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  1. Have you ever let your kids eat cake for breakfast?

    They usually have a rather well balanced diet (before I get jumped on) but I have this gorgeous, delectable, gooey, moist (!), chocolate cake leftover from my birthday and I can't bear to throw the rest of it out. So the kiddo's had cake for breakfast, with strawberry yogurt and milk, lol. Have you ever just said "What the hey" and fed your kids cake for breakfast? Thank you for sharing in our silly morning =).

  2. What happened to the old australian ice-cream cake kids use to have in the 80's?

    It use to have pink roses with green leaves and was I think made by Peters ice-cream. Now all they have is the Freddo ice-cream cake or the other ice-cream cake which has a few sprinkles on it.

  3. What do you make for a kids birthday party when the kid hates cake and ice-cream?

    My son has never really liked cake and ice cream but I never know what to make for his birthday to make it still seem like a birthday party.I've tried a peanut butter bar cake and Jello molds and those didn't really work either. I should also mention that he doesn't like cookies, brownies, popsicles or anythingof a dessert nature really...

  4. I have to bake and decorate a cake for my kids to auction off at their pinewood derby ...?

    I have to bake a cake and decorate it for my kids to auction off at their pinewood derby for Scouts, i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?????

  5. Can you help me find a website that has kids birthday cake plans? I am trying to make a cake with a race track

    /car theme to it. I was just hoping for some examples of cakes like this, or tips for working with several different colored icicngs at once. thankyou!

  6. where can I found the birthday cake kids?

    where can i found the cake birthday shop

  7. Can anyone tell me if the Women's weekly kids party cake book has a fire engine cake in it?

    If it does, do you know where in Sydney eastern Suburbs i can get it - I used to see it in the shops but it seems to have disappeared. Or can anyone recommend another cake book with fire engine in it. Thanks

  8. Where is a good place to buy a kids Birthday Cake in Mississauga?

    I just called Highland Farms and it was $61!!! I'm looking for more like $20 to $30 cakes.

  9. I need to find a site in Bakersfield, California to buy a kids birthday cake.?

    I would like to find several sites to look at the cakes.

  10. Why do people have their kids step on the birthday cake?

    I seen a commercial on TV in which a kid was stepping on their birthday cake. I thought that was kind of odd but brushed it off as part of the commercial. So now today I'm going through Oprah Magazine and there it is again. A little girl with a big smile on her face with her foot in a birthday cake. What Tradition or ritual is this? I've never herd of having your child get up on a table and put there foot in their own birthday cake? Is this new or has it been around?

  11. Is it safe for kids to have a cake with rum in it?

    I would like to make a Chocolate Rum Cake for the family and not sure if it is OK for the kids (2 & 6 y.o) to eat something like that. Please advise if there is any alcohol left in a food after it's been cookds at 325 degrees for an hour. Thank you...

  12. im babysitting and i want to make a cake with the kids. can i use mayo to substitute for eggs?

    i heard that using mayo instead of eggs works, and actually makes the cake more moist ans soft. is this true? if so, how much do i use for a betty crocker yellow cake? i heard you could use mayo instead of eggs, and that it makes the cake very moist. can i use egg white mix instead also? if so can i have the measurments?

  13. What foods are now served in the white house? Do the kids have chocolate cake for breakfast?

    When Hiliary was first lady, she fired the french chef and had health food served. What kind of food will the Obamas have in the White house? (it's not the purple house yet, is it?) gcbtrading: The "chocolate cake for breakfast" is based on an old Bill Cosby routine. If you've never heard it, you're poorer for it. Jack, Thanks for the laugh, that was very, Very funny!

  14. where can kids get cake decorating classes in rhode island?

    preferably in cranston, or warwick.. i want her to learn to make little roses or icing stuff for cakes..shes 12

  15. I need a vegan (milk and egg free) kids birthday cake in STL Missouri.?

    My sons 4th birthday is coming up and I am searching for a bakery who can make a kid's birthday cake with Kung Fu Panda decorations. The cake must be total vegan (milk and egg free). Whole Foods can no longer make or order the cake, as they did last year which is a huge disappointment. Thank you!

