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  1. Graduation Cake.. Got any ideas?

    I'm baking a graduation cake. I need a graduate Figurine. Does anyone have any ideas about how to make a figurine? Like, I don't know the head out of fruit leathers, or something! Thanks!

  2. Any ideas or websites on a crazy cool graduation cake for a person graduating with her psychology masters!?

    Any websites or anything!!! Please!! I really need something out of the box..something creative! She is a woman who is girly and what not you know like the rest or regular women! Please help!!

  3. High School Graduation Cake Ideas?

    I'm graduating from high school, and my parents want me to help with the idea for a cake. I'm enrolled at Purdue's school of Engineering, going for an Aeronautical degree. To be specific: My parents are making my party themed *shudders* after Space. What could I put on my cake, that while making it somewhat interesting, at least enough to convince my parents to listen to the idea, that wouldn't make it like a 6 year-old's birthday cake? They seemed hooked on the Space Idea, and have already ordered some supplies (which I have been censoring so that so far they aren't too bad), but their ideas of cool and mine are obviously quite different. Thoughts?

  4. Any ideas for a funny line on a graduation cake?

    My brother is graduating from high school and I'm trying to think of something funny to have written on his cake. His name is Daniel. Any ideas?

  5. Ideas for a cool graduation cake?

    Four of my best friends are graduating this year, but I have no idea what kind of cake to make for them! One of them goes to my school, but the other three do not. My ideas were: lockers that are personalized for each section -or- a graduation cap, but I do not know what colors to make it. One school is blue and gold, and the other is red, and grey/white. Anybody have any ideas? Btw, I'm not a pro cake maker. I'll try anything, though!

  6. I'm making my little brothers graduation cake and need some ideas.?

    He will be graduating in May. His school colors are red, black, and silver and his mascot is the Panther. I would also like to include the fact that he is a volunteer firefighter on it some where. I have no problem doing tiered cakes!! Love doing them actually! So any ideas?? I still want it to look like a graduation cake but also include the firefighter aspect of it!!

  7. Accountant themed graduation cake?

    I need an idea for my husband's graduation cake--he is graduating with a degree in accounting. Any ideas for a shape and a saying? He thought this day would never come!!

  8. Ideas for a graduation cake?

    I just graduated 8th grade and having a graduation party. I'm extremely obsessed with the beatles and definitely with john lennon. For my cake, I know I want John or all four beatles on it but I'm not sure what I should make it look like. All ideas are open and will be much appreciated. Thanks! :)

  9. I need an idea for a College Graduation Cake?

    My son is graduating from college this weekend and we're having about 20 - 25 people for dinner at a restaurant. We can bring a cake and I want it to be special. He's graduating from the theater department. I can bake pretty well, but I've never used anything like fondant. Any ideas?

  10. how to make a florida gators graduation cake?

    i want to make a graduation cake for my cousins because they are graduating from UF and need some ideas i want to sculpt a graduation cake and need decorating ideas with fondant

  11. Help with a nurse graduation cake?

    Any suggestions for a new graduate nurse cake? I saw one that was in the shape of a scrub top but not sure how to do that. I know it was fondanted. Any other cool ideas floating around?

  12. what are some graduation party salad ideas?

    My daughter is graduating and we did not plan on having a lot of people coming, but now people keep sayung there are. I need some ideas. Here's what we have so far. Meats and cheese tray, nachos, chips and salsa, ramen noodle salad, calico beans, a fruit and veggie tray, and a sheet cake for desert. Any ideas?

  13. Anyone have ideas for a graduation party for a nurse?

    I am graduating soon from nursing school. After 4 incredibly hard years I am going to have some fun planning and having a nurse themed graduation party. I will have a thermometer shaped cake, ACE bandages for streamers, an IV bag looking like it is to serve the punch, and more. I'm looking for more ideas for decorations, favors, and fun things to do. Please help!

