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Princess Castle Cake Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Ideas for a Princess Castle cake?

    I've got a general idea of what I want to do but I'd like some links to pictures for how to do it? I want it all edible though, I don't like the idea of using plastic towers. I also would like to know about what size cake I would need in order to feed 30 people. Thanks.

  2. fun ideas for my 3 year olds castle birthday cake?

    I am making a castle this year when my daughter turns 3 and was after some fun ideas on how to make the cake and decorate it to make it really special. I have seen a couple of cakes but none have taken my fancy yet. She loves princesses and barbies and ponies and butterflies.

  3. What is the best kind of cake to use if i am going to stack it?

    I am trying to make a five layer princess castle cake for my daughters 5th birthday party. Im just not sure which kind of cake will stay together the best.I also am going to have to move the cake to the party.Please if you have any ideas let me know.

  4. Need cake idea's help for a little girl.?

    My daughter is wanting a Princess Castle Birthday Cake with cupcakes. So we are now trying to come up with a good way to add in cupcakes to a castle cake (not a flat cake with a castle on it an actual castle). If anybody has any really good idea's or pictures it would be very helpful! She is turning 5 and her cake is always one of her presents since she always wants something nice and big!

  5. Princess Birthday Cake?

    I was wondering if someone could help me every year i do my daughters cake and i'm lost out of ideas for a princess cake and wondering if anyone could castles...i'tryed but im just not the good with flat cakes :) THANKS

  6. ideas for a princess themed bridal shower?

    I am the MOH for my sister's wedding and the theme i chose for her bridal shower is 'pretty pretty princess'. i know that the cake is going to be a castle but i dont know what to do for food, decorations, games etc... i want this to be fun but not too childish. thanks for your help!! (disney princess' are good)

  7. i need themes for my table seating, please help!?

    i want my reception tables to have themes. like each table is named after a state (for examle). i like princesses and butterflies( yeah i know im girly) lol, and my fiance likes karate movies and comic books. i want to fuse it together but i cant thnk of anything. our cake theme is a knight saving a princess, its a big castle cake. i need ideas! please help me

  8. Anyone have any ideas for games/food to have at my daughter's first bday?

    Her grandma is helping me throw a party at the local park. She is going to bake a castle shaped cake and we're doing it in a Disney princess theme. Also, we're having hotdogs/hamburgers and her other grandma might get us a fondue fountain. Yes, I know, it sounds like we're going all out for her party but she has been through A LOT this year...Anyway I'd just love some creative and helpful ideas for more food/entertainment for adults & babies.

  9. Where can i buy a adult pink disney princess style fancy dress costume from?

    Hiya I'm having a fancy dress party and i want to go as a disney princess, I would like to wear a pink dress as all decorations will be pink and my cake is going to be a pink castle. However i cant find an outfit anywhere that stands out and looks really pretty. If anyone has any idea where i can get one from please let me know! Thankyouuuu =] xxx

  10. i need extra suggestions for a princess slash comic book character themed reception?

    i know it seems weird but we want the two to be joined together without it clashing horribly lol. to start you off the main idea is for the tables, we have named them after princess places and comic book places like genovia and metropolis. we also have a wedding cake in the shape of a castle

  11. What else can I add to a disney princess themed B-day party for my Toddler?

    I have the invites. (done good to go on that.) I have some balloons and a banner and a castle centerpiece. I know we are having roast beef sandwiches and a Castle cake but that is about it. No clue what else to have to eat, give as favor, play for games, and decorate with. All the kids that are coming are going to be toddlers to (with the parents of course:) So I wanna make it fun for them not just the parents. Any ideas would help me out a BUNCH!

  12. Party idea for an almost 2 year old?

    well my daughter will be 2 in 5 months l0l well why u say 5 months thats a long time away well im having my twins in december and ik im gonna be very very busy and not have any time to plain what are some good ideas for a 2 year old its going to be pretty big (thanks to mother in law -_-) about 50-75 kids and lots of adults well she loves princesses so we are planning to get actual disney princesses to come and princess bounce house lots of games for princesses and princes and a huge castle cake on top of a sheet cake? but for presents we are unshure my mother in law wants to get her one of those barbie cars but i think thats uncessary since she is just turing 2 and isnt the best walker l0l shes my wobbley baby any other ideas and gift? my baby is the kinda little girl who loves sparkly glitterly things and shiny also l0l? do you like the party idea if u have anythign we should add please dont be afraid to put down?

  13. my daughter's b-day is almost here...HELP!!!?

    My daughter's b-day is july 15, its her first B-day and she is my only child. i want this b-day to be really special but i keep running into problems. here is what i was thinking: i would have it at a park here in town that has a pond and a playground it had bbq pitts so i would use those. i planned on reserving the 2 tables closest to the playground and putting up a few canopys. i would serve hotdogs. my main delima in the cake. i want to get this amazing cake that looks like a princess castle. its really big though and it wouldn't fit in a ice chest. it gets really hot here (possibly 106) and the cake has a lot of detail and im worried it would melt.. what would you suggest doing?. I thought of moving the party indoors, but my house is not an option. the guest list is already 50+ people. any ideas on were to move the party or how to keep the cake looking great until we are ready for it??? please help, invitations have to go out soon!!! ive notice that a lot of people are concerned about the 50 people factor, on the guest list there are 31 family members and 18 guest from church oor are just family friends

  14. Invitations?

    ok guys so I really am FULL of questions today. One thing is my maid of honor pointed out I keep loving princess themed stuff. My cake topper could be a castle and invitations could be princess themes etc. Got any ideas where to find that stuff? Also my wedding is on may 24, 2008 which is memorial day weekend. Since many people make plans for that weekend when should I send out invites? And should I find a way in the invites to inform people that is a holiday weekend?

  15. Planning a birthday party.. what are the necessities?

    I'm starting to plan my son's 2nd birthday party, scheduled for Labor Day weekend. We are having a castle theme, as our daughter will be joining the family just a month before (so Princesses and Knights, with a focus on the Knights for my son). We are planning to rent a bounce house for the kids... My youngest sibling is 4 so we will have kids there (aside from our newborn daughter) ranging from ages 2-18+ so I'm trying to think of activities that the kids can do, and also some ideas for the adults. I think it'll be mostly family that comes, maybe a couple friends, but we're looking at probably 30+ people to entertain (I have 10 siblings, plus some extended family may come). Any idea on colors to use? I read royal blue, purple and gold.. we live in Louisiana and are anti-LSU so we're hoping to find a different color combination (fans of the great Texas Longhorns, haha seems so unimportant but it really is). Aside from the plates, napkins, cake, decor....goodies for the kids? What else do I need to get? And I need food and activity ideas! It's a dinner-time party so we'll be feeding our guests. Plus, they'll ALL be coming in from out of town, at least a 10 hour drive, so it really has to be a good party! Thanks in advance! (p.s. it's such a big party so everybody can get a chance to meet our new daughter as well, but we're trying to make it more about our son because we don't want him to get jealous)