  16. Kids Birthday cake to order in Seoul?

    I would like to order a custom made kids birthday cake in Seoul. I live in Itaewon area and would be nice to know around this area if possible. Besides costco does anyone know any places??

  17. What kind of choclate cake is best for a birthday cake for kids?

    what kind of filling etc.

  18. eggnog cake ok for kids?

    I am thinking to make eggnog cupcakes for 3rd grade kids. eggnog in batter,not in icing. I can use non alcohol eggnog, but since I have real bottle of nog. I was thinking I can use it for cupcakes. Is alcohol in eggnog will be too much alcohol or kid ? or alcohol evaporate during baking time ? my question is alcohol will stay in cake after baked or not. no one need to tell me more than that.

  19. what is the name of the one cake decorating kit for kids, it is fairly new?

    you can bake the little cake in the microwave. and then roll out your own fondant and decorate it with sprinkles. it is driving me crazy! can you tell me the name of the product?

  20. How do you make a good Black Forest Cake thats okay for kids?

    I'm making this for a birthday and i dont want to include liquer so...

  21. Where online can I buy mini cans of cake frosting for a kids craft project?

    I want them to each have thier own little container so there's no fighting, and so they can color the frosting if they want.

  22. why do little kids feel the need to cake on tons of make up?

    not even little kids but like ages 9-13ishhh. i've seen it. i wore this really cute outfit w, my hair really nice and no makeup and i got TONS of complements and i did look good so why feel the need to cake make up on?

  23. Which is the best place for custom birthday cake for kids in San Diego?

    This is for my son's first year birthday party

  24. Hi can anybody tell me where to find a exotic cake in Connecticut, we are having a kids party for our child?

    We have found in our search for exotic cake bakeries in our area of Connecticut, noting but the run of the mil bakeries. I want the top of the line cake Novelty shaped craftsman. A bakery that knows that today it's the exotic shapes that will give us mothers a new selection of cakes in Connecticut.

  25. What size sheet cake should I get for 30 adults and 6 kids?

    My son is being baptized and i am not sure on what size sheet cake i should get i was thinking a full sheet cake but i think it may be too much

  26. I'm trying to locate an object for the original sims. It's the hacked birthday cake that makes kids adults.

    I used to have it before but lost it when I reformatted my pc. Now I can't remember the site where I got it from. It's a birthday cake that when the kid blows on it (or eats it), he turns into a random adult figure. I know there are few Sims 1 site now, but maybe someone can help. I'd like the kids in my game to grow up, so thanks to anyone who can help.

  27. I am making a cake that consists of green yellow red blue and purple food coloring.Is it safe to feed my kids?

    ?????????? Ok so that is my 11 year old daughter asking this question because she wants to make it for her little sisters 4th bday tomorrow. Thats funny she asked that cuz I am never crazy bout food coloring but for a special occasion once in a while i thinks it's fine. Such a great big sis:)

  28. Is it weird to make my nephews birthday party cake?

    My sister is really busy, and the cake is a large expense too. I offered only because I've recently been learning how to make marshmallow fondant. And, making a themed kids cake is fun for me. But, someone said that it was weird that the mom's not doing it? I thought that sounded a little bit too traditional... does it really matter? I don't want to offend anybody?

  29. kids birthday cakes? i wish 2 make my daughters birthday cake myself r there ne gd websites that can help???

    are there any websites that can give me step by step guides or pics with advice thanks

  30. i am making cupcakes for my kids and i am using betty crocker cake mix?

    i am making close 60 cupcakes. and guess what i am out vegetable oil i used the last bottle in my fryer to make fried bacon. and now the box of cake mix that is made by betty crocker says i need a third of a cup of vegetable oil. i do have vegetable shortening and all. but i dont know if it would taste good if i use it. do you have any ideas?? can i use butter or something?? please help me!! i would love to go to the store but my hub has my car and the closest store about 10 miles away!! and he wont be home till 9pm

  31. trying to add amaretto to butter cake in cake bible keep taste but loose the punch . so kids can enjoy HELP?

    I am trying to add amaretto to golden creme butter cake this is a cake from the cake bible . If adding alchol before cooking do you get the taste of amaretto with out the punch.