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Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have a unique ideas for what a bridal shower cake could say?

    My youngest sisters bridal shower is on Sunday, we are having a brunch but I want the cake to say something besides congratulations. Any fun ideas?

  2. Bridal Shower Cake...?

    MOH here, planning a bridal shower, need cake ideas...having a hard time coming up with something. Shower is in early March...we are having bright colors (bright pink, green, blue, etc..) any suggestions??

  3. wedding shower cake ideas please help?

    please help ive made many hard cakes b4 so im not too worried about how hard it will be but somone asked me to make their bridal shower cake and they said either 2 bells or 2 doves or a ring but other ideas are much appreciated

  4. Can anyone recommend an excellent bakery in Los Angeles where to buy a Bridal Shower Cake?

    I've heard of Porto's in Glendale is a great bakery. Are there others in neighboring cities where I can get a beautiful and great tasting Bridal Shower cake? My sister is hosting the party she needs some ideas please. Any ladies (or men) or bakers have any ideas where to shop for this piece of fancy bread? (Let me know the price of the dough too please :)

  5. Where is a good website to find wedding/bridal shower cakes?

    I am getting married in a couple of months and I have been trying to find some good cake ideas but so far I have found very few. I need 2 cakes, one for my bridal shower and the other for my wedding. Does anyone have any good ideas, pictures, or know of any websites that can help me? Thank you! :)

  6. wedding shower cake ideas?

    Any unique or fun messages to put on a wedding shower cake? The cake is honoring both the bride and groom (not just a bridal-cake). It will be a full sheet cake from a local bakery grocery store, so the design will be simple. They don't do a lot of custom decorations so it will be white icing with black piping along the edges (the color/them is black and white). So....any text ideas? ummm did i add that this should be affordable, and that there are no bakeries where im at....Like i said, the only thing we have is a grocery story imagine Wal-Mart type bakery. I doubt they would do special chocolate squares lol Also, the black icing is just dyed black, and there are no flavors added to it. I've tried it.

  7. I need a love quote for my bridal shower cake!!?

    I am having my bridal shower on August 29 and am trying to find something to have written on my cake. I was thinking a cute love quote would be nice. Do you know of any? Or just any general idea of something a little different to have on the cake. It's not a couples shower, however, my fiance will be stopping by at the end just to say hi to everyone. Oh by the way we're getting married on the beach if that helps for any ideas. Thanks!!

  8. Homemade wedding and bridal shower ideas?

    I'm usually a creative person. For baby showers I've made diaper cakes, wreaths, diaper babies, etc. but I have no clue what I could make as a wedding gift and another seperate gift for the bridal shower??? Any ideas of homemade gifts?

  9. What are some easy but creative food ideas for a bridal shower?

    I am throwing my soon to be sister in law a bridal shower i have invitations out, cake ordered now I need to figure out some good ideas on food also decorations any ideas? Wow those are some really good Ideas I like the slider ideas everyone loves those and the salad and the mini kiesh idea plus the tp game thanks so much!!! And I loved the idea of the strowberries tooooo cute!!!

  10. Bridal Shower Cake Wording?

    Any ideas on what wording to put on a bridal shower cake for my friend? any ideas would be GREAT!! Thanks

  11. Bridal Shower!?

    I am planning a bridal shower for myself with my mom and close friends. We want to have an outdoor come and go shower at our local park. The shower will be sometime in July, so it will be very hot. Is it weird to have a come and go shower on a Friday night, instead of the Saturday or Sunday traditional showers? Would it be weird if I have fruit and dip, chips and dip, and lunchmeat sandwiches for the guests? We will also have a cake, is it ok if we just make one? We have the napkins and plates already, they are awesome daisy patterned. What kind of decorations do I need? Do I have to give every guest a favor for coming to the shower? Is this all a bad idea? Should I do the traditional way and have it the normal, standard way of being on a Sunday, serving nuts and punch, and ordering a bridal shower cake? Help everyone, I don't want to look stupid.

