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Princess Cake Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find a Strawberry Shortcake princess cake topper? Or what can I use instead?

    My soon to be three year old picked Strawberry Shortcake to be her theme this year. No biggie, except its the one from "Dress up Days", so she looks like a princess. So again my question is where can I find a Strawberry Shortcake princess cake topper? Or what can I use instead? I looked at party stores and they don't have a princess one. Thanks for your help.

  2. How many people does the Disney Princess cake pan approximately feed?

    I am baking a birthday cake for my niece with the Disney Princess theme. I want to purchase the Disney Princess Cake pan but I don't know how many people it feeds.

  3. I need instructions on how to make a 2 tier princess cake for my daughter.?

    I want to make a 2 tier princess birthday cake for my daughter , does anyone have any ideas or instructions that may help me such as how to layer , frost and what to use to decorate ? I want it to look as nice as possible.

  4. Where can I get a disney princess wedding cake snowglobe in the UK?

    I want to get a Disney Princess snowglobe, it is done like a wedding cake and has five princesses dancing with their princes, cinderella is at the top, i have seen one on ebay but it is from the US and i would feel better not having to ship it to the UK so if anyone knows where to get one this side of the pond it would be much appreciated

  5. Best way to make a "princess cake" for daughter's birthday, and decorate on a shoestring for "princess" party?

    My daughter wants to have a "princess" party and a "princess" cake. We are literally impoverished. We need to do this as inexpensively as possible. Does anyone know the best way to make a princess cake, and to decorate with a princess theme and provide her a fun birthday on as little money as possible? P.S. She is going to be four :)

  6. any ideas on how to decorate a three tier princess cake with edible flowers?

    and where do i find them i would like real edible flowers i will be baking the cake myself. I have an original disney cinderella doll ( like barbie) to which i made a dress out of textle but dont know how to attach it to top of cake and would like to obtain some help on this i have no experience on this subject and dont know where or how to make or find already made decorations. thanks for your help.

  7. How do you make Princess Cake?

    The sponge and cream cake, with green marzipan.

  8. What is a good cake for a princess turning forty?

    I need suggestions on what kind of cake to get someone very dear to me who is turning forty. She loves pink and Shih Tzu's and is very fru fru. Thanks for the answers!

  9. Anyone know the cost of a Coldstone Disney Princess Cake?

    I'm going to call but thought I'd ask here anyway. I called and found out it's $21 for a normal small 6-8 serving cake, but for the princess one it's $6 more, in case anyone's wondering. :-)

  10. how do i cut 1/2 sheet cake for disney princess cake?


  11. disney princess cake?

    where in fresno, ca can i get a beautiful disney princess cake for my daughter's birthday??

  12. I am having a Princess House Party what should I offer as snacks or cake ?

    Most people serve cake and coffee. I was trying to think of something a bit more exciting than the norm. Any ideas greatly appreicated.

  13. Has anyone ever had a Swedish Princess Cake for thier wedding cake?

    It's a Swesidh cake with layers of yellow cake, rasberry jam, genoise cream, pastry creams, and covered in green marzipan with a rose on top. It's very pretty.

  14. A friend had a "Man enchanted by Fairy Princess" cake topper and had it personalized. I'm looking for the site?

    The topper had their faces.. the Princess , his wife was suspended in the air and held one of his hands. I (and they) can't find the designer again and we are looking.. also personalized zombie cake toppers would be good. HELP

  15. What are some good ideas for a princess birthday party?

    She is going to be one year old. I also need some ideas for a princess cake or cupcakes that would be fairly easy to make. Thanks in advance!

  16. What types of finger foods to serve for a children's princess party with about 28 kids plus parents?

    I am throwing a princess party for my daughter who will be turning 3. What are some easy finger foods to go with that theam? I am making a princess cake, small cupcakes and flower shaped cookies but not sure what to serve for the main meal? I want the food to be some how related to the princess theam. (medieval theam) what about some creative names for somethings? for example:searve fish crakers and call them Ariel's fishy food. that's the type of ideas I'm looking for. thanks

  17. Watch Cake Boss s03e09 Online A Princess, a Pirate and a Perplexing Arch?

    Where can I watch the latest episode from this tv show ?

  18. my daughers birthday in coming up in two months it her 1st should i have princess cake or veggie tale cake?

    it her 1st Birthday

  19. Do feminists ever remind you of the princess who said "let them eat cake"?

    Right before the French revolution? They seem so out of touch with what ordinary people are thinking. Don't you think? A slightly pedantic point: The quote was misattributed to Marie Antoinette and actually was "Let them eat brioche" if anything. But that is kinda beside the point people! A slightly pedantic point: The quote was misattributed to Marie Antoinette and actually was "Let them eat brioche" if anything. But that is kinda beside the point people!

  20. Princess Birthday Cake Instructions?

    Hello! I could really use someones help with a cake I would love to make. I am doing a sheet cake with the decor of the 4 disney princesses! My daughter is turning four and I want it to be special for her. I normally buy the cakes but this year I really want to make it for her. I am really unsure on how to decorate this cake and is hoping someone out there has already done it and will read this. I could really use the instructions along with the tips needed to execute this cake Thanks alot and here is a link to a picture of the cake: I don't believe you need to be a stinky pro at decorating a cake. I never said it would be perfect. Are you a mom? Must not be my daughter would be more happy Knowing I made her a cake instead of just buying ones. So to people who have no help and are just going to tell me not to do it please don't answer. I am here for help not bull*hit!

  21. For my wedding cake topper- I want a army beret with a princess tiara or army black boots with cinderella sho?

    For the wedding cake topper I am looking for one of two things.. either the army beret with a tiara.. or I want some army black boots with cinderella slippers.. does anyone have any clue where I can find the army things? I am having trouble!! I do not like the faces on the people on other toppers.. or does anyone have a good idea with the cinderella and army theme? thank you!!

  22. Watch Cake Boss Season 3 Episode 9 Online A Princess, a Pirate and a Perplexing Arch?

    Where can I see this episode from this tv show on the internet ?

  23. What icing is best for Princess Doll Cake?

    I am attempting to make a cake for my daughters birthday. The cake inparticular is a Betty Crocker Cake that I found on youtube. I have made a test run today. I just bought victoria sponge mix packets for the cake which I managed to burn slightly. My biggest problem seems to be the icing. I purchased Silver Spoon Fondant Icing but it is far too runny and just slides off. I have added loads more to it but still not right. In the video it looks more like a thick paste that will set. Can anyone please put me in the right direction?

  24. Does anyone know where to find Princess Bride cake toppers?

    My fiancee and I absolutley adore the movei Princess Bride, but fot the life of me, I cannot find a topper. We're getting married in the fall so i'm searching absolutely everywhere to try to find it, but, alas, this has been to no avail. Does anyone know where I can find one?I will feel so compleatly blessed if someone does, it will make my wedding day so special! Even if it just looks kind of like the regular toppers, I just love the Princess Bride, and I knind of know what I want... it's just finding it that's the problem