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Spiderman Cake Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Spiderman cake ideas?

    so im making a spiderman cake for a 5 yr olds birthday. i was going to use just the spider man cake pan and decorate it but that's just looks boring. does anyone have any ideas on what i can do? i saw ideas like buildings made of cake and spider man on top of the buildings.

  2. spiderman cake ideas?

    so im making a spiderman cake for a 5 yr olds birthday. i was going to use just the spider man cake pan and decorate it but that's just looks boring. does anyone have any ideas on what i can do? i saw ideas like buildings made of cake and spider man on top of the buildings.

  3. I need ideas on spiderman cakes for sons 3rd birthday.?

    My son turns 3 and he loves spider-man. I would like to make him a spider-man cake. I need ideas and instructions. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Pictures would help also.

  4. Spiderman Cake!!!! =]?

    Ok, so im turning 15, i want a Spiderman cake =] Do you think its a good idea? My b-day is Nov. 3rd =]

  5. Ideas for a creative spiderman birthday cake....?

    This is the biggest order Ive ever had and I have too many ideas at once. Please help me organize them all into one cake, or elimate some... I dont know. Just please give any input, Im really nervous about this one. I definently know I want a city building cake on top of the main cake and spiderman will be sitting on top. Around the bottom of the bulding will just be a sidewalk and the street. What else can I add down there? Would cars be too much? Some spiders? I also know I want a big 3D number 5 somewhere along the street and sidewalk, so I can run spiderman's web from the top of the building, down to entangle the number. What can the number be made of? I also want to incorporate comic bubbles somehow. It would be cool for it to say happy birthday with the kids name in it, but I dont know where I would put it. I guess I can make it seem like its coming from spiderman and have it up in the air by his head, but I hate when wiring shows. I also wanted to include a black/red spiderman theme AND/OR sandman somehow, using vanilla wafers like sand. Any additional ideas? I figured Id get some creative ones in this catergory.

  6. Does anyone know where I can buy a custom spiderman birthday cake in NY?

    My son is turning 4 and is crazy for Spider man..My dilemma is i cant find a good place to buy this custom cake..Any ideas?

  7. How can I decorate spiderman cup cakes?

    My little boy is turning 4 this Sunday. I want to take some cup-cakes to his Sunday School class to share with the children there. He has insisted on Spiderman cupcakes - how on earth do I decorate cupcakes to be spiderman cupcakes??? Do you have any ideas or have you seen anything on the web that looks good?

  8. how much does a cake for 100 people cost?

    i want a Dominican, Spiderman cake...for 100 people.... 56 grown ups and 35 kids. But i have no idea of how much it cost

  9. kid friendly birthday also a halloween party?

    Any one know fo any good tips, and sites for my sons birthday party. also being a halloween party. he wants a spiderman cake and i want to do it but mommy and daddy have to decided to make it into a halloween party, since his birthday is in october. I would like to interpret his birthday into halloween decorations and stuff and body got any ideas? or web sites?

  10. Does anyone know what Wonderfudge is and where you can buy it from??

    I took a cake decorating class and I am trying to make black icing for a spiderman cake. We where told that it is bad to use white icing and add black colour because you will just end up with purple icing so they suggested using wonderfudge. At the time I didn't think to ask what it was and now I am stuck? Any ideas?? If you have no idea...please feel free to let me know what you find is the best way to make black icing??

  11. Trying to have a birthday party for my son he is turning three?

    I really love my kids and i try to go all out for thier B-days but this year i am a single mother. So i am trying to find an inexpensive way to make him feel like i spent alot of money. I guess it also has alot to do with my personal issue because i won't thier father to think i spent alot of money and that i can make it without him. My son loves scooby doo and spiderman please give me some ideas with those themes. That cost less than 100 or even better less than 50 i can create my own cake I am really good at that. I want the kids to have fun Can somebody please name some stores that are not on-line that have scooby-doo party favors?

  12. If spiderman had a castle what do you think it would look like?

    We're making a ridiculous cake...please give us ideas....

  13. what more can i do for my boyfriends birthday?

    i bought him a spiderman cake ,he loves spiderman...and im going to take him out to the movies and gokart racing..., but i feel like thats not limited on cash because i bought him a wii 3 weeks ago and i havnt been able to save up since i bought it lol any ideas??? :) also.. what should i wear? and hes turning 20.

  14. My 3 yr. old is turning 4 on June 14th..Any ideas for his bday?

    Well, my husband and I have cum up with 2 ideas. Either he'll have like a barbecue type bday party w/ my fam and his little friend, Chloe OR he'll have a small cake and ice cream party w/ just us..his Mama and Daddy. and he'll get either a good size present or a few medium size ones. We'll of course decorate and buy balloons like Thomas or Spiderman. WHAT DO U ALL THINK?? I have no clue why they blocked out a word in my question,lmaO. aNYWAYS, WHAT TOYS DO U THINK SOUND GOOD AND KOOL FOR A 4 YR. OLD BOY?? HE LOVES SPIDERMAN, THOMAS, AND ANYTHING FROM NOGGIN....

  15. I need some idea for my son 6 year old party?

    My son birthday next month. I planning a birthday to invite his friends. Which it be after the holiday in planned on January 6 2008. The theme is spiderman and the birthday party two hours. I need some idea want to do for the party. I know birthday cake and ice cream and presents. What kind of games and decoration i think I can get. But I am trying to get things before the holiday season hit when the store are really busy. Any body have idea to do during the party. Thanks

  16. The Avengers (Marvel Comics) with Spiderman?

    This question involves two parts (I'm sorry!). My boyfriend loves comics. He loves The Avengers, and he loves Spiderman. Or anything Marvel really. His 31st birthday is in April. I am throwing him a birthday party and (if all goes as planned) making him a cake with the Avengers on it somehow. As I am only a 23 year old girl... I have NO idea about any of the Avengers stories or what goes on in these things really. I'm planning on reading up on some comics to do Research, but I wanted to ask advice for 2 things. (a) I was thinking of getting a page/cover from one of the comics and putting an edible version of the page blown up onto a cake. Is there any significant issue that was important in this series of comics? Or should I just choose one that looks pretty? err... cool rather. I also want to purchase this comic for him if possible. I'm planning on saving up for it. (b) Does the Avengers team always change? I thought it was Ironman, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and Spiderman but I keep seeing pictures that show different characters. So who exactly IS in the Avengers?!

  17. Birthday party idea's 4yr old?

    He wants spiderman for his theme, turning 4yrs old. Any idea's for cakes or finger foods/snacks?

  18. Is this a good idea for a toddler birthday party in April?

    Okay, my son will be turning 3, April 9. His first birthday, was at my house, family and a few close friends, a birthday cake with my son's picture on it, in a football helmet and jersey running the field. LOL!!! Theme was footballs. Then second birthday party was at my son's daycare, I couldn't be there, had to work, so I dropped off Spiderman cupcake's the day before, and got him some gifts. Now I'm thinking about having a party with Wiggles in Jiggles. Check it out: Tell me what do you think?