  12. Bridal shower cake???

    i am makeing the cake for a bridal shower her theme is hearts any ideas i was going 2 do individual cakes with the names in the middle i have 2 weeks left and running outa time??? for my brother the cakes is feeding 50-60people

  13. Planning a bridal shower cake or cupcakes??

    I want this shower to be really fun and different what do you think of this?? instead of a cake? or do both?? I think it would be fun and different... I could bake all different kinds of cupcakes and then it lets everyone choose their favorite kind. I could get heart shaped sprinkles! I think it would be cute do you??? Anyother Ideas on a theme? or special foods I could have... games?? favours?? any other ideas that would make a bridal shower fun and different ?? any ideas for centerpieces..???

  14. "Beach" themed bridal shower cake. What saying besides "best wishes" could I write on the cake?

    Ordered expensive shower cake and I'm not sure what to write. The bride is getting married on the beach in Malibu so I orderd a 1/2 sheet cake with chocolate sea shells. Any ideas out there on a cute beach saying for this shower cake. I did find on online " From Miss to Mrs., With Our Best Wishes" but nothing with a beach it's tomorrow and I have to call baker in A.M.

  15. I need a bridal shower gift idea that will bring down the house. Any cool, creative ideas?

    I've already dont the towel wedding cake and the sexy lingerie clothes line gift. Need something special to make the brides day memorable in a good way.

  16. Quick Bridal Shower Ideas !!?

    I am throwing a friend of mine her bridal shower and inviting people from work. At first she wanted me to but then changed her mind because she didn't want people spending more money than they had to. Finally I convinced her to have a "Get together" at a restaurant and just have dinner with a few friends from work. I want to make it special but I really have little money to work with and VERY LITTLE TIME... it's on Friday. (Yea... extremely last minute but that's how we work !) Her colors for the wedding are pink and gold. Any ideas on decoration? Favors? I'm having the restaurant make the cake and I'm paying for that. Thanks!

  17. Planning a tapas & sangria bridal shower. Any ideas to help?

    The date is set and the cute invitations with Spanish designs are out. Now I need to decorate and put the finishing touches on the party. It's an afternoon event to be held (if the whether is nice) on my large deck. But I want to carry a bit of the decor inside as well (people will have to walk through the house to use the rest room). Any ideas? What colors would be best? What kind of decor? Any favor ideas? What kind of flowers? What kind of cake? Music (I was thinking Spanish guitar if you have any recomendations)? Have you held a Spanish themed party of any kind? What did you do?

  18. Easy cake decorating ideas?

    I want to make a nice cake for my friends bridal shower. Any ideas? I want it to look elegant/decent, not just a plain ol' chocolate cake. Any ideas welcome! Thanks!! I wna do either a 2 or 3 layer cake.

  19. Can anyone give me any unique ideas for a star themed bridal shower?

    Anyone have any unique ideas? I have the cake covered already, I need help with decor, and what to serve, and what should we do with plates and napkins, etc. We are on a budget!

  20. Unique bridal shower cake sayings?

    Any ideas?

  21. How should I do this cake?

    I don't do cake batter or icing by scratch, lol I usually just buy the betty crocker stuff... I want to make this cake for a bridal shower... I was thinking all I would need to do is buy a heart shaped cake pan, and 3 different colors of icing? what do you experienced bakers think?

  22. HeLP!! Massive Bridal shower cake Problem?

    We have a HUGE cake that is too large to store in our fridge/freezer, any creative ideas? We are screwed. Today is Thurs. and its gotta keep until Sat. We accidentally got a cake twice as big as it needed to be. ANY SUGGESTIONS? Please Please help, this is a really special day for my sister.... here is a link to a youtube video of pictures of the cake, it has a custard filling which is mostly the problem i think...

  23. Im throwing a mad hatter Tea party bridal shower for my best friend and still need ideas..?

    I need some cake how to's .....maybe videos showing me how to make my own mad hatter cake. and any other ideas that people have to throw together a great mad hatter tea party, from decorating to food to anything..

  24. I need food ideas for a 15 person bridal shower at my home. I want to serve some nice dishes.?

    What can I serve for the main dish and some sides? I will have some appetizers and a salad and a cake for dessert, what else can I serve. No Italian food. No Mostaccholi or baked chicken or roast beef either. Not the same old stuff you get at these things but something nicer that most of the girls will like.