  14. I'm looking for a song lyric to put on my graduation cake.?

    Hi there! I just graduated college with a Music Ed. degree. I'm trying to think of something to put on my graduation cake. My thoughts are something either witty and funny, or some sort of thoughtful song lyric. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm drawing a few blanks here! Thank you!!

  15. So my Husband is GRADUATING from FULLSAIL with a Bachelor in Computer Animation Any Cake Design Ideas??????

    his graduation is on May 9th and i have no idea what to design for his cake i thought maybe the Fullsail real world education logo with the plain in the middle and a grad cap maybe but i'm not so sure if it will be ok, also any funny lines for it???? Some one Help PLEASE!!!! Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks to all in Advance!!!

  16. Does anyone know how to make a surfboard cake??

    My sisters graduating soon and for her graduation party we are having a Luau, she wants to bake her own cake(she loves this type thing) and she wants a surf board for her cake. Any Ideas, this is a last minute decision, her party is THIS SATURDAY!!! Please help ASAP!!! BTW it has to feed about 100 people maybe more

  17. High School Graduation Party ideas?

    So, my mom thinks I have stupid ideas and doesn't agree with me on anything. The graduation party is for my brother who just graduated from high school and is going to a private college. We are Indian so if you have ever been to an Indian party its usually in "hall" or hotel or something. In this case we have a rented a "hall" in this Indian restaurant and the evening will start out with snacks, then performances/speeches, the cake cutting, and then we start to dance and dinner is served. Our school colors are blue and yellow, however my mom already bought colorful balloons, so we can't do the blue and yellow balloon anymore. But what do you guys think we can decorate the hall with. The center stage is like one level down from the seats "eating area with tables and everything". I want some sort of theme and how should I decorate the cake table?

  18. Anyone creative enough to come up with some good graduation jokes?

    I'm trying to plan a graduation for a college student, the theme of his graduation is "Smart Ass".... His cake has a donkey on it with a graduation cap, etc. We were wanting to make the plates and other accessories have donkeys on them saying "smart-ass" comments, preferably involving the word ass or donkey. For example, one could have a donkey on it saying "Assk me anything, I'm a college graduate!" and things like that. Any good ideas??

  19. Help with Graduation Cakes?

    I am making a cake for my class (Seniors, of course) for this upcoming Friday. We are graduating on the 8th. I'll be needing to feed about 30-40? Its just for a class, not the whole lot of seniors. okay, what I want is some ideas. I'm a novice, but I can use fondant. I want it awesome, but also something that I can acutally do. what kind of cake should I use? Can you give me some design ideas? Here is some info about my school, in case you are going to ask. colors: red, black, white (ugh, I know) Date: June 8, 2010 Mascot: Blackcat (panther, really) We don't have any sayings or anything like that...

  20. What do you think of this graduation party theme?

    So I graduated from college and I'm going to have a small get together at my house with my brother, his gf, my boyfriend, and some family and a few friends. I'm thinking BBQ food (chicken, burgs, dogs, salads) and for dessert I was going to make a "Burger Cake" like a cake that looks like a big cheeseburger. Just for fun, I saw pictures and I thought it would be cool to make. Cute idea?

  21. 2012 Goal List Ideas! Help!?

    I'm making a Goal List for myself that ends at the end of 2012 (Graduation Year). Here's what I have so far: •Graduate •Own a Guitar •Learn To Play Guitar •Learn How to Play a Song on Guitar •Create My Own Song •Bench 100 Lbs •Bench 110 Lbs •Bench 120 Lbs •Bench 150 Lbs •Create a Comic •Bake a Cake •Learn to Cook •Learn to Speak Another Language •Save $3000 •Get a Permit •Pass Drivers Ed •Get a License •Get a Car Now I need some more Ideas because that's pathetic. Please help!

  22. High School Graduation Party/Open House on a Budget!?

    My son is graduating in May on a Sunday, and I would like to throw a open house/party....he's insisting that you have to provide a meal, I thought a cake and punch but want him to be happy....I have a $150.00 budget which doesn't go to far...does anyone have ideas on what kind of food would feed a lot of people without costing a fortune. Any comments appreciated.

