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Graduation Cake Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Graduation Cake Ideas: What is most suitable cake topper decorations for me to choose?

    I want to find graduation cake topper decorations for my graduation, hope it will help me for my graduation cake ideas

  2. Good Graduation Cake ideas?

    I am making a cake for my sisters high school graduation. I have rolled fondant, icing, and a lot of time. I can only use round cake pans and our school colors are orange, black, and white. Any ideas are welcome. Pictures would really help but aren't necessary. Thanks for any and all answers.

  3. Graduation cake ideas...?

    I need ideas for a unique but simple high school graduation cake. My cousin, a pastry chef, is going to make it, however, I need to give her some ideas. The school colors are black/grey and red, if this helps at all. Pictures would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you.

  4. looking for cake ideas. Beauty school graduation. Something I can make and decorate myself.?

    Example-crazy hair cake, Face with rollers. full of ideas, but don't know how to go about it. need photo ideas possibly.

  5. Can anyone find pics or suggest ideas for a graduation and birthday cake together?

    I am making a graduation/birthday cake for a high school graduation/birthday party. Any suggestions or pictures of a cake like this?

  6. I am having a graduation party for a friend going to dental school. I need ideas for a cake I could make.?

    Thanks, also if you have any decoration ideas or links to websites that have ideas for a cake I could make at home. Thanks again

  7. Construction Engineering Technology Graduation cake?

    i want to make random tools or stuff to do with a construction engineering technology program for a graduation cake, any ideas? yes but its for a party that would be funny but i need to make it edible! :)

  8. I need help with making a graduation cake?

    My mom already made like 4 layer round cake (it's not that tall, the layers are relatively thin). she wanted to draw on a graduation hat on the cake, but i thought it would be cool if she just topped it with somethin large and square to make it look like a hat. i don't think she wants to make another square layer. i suggested melting chocolate and pouring it into a square container and letting it solidify, but is there any way to color chocolate blue? any other ideas?

  9. What is a good phrase for a art major graduation cake?

    I was thinking.... A successful future begins with a blank canvas Congratulations Any other ideas?

  10. a graduation cake, they want the school logo on it but the bakery won't do an edible image do to copyright

    anyone have any ideas what i should do i need this by sat 7/5/08. i didn't know that high schools would have copyrights

  11. Does anyone have any great high school graduation party ideas??

    The colors for her party are green and white. We also come from a spanish family, so we like to use printed ribbons pinned to our clothing. I'm having the party in the backyard. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or places where I can purchase things, please let me know!! Also does anyone know where you can find a really good cake place in Connecticut????

  12. Dessert ideas for a graduation party(easy 10 pts)?

    im in charge of the desserts for a huge graduation party there will be a cake but of course there needs to be more than that. i need some ideas, what should i make???? ill vote for best answer later. both im making and buying

  13. Do you have a crockpot recipe for taco filling?

    I am looking for a recipe to make ground beef taco filling in the slow cooker to feed about 10 people or so. I want to to have it ready at home after graduation this week so it's a fast, quick meal before graduation cake :) Any ideas? I've looked and looked online. Maybe you have one tested out?

  14. I need ideas for a graduation theme party- for a Baking & Pastry student.?

    I have a friend who will be receiving her college certificate in Baking & Pastry. I'm throwing her graduation party, and would like to have a theme that goes along with her certificate. Besides a cake, what else would tie in with the theme? Also, what kind of favors, decorations, etc.? Any advice appreciated, and I will choose a best answer!

  15. funny graduation cake phrase?

    i'm trying to think of something funny to write on the cake for my high school grad party. it can be somewhat offensive, just no profanity. got any ideas?

  16. Graduation Hat Cake help needed!?

    Hi I want to make my boyfriend a 3d graduation hat cake for his graduation but have no clue how to go about it, i was thinking baking a round cake then square cake to put on top, however worried it wont hold its weight and may collapse? Would really appreciate ideas, links to websites etc. Thank you!

  17. Does anyone have any tips or ideas for a high school graduation open house?

    I'm serving cake. What about other food, drinks, decorations, etc.?

  18. Where can I find a tooth shaped cake pan or mold? Or directions on how to make a tooth shaped cake.?

    Any great party ideas for my daughters Dental Hygienist Graduation besides a tooth cake?

  19. Unique Graduation Cakes in Northern Virginia/DC Metro area?

    I would like to find a place for unique graduation cakes for my son's high school graduation in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area. Does anyone know of some places for unique and tasty cakes along with a place to get party ideas?

  20. i need ideas for a cake for a graduaion?

    all right i posted this question before but i didn't get enough detail i'm good a piping but not really fancy stuff and i can frost and put sprinkles and that stuff its a chocolate cake with white frosting for a graduation try to keep it simple

  21. Anyone know a delicous chocolate orange cake recipe?

    Im looking for a chocolate orange layer cake recipe, preferably one that you have tried but if not any would do? Also i want it to be a 3 layer cake its for a special occasion (sisters graduation) so if you have any ideas on how to decorate it feel free to pop in with your answer lol Thanks Amy :) Thank youu :)

  22. Hurry! What types of fluffy frosting can I freeze for an ice cream cake?

    I am making a ice cream cake for my brothers graduation part in three hours the cake is in the deep freeze right now but I need a fluffy frosting that I can use on it! Any ideas please.

  23. Making a dessert buffet for my Cousins Graduation?

    I'm in charge of making desserts for 500 people for my cousins graduation. Does anyone have good ideas that are not just cakes and pies or cookies. We live in Hawaii so i was thinking some Hawaiian desserts too! Or any websites that have good ideas? Mahalo!

  24. How long will a fondant cake stay fresh?

    I want to bake a cake for my sister's Graduation that is 5 days away. If it is covered in fondant on Sunday will it last through the week until her Grad on Fri.? Any ideas on how to store it so that it will last? I have to make it this weekend (tomorrow) and then give it to her next weekend.

  25. what are some middle school graduation party foods?

    I need some ideas for food to bring we already have Fritos, Sunships, cake, cookies, and cheesepuffs. Ideas?

  26. What are some ideas for a graduation party for a person finishing their BA Degree?

    we are having a at home graduation party. It is in a small apartment so it is nothing crazy or big. Just a few of my daughters friends. She is getting her BA Degree and I want to celebrate. We are going to have the typical music, drinks, food and cake...however I want to know if there are anything we can do to make this party seem more like a graduation party then just a normal weekend hangout party. I was thinking to play a slide show of pictures... but other than that I cant think of anything! Any help would help a great deal thankss.

  27. Need different dessert ideas for summer bday party.?

    My son's 5th birthday is in july. I don't want to do cake because it seems like we have cake at everything. cookouts, graduation, etc. I need some ideas on different things to do. We are having a water party, cooking hot dogs and maybe having popcicles. I thought about making a fruit pizza. Giant choc chip cookie with a whipped cream topping covered in fruit? Any ideas would eb wonderful Thanks.

  28. Graduation reception?

    I am planning a small open house for my daughter for her senior graduation. I am wanting to serve cake, some pastries, veggie/meat plates and sodas...or is a meal more appropriate? She isn't into the attention, and we don't know a whole lot of people, so we are keeping it low-key...any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

  29. Buying cakes for graduation?

    What store would have the best priced cake/best quality for graduation? If you have any idea of the actual price/size that would help me a lot, thank you!

  30. What food should I serve at my graduation party?

    I'm just serving snack typ foods and cake no big meal or anything but I need some ideas for what to have anything would be helpful thanks!