  25. Bridal shower GIFT ideas!?

    My aunt's wedding is on March 21st. Her bridal shower is on March 8th. I need a creative gift to give her for her bridal shower from me and my mom, like a wishing well, or one of those wedding towel cakes, on the line of something like that! But don't tell me those because my grandma is doing those ideas for her. THANKS! and the cost doesn't matter...if you were thinking about that :]

  26. Help With Bridal Shower Theme Gift Ideas!?

    I am a Bride to be, and my wedding party has decided to theme my shower and ask guests to bring items that I require for the wedding this is what I have so far, can anyone think of anything else? Guest book (Black and White Themed) Guest book Pen Cake Knife Picture Frames (For Photos To Display) Cake Server Wedding Cake Topper Bridal Table Wine Glasses Black and White Confetti for tables Pillar, Tea-Lights and Votive Candles (White and Black Themed) Bridal Emergency Kit Bobby Pins Hand Sanitizer Safety Pins Luv2 - Lots of hosts do "themes" and I am sure my guests would rather SEE the items they buy for us be used rather then things I may end up putting in boxes later on, read on here some more some people throw "kitchen" themes, or holiday its NOT unusual, and considering its my MOH and my sister inviting guests, IF people ask, they will share the ideas, I am confident they can put ideas out there WITHOUT letting people think there expected to bring a gift.. I would rather use items people put though into, not everyone is going to buy me this stuff, its going to be mostly a handful of people I am close to and the rest can do as they see fit, gift or no gift, my fiance and I own our home, we have everything we need for stuff, I dont feel guests should have to buy me stuff I am not going to use , I think it would make the wedding day that much more special to have items that people bought and put thought into

  27. Bridal Shower Gift Ideas?

    I was wondering what people have used or if you have any ideas to use as prizes for the people who win the Bridal Shower games (Not sure what games we are playing just yet). The shower doesn't really have a theme, but the colors of it will be a hot pink/fuschia and orange (with maybe some hints of yellow). For their honeymoon, they will be going on a cruise (where they got engaged as well). The two both love video games. If you need any other details please ask. I'm just looking for some general ideas though, and looking for practical ones too, ones that people might actually use or appreciate. Ad favors, I'm making cookies in the shape of wedding dresses and wedding cakes and decorating them myself (I'm a baking and pastry arts graduate so everyone is always saying I should bake something).

  28. Bridal shower food ideas?

    It is a shower for my best friend, and her list is about 50 people to be invited to it. I am footing the bill myself, so I need ideas for easy to make (but yet cheap!) food ideas. There isn't a theme, but I wanted a variety of food- butnot all sweets since we have the cake. It is in the afternoon, so I don't need a meal, just appetizer-type stuff. Any ideas (and recipes or links!) would be sooo helpful!! Thanks!

  29. Unusual, Cute and Clean Bridal Shower Games and ideas- HELP?

    Hi! I'm trying to find some games to use at my sisters Bridal Shower. However, as I search online for ideas...all I can find is things that are traditional games such as the toilet paper dress, the purse game, spice game, how well do you know the bride game...etc. Those are all great games but the problem is that my sister just threw me a bridal shower a few months ago, and she went all out! I want the games to be something unusual, cute, and something where she get's a keepsake out of the deal. For my shower, she used the guest advice cards and pictures to make me a scrapbook. She also did a "guess what this recipe game is," aswell as had my husband make up a huge list of questions about him that I had to answer in front of everyone. Then, my favorite game was where she took pictures of peopes 50th year anniversarys, and pictures from their first year anniversary and mixed them all up, where people had to match which couple goes with which. I just want to make sure her bridal shower is memorable for her. Here are some of the ideas I have so far...which is not much. A wishing well...where people can throw in quarters, or change for the bride as they write a wish for her...this way she ends up with some money aswell as advice/wishes. Colors are pink and orange...I want to decorate with flowers or something cute. The bridal shower is at a community not at home. We will have about 30 guests My sister is between 25-30 years of age, our guest will be an odd mix of people who don't know eachother well.. :- ) I plan to have mimosas...chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, cake, she is a vegetarian so I am having problems deciding on a good lunch item. I'm throwing this all by myself...and am realizing that this is almost as difficult for me as planning my wedding! :-) jk Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