  23. knowledge of what the kids know upon graduation?

    I've always had this idea, and now that my 2nd child is graduating and going on to college, it's always been in the back of my head, there choice's of electives if not mandatory classes, I just think upon graduation they should have to have under their belt finance classes, know how to balance a check book, know what retirement funds are, IRA, trading stocks, the market, 401K, maybe an apptiude test see what career choices they have, interest rates, you get the point, I think this should start freshmen year, I just wonder what kind of kids we would have graduating or heading into college instead of the ones that had shop class (which isn't bad) but left alone? or girls. I learned how to sew a purse and seriously make a cake from scratch,,,,I'm just wondering how some of us could have gone? just curious of your ideas? exactly my point, and who's to blame? I personally think it's are educational system, that's why I said start freshmen year, start easy, make it fun, ( however ) be creative,,,,but just do it!

  24. i need some cooking ideas!?

    ok my best friend, Trypaw44100 (Google it shes an awesome artist, u can see her style of what she likes)but anyways she is graduating! and she loves Nintendo and Sonic, and i want to make food (like pies and cakes cuz there awesome[other food ideas are awesome too ^ ^]) for her graduation, does any one have any ideas or recipes on how to make video game based food or theme! please help Thank you so much ^ ^ another thing, i need to know where i could find cute small game figurines(preferably sonic) i can place on a cupcake or big cake or something

  25. Any ideas for a grad/going away party?

    My younger sister graduated high school and is going away to study in another state, so this coming saturday is going to be her graduation and goodbye party. We have alot of things ready, like food, cake, music, a photo/memories table, a candy table, and a volleyball net, but my sister and I are worried that this wont be enough for our guests. We are having about 60-70 people- adults and children, and of course some of her friends. Alot of her friends had crazy things at their parites, like a bounce room, a slurpee machine, coney dog machine . . . .etc, things that we find kinda ridiculous and not in out budget. Is there anythign we can do or add that will make this party better? or do you think its ok?

  26. i'm planning my graduation party but i have no idea where to start?

    okay so i've never had a party in my life....on my birthday its just a cake u know....i am graduating from high school ....the first one to do it from my family. [[mom and dad went till 6th grade in mexico, brother{25} till 10th grade, sister 9th{23} grade, sister 8th{21} grade,]] and i finally did it!{17} so i want something unique, glamorous, unforgettable, not so expensive, can anyone guide me in how to do it? my graduation ceremony is on a tuesday so *should i do the party after or wait until the weekend on a friday or saturday? also *should i do it like a theme party or just a party?(70's or pirate's or sexy's or customes...) *what food should i give out? something not so expensive but good... i have church friends and like classmates of my other skools....*so how should i do it so both can enjoy? what would be the time like at 7 eat then 8 dance or any specific schechule? mmmm any help please? well i will. mmmm... i'm planning it for i'm doing all the planning because i'm doing the party, i;m paying for it too. my family its like too poor and busy to do it. i buy my own stuff and clothes and shoes and everything....

