger cake on bottom and then make 2 smaller cakes and cut out the letters H and M( Hannah Montanna) I have no clue what Im doing or what Im even getting myself into I need Ideas on how to do this!

  37. Pond cake ideas and suggestions?

    I am making a pond cake and I need suggestions on what to use to make frogs, turtles, cat tails, rocks, etc. I would like to use as many edible products as possible, but I will take any suggestions. Also, they have to be things I can get at Wal-Mart because that is the only place around here and pretty easy to make for someone who is 37 weeks pregnant and has never decorareted a cake before. Thanks everyone! Yeah, sorry it's a pond theme cake. I am making it for a frog and turtle pond themed baby shower.

  38. Some good cake ideas?

    What type of cakes can I make witmy Betty Crocker Bake N Fill? Any ideas? Ice cream,fruit,etc.

  39. What website could i go to;to get images of a teenage kool birthday cake ideas?

    For example of my type of cake stars and polka dots.

  40. anyone have some birthday cake ideas i could use?

    im having a joint birthday party for my lil boy who is turning 1 and lil girl who is turning 4. finally decided on a jungle theme! i make birthday cakes for almost all the birthday parties in our family. so i need some ideas for this one. a cake thats not too boyish but not too girlish at the same time. any ideas?

  41. What are some reallyy cool Birthday Cake ideas for a 13- year old? (Please include a pic. or website:)?

    I am turning 13 and I really don't want a baby cake anymore. My mom is making it so I need a simple sheet cake or layer cake. I want something with peace signs, but any cool ideas are welcome. Also, if you could include a picture of the cake or the website you got it from, it would really help! Thank you so muchhh! :)