  30. Ideas for a chocolate themed bridal shower? :)?

    I was thinking about having tea sandwiches and finger foods along with chocolate cake and chocolate coffee drinks (there will be non-chocolate options as well). I was also planning on giving each guest chocolate truffles. Does anyone have any other chocolate-related ideas? Or maybe ideas for games involving chocolate? My mother is throwing it for me, but really wants my input. My family is just like that, so only help if you have something nice to say! :)

  31. any ideas on how to decorate the dress of a doll cake?

    an idea to decorate the dress of a doll cake for a bridal shower

  32. Any Better than Sex cake gift basket ideas?

    I am going to a bridal shower, and I would like to do a gift basket that features "Better than Sex Cake". Any ideas to go in a gift basket along with that? Preferably nothing to naughty. Like a cute recipe for it, along with some things for the kitchen to go in the basket?

  33. Bridal Cake Sayings - Winter Wonderland Theme?

    Hello! I'm having a bridal shower for my friend on Saturday and was looking for creative ideas to write on the cake. We're doing a winter wonderland theme because she's getting married next month. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  34. A star themed bridal shower?

    Any one have any original ideas for a star themed bridal shower? I can do invitations, and a star cake. I am wondering if anyone has any new/different ideas, and also any ideas in tying in her colors, which are black, white, and red. Thanks In advance!

  35. I am ordering a cake for a bridal shower but instead of the Congrats or Best of wishes I want to put something

    else! Any ideas? I want it to be funny... but I also don't want to be disrespectful she is a widow remarrying. Please help Thanks

  36. Giving a bridal shower; what to serve with different flavors of coffee?

    The shower will be in the afternoon, so we don't need a lot of food. I was thinking coffee cake or something. Any great ideas? All I can find are summery type foods, like fruit salad, etc. I can't find a single winter wedding shower menu.

  37. Unique Gift idea for Bridal Shower?

    I wanted to come up with a unique gift for my friends Bridal shower... I dont want to spend too much money. But I came up with the idea of making a spaghetti kit, a pot with noodles in it, paramsean... but im not sure what else to put in it. I also thought about a pie or cake "kit", any suggestions? Im open to any ideas...

  38. Would an old fahsion Bridal Shower be boring?

    Low on funds but want to have a shower for my friend. Would just cake and punch be too boring? Any ideas?

  39. Help, I need food ideas/recipes for a bridal shower!?

    I am the MOH and throwing my friends shower this Saturday. I sent out 22 invites and received 7 RSVP's. I have sent e-mails to these people also and had no response. I will not ask the bride to contact these people. Do I just assume they are not coming? Also, the party is from 11:00-1:00 then we are going on a wine walk from 1:00-5:00. I am custom making a cake for her and ordered a cheese board from the winery where we are having that actual shower, Chips and dip and a veggie tray. I was going to bring fruit punch too...... what other type of food should I bring? With that said, my wedding is in October and I am in the process of buying a house too. I am on a tight buget so nothing too expensive for suggestions but I want it very nice. Recipes or links would be apprecaited too thanks!!!!

  40. looking for a recipe or idea based on a towel cake for bridal showers or weddings?

    This cake is made from towels not real cake.

  41. Matron of Honor duties: Bridal Shower?

    I am a matron of honor and I am wondering about planning a bridal shower along what my other duties are. The bride to be is thinking I have to do everything, from picking cake to the flowers and handeling everything that she doesn't feel she has time for. I am wanting easy ideas for a bridal shower, it has to be for all ages and tasteful because she wants her grandmother and her younger sisters there. I want it to be easy cus I don't have to much time on my hands to go all crazy on it. Plus, who is supposed to cover the cost of the bridal shower? I don't have any spare money and if I am responsible to pay for everything, well lets just say it isn't going to be anything in that case. Any advice or ideas for bridal shower parties would be a great help!