  27. Ideas for paying for wedding!?

    Here is our dilemna: my fiance is currently working 2 jobs. I am a full-time student & not working right now. I go to school in a different city, & I graduate in 4 weeks. I am planning on moving home the day after graduation, so I can't get a job down here since by the time I started, I would have to quit! Our wedding is in a little less than 3 months. I am planning on getting a job as soon as I move back home. Our problem is that we bought a house in late November, & we've had unexpected issues come up, such as termites and having to get a new roof. We've booked everything as far as the cake and photographer, etc. for the wedding, but we need about $3000-$4000 for the reception. We never thought we'd have this problem, & we can't back out now because of all the money we've already spent! After having a yardsale and receiving money for gifts and my graduation, we're thinking we'll still need about $2000-$2500. My fiance has taken out a loan for the roof, and I have bank loans, student loans, and credit card debt. Would it be terrible for him to put this amount on a credit card? We don't know what else to do! Our plan is to sell our house in about 5 years, so we'd pay off our debt when we did this. We do realize the housing market is not good right now, but we can't think of anything else to do. Would it be terrible to charge it? we can't cut anything out! it's an outside wedding, and what we have left to pay for is the tent, chairs, tables, and food! the tux, etc. if we could cut we would! even if we cut people off the guest list we'd still owe money! our family won't help. his parents would, but his dad isn't working, so they don't have it either. we used the $1000 my dad and stepmom gave us for the house, and my stepdad just broke his collarbone...he's a machinist, so he's just started back working. we did things in order...we've been engaged for a year and a half. we've been buying stuff all along, and we bought this house bc it was a steal, and we wouldn't have anywhere to live otherwise. there's a whole other story about how things turned out in this order, so i don't want to get into that. this wasn't planned to be in this bind, believe me. the way we planned, we would've had no problems. but things don't always go as planned, so we're trying to figure out how to get through this as best we can.


    My Boyfriend is Graduating from highschool tomorrow and I have no idea what to get him very last minute. Hey goes to a military school, he likes flying planes and all military stuff basically!!!! Should I get him flowers? Or is that stupid? Should I make him a cake? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!! Help please!!!!! I want something small but very meaningful

  29. I need help for a final art project...wanna help?

    Hello! Okay. I am a graduating senior and in my art class we have to create a final project. There are no guidelines. So be excited! But I do not come up with ideas very well...hence me asking all of you on Yahoo! Answers. :] Any idea will be helpful. Here are some of mine: - make a fake cake and decorate it in a graduation theme - do something with funny phobias Anyway I need your help. :]

  30. Any good tips?

    Okay, so I wanted to have a graduation party for my classmates and I, we are graduating the sixth grade and moving on to middle school, and almost everyone is going to a different school, so, ya know, kinda a "goodbye" party. I did a ton of research, and I know where I want to do it, when I want to do it, and even the schedule for the party. I know that money is tight, but I put together everything and it came to aboout $250. I know I can't get an answer right now, but with that price includes: food, drinks, condiments, place to rent for the party, cake, plates, napkins, cups, party favors, EVERYTHING. I researched to see exactly how much this would cost, and I even called Wegmans to get an estimate on the cake! I want to present this to my mom and dad, and i am willing to work for the money. how can i present this idea in a convincing way, so they might even consider it? PLEASE, anything will help!

  31. Should I go back to school as a crutch?

    I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in marketing back in June 08. I went to a reputable Big Ten school so its not like it was some cake walk. Well as many of you might know this is a terrible time for the corporate world in in this country. As a result of the economy I have had zero luck in 7 months of looking. I can't get anything. Even the temp agency has nothing. My resume and interview skills are excellent according to my career counslers and the temp agency staff but understandably companies want experience over anything else. I am going for jobs against guys with 10 years experience in the industry who are willing to settle for entry wages. I wouldn't hire myself over them either in the interest of the company. I received a good sum of money for graduation and have minimized my expenses by living at home with my parents but there are still everyday expenses that are slowly but surely draining my money. I expect in 3 months time I'll be broke. I can't deal with that. So I'm seriously thinking I have to go back to school or my life is going to go nowhere. I hate the idea of digging myself into debt but it seems I'm running out of time and options. I also can't stand living with the old parents so it would be a huge relief to be able to live on my own through student loans or otherwise. I am thinking I will go for accounting or computer science engineering as they seem to be a bit more in demand. I hate the idea of using school as a crutch to avoid the real world but I think in these times its a pretty solid idea. I just wanted to get some feedback from people. Is it worth getting some loans for a couple years to relieve my money worries and make myself more marketable? Does Accounting or CSE sound like viable degrees in the next couple years? Any feedback will be helpful.