  42. What do you think about an all dessert bridal shower?

    Hi, Another bridesmaid and I are hosting the bridal shower for our friend. We were throwing around ideas for the shower in Septmeber. The shower will be at 2:00 in someone's home with about 40 people. We are thinking of an all dessert shower also serving coffee...tea...punch...soda etc...since it will be after lunch and before dinner. And frankly who doesn't LOVE dessert. LOL Both of us recently had babies (in April) so we are needing to keep on a tighter budget. We thought this would be a fun and less expensive. The other option would be to do a "potluck" shower where the guests bring something...but I do not feel comfortable doing that. Although if we did that I might ask each person to include the recipe card for their they can be given to the bride. Let me know your thoughts mainly on the all dessert idea. I also would like some creative input on a name that we can give it, so that our guests know what to expect...."Cake and cookie shower". Thanks Thanks for all the great thoughts. We will be doing fruit in some form (maybe a chocolate fountain where you would not have to dip it in chocolate) ...but I like the idea of some salty items.

  43. Help with wording of invitations for a couples shower?

    We are having a couples bridal shower and my mom is throwing it for us but she is unsure of how to word it on the invites. We are having a luau theme/cookout where the girls will be inside doing typical bridal shower games and the guys will be playing pool and horseshoes and then we are going to get all together for food and cake. Any ideas on how I can tell her to word this invitation? :) Also, do you have any fun ideas for the shower? Thanks a bunch! :)

  44. DISNEY themed BRIDAL SHOWER!!!?

    Hey Disney lovers, I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas for a disney themed bridal shower? I am planning a suprise shower for my best friend (also a disney lover--whose honeymoon is also at disney) and I need some ideas. I already have a great idea for a cake..but I would basically like to have the theme be ALL disney stuff, not just disney princess. I found a game online that was called the 'disney song matchup game' where on the left is a list of disney songs and on the right you have to match the song with the correct movie. If anyone else has done this or knows someone who has could you please help me! :) I would love more ideas for games, decorations etc! Thanks so much!

  45. I am looking to throw a bridal shower... need a little help.?

    I want to do a different kind of bridal shower... they already have everything for their house... so I want to do something sexy... any one have any ideas for like food, drinks, cake... games? Theme... anything!

  46. I need some ideas for a sheet cake?

    My sister in-law and I are hosting a Bridal Shower for my other sister-in-law and the theme is Naughty and Nice. I need some ideas for a theme to go onto the sheet cake..... Please help!!!!

  47. Bridal Shower help!!?

    Hi!! Does anyone have any ideas for an outside bridal shower at a park/picnic shelter. More specifically shabby-chic slightly vintage as the bride LOVES all things shabby chic. I've looked online & have not found much. Also, our budget isn't tiny but not huge so creative ideas please! The few ideas I have: For food only appetizers & such mini quiche, mini sandwiches, etc. For desserts there will be cup cake stands & cute dessert stands to put mini desserts on. Lace table clothes with flowers in vases & candelabras. As for drinks I am thinking white wine spritzers & all different size wine glasses (to go with the shabby chic theme I want some things to be mis-matchy in an appealing way). I am considering renting silver platters to put everything on and either renting china or getting all different kind of china from friends so we do not have to use paper plates. She also loves vintage so I want to add a little of the vintage feel as well. Appreciate pictures & advice, please! :) :) Sorry. I just had to get all the details out!! So people can understand what I am looking for.

  48. Bridal Shower traditions?

    I am maid of honor for my best friend's wedding, and I am working with the bridesmaids on ideas and planning for her bridal shower. We are thinking of doing an Alice in Wonderland tea-party type thing... with a really cool cake and stuff. But as far as other ideas we are a little lost. We are an untraditional group, but would like to know what the traditions really are so we can pick and choose what we like. Specific questions.... what type of gifts are usually given? Anything in particular that the maid of honor and bridesmaids give or do that I need to know? When is the shower supposed to be in relation to the wedding? As in week before, week of, etc? Anything at all you have to tell me would be helpful! Thanks in advance!!!

  49. Does anyone have any ideas how to plan a mad hatter party?

    I am planning a bridal shower, and I was thinking that a mad hatter tea party might be a nice mix up. Any ideas on things that I should have? Food? Drinks? Desserts? Decorations? Centerpieces? Games? Prizes? I was thinking of getting one of those tispy cakes. Any ideas would help.