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  1. simple kids cake ideas?

    Please help I need some simple kids cake ideas, shapes, pictures, what i need etc. :] I dont have a kid, its for a cooking project at school. also it has to be placed on a theme

  2. free kids cake ideas?

    iam looking for pictures of 3d or not 3d cake ideas for birthday cake i need to make for saturday and the little boy requested a tractor cake can you help me with this please

  3. Do you know of any good Web sites for Birthday cake ideas?

    My son is turning 2 on Sunday and i want to make him a special cake for his party. Does anyone know of any good sites that have ideas for kids Birthday cakes? thanks!!

  4. Ideas for kids spongebob themed birthday party?

    Im planning a little girls birthday party and i need some ideas. Shes turning 8, and the theme is spongebob. Its a very small party with only like 5-6 kids. I would appreciate any ideas: food, cake, games, and decorations?

  5. Any ideas or websites for ideas on a Disney Cars cake?

    I am not talking about a flat cake or anything boring like that. I make my kids cakes every year, and I'm trying to get more creative with each one. I love doing it, and it is sooo much fun, but it's hard to come up with ideas.

  6. Cake ideas.?

    I have an assignment in cooking, to come up with a kids part idea and have a cake matching that. I need some ideas, it has to be simple for eg: sheriff party, with a sheriff badge cake. Pictures would help

  7. ideas for a easy motercycle cake for kids?

    im trying to make a birthday cake for my children boy and girl they want a motorcycle cake does any 1 have any ideas ive only found a few examples that i cant do

  8. Ideas for the coolest Halloween/B-day cake ever for little boy?

    My son is going to be 6! (yay!) and his birthday is on Halloween. This year since he will be in school and have friends over, we'd like to give him a really cool party. So I need some awesome cake ideas. I love to bake my kids cakes, but don't have any crazy pans or anything like that. May be able to get one...but I was thinking more along the lines of what can I do with decorations? Thinking about making a big spiderweb on the cake and including little fake bugs....but that's not quite cool enough!

  9. Need ideas, planning 11 year old sons Birthday party- has anyone heard of a cupcake cake?

    Does anyone have any party decorations, games, or cake decorating ideas? Tomorrow is my sons 11th Birthday party, as with most kids that age he's not really into the character themed parties anymore which has presented difficulties planning his party- also has anyone ever made a cupcake cake, you know the cakes that are made up of cupcakes? if so what have you made out of them? all I have found is a heart and a leprechaun- and neither is appropriate for his party- Thanks!!!

  10. Birthday cake alternatives for little kids?

    My son is 3.5 years old, and is allergic to wheat, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. I can't make a decent cake for him because of usually his birthday "cake" is a tiered cake shaped out of rice krispies and covered in frosting and candy. He has loved it the last 2 years, but I need more ideas. What else can I make for kids instead of cake? Ice cream bar would be good...I would still need to do something with a candle though. Any ideas other than cakes?

  11. kids birthday cake shop idea?

    i am a cake decorator and everyone tells me i should open my own shop. now most cake shops sell and are known for wedding cakes, i hate doing them and do not want to sell them. i would like to have mainly specialty birthday cakes and other celebration would be like when you think of grocery store bakerys and you can pick up a cake for your kids birthday... of course it would be a bit nicer than most grocery stores and have more to choose from. i would sell cupcakes and dessert trays along with other sweets in addition to the cakes. customers could preorder there cakes so they would have exactly want they want but also we would carry cakes for walkin customers. does this sound like a stupid idea or would you be more willing to shop here for your next party rather than your local grocery store.i am told that i am very good and have many customers that will not go anywere else for there cakes also does anyone have any good names for this cake shop i would love to own one day

  12. I need help with birthday cake ideas!?

    My daughter is going to be 2 on the 22nd, we're having her party the next day. I have the food and place down. All I need is help with the cake! What are easier - cupcake cakes or cakes? The kids will be 5 and under. What are some good websites or places where I live (Austin Texas) that I can go to? Any info is appreciated - I've just spent two hours on google with no luck!

  13. candy party birthday cake ideas...?

    i need an idea for a cake for mi candy shoppe themed birthday. please no little kid ideas, were almost teens here thx!!!! 10 points to best answer (ah-bviously!!!)

  14. It's time for a cake auction, "Magic" is the theme. Any ideas?

    Every year the cub scouts hold a Cake Bake. It's a fun time when kids aution off cakes or other baked goodies they helped make. This year the theme is Magic. And I'm lost for an idea of what to make. I'd like to use chocolate... it's a big seller with the ladies! I'm looking for ideas to work with the theme... other than invisible cake or disapearing brownies.

  15. can all of you please send h.m cake ideas in?

    thanks all of you i know how you feel i have to kids they will be 8 and 6 jan.17 and jan.24 Looking For Ideas for A Hannah Montana Cake?. my soon to be 8 year old posted originial question, why it didn't make much sense. Having a Hannah Montana Theme party, looking for cake ideas?

  16. What are some good baking ideas for kids?

    Every other weekend my nieces come over to stay the night & play with my kids. I usually bake something or make stuff kids like. I've done the whole baking a cake and cupcake thing.. Even Apple turnovers. But I'm looking for something new. Any ideas.. Especially over the holidays. Please Help. thanks :)

  17. Not your normal birthday cake ideas.?

    I'm looking for some ideas for my daughters 2 birthday coming up. I'd like to do something a little different from the normal cake. Most of the kids that will attend do not eat alot of sweets; cakes candies etc.... I'd still like to have something for her and the kids. I was hoping you guys had some suggestions for me. Thanks

  18. Thanksgiving Cute Cookie ideas?

    I have a few cookie/cupcakes recipes for thanksgiving. For eaxmple, I have a very cute cookie recipe for a turkey cookie.....any ideas or websites, that have cute cookie or cupcake or even cake ideas for holidays for kids.

  19. Any funny cake shape picture for kids or idea?

    Thank you.

  20. Ideas for kids parties in the Hunter Valley/Newcastle, NSW area. I need help for my 8 year old son?

    We are living in the above areas and am after any ideas for my 8 year old son. He has done the maccas and the bugalugs for the last 4 years, but would love something a little different this time round. But without costing the earth, cause I still have to buy presents, cake and loot bags. Also, I cant have it at home so looking at going somewhere for it

  21. kids birthday ideas to fit the theme?

    It's my son's second birthday and the theme is topsy-turvy. We're having an upside down cake, a welcome banner that says "goodbye", the kids are coming in backward clothes, and i'm going to flip random things in my house upside down. any other clever people out there that can come up with other ideas?

  22. what to call my cake decorating business?

    i am starting up a cake decorating business and i just cant think of a name. i will be making kids cakes and cupcakes to start with but would like to eventually move on to wedding and such cakes. any ideas much appreciated! Thanks, Tara

  23. I'm making a layered cake for my sons birthday. Any ideas on a fun & delicious filling between the layers.?

    I'm making a two layer cake. The bottom layer I'm making a "ding dong" cake with marshmallow filling with smashed up oreos. I'm thinking I need to do the top layer white cake but I'm not sure what I should do for the filling. There will be lots of kids at the party so I would like a crowd pleaser. Any ideas? And or recipes? I forgot to mention that I'm covering it with fondant so whatever I use as a filling has to be able to stay out and not spoil--I know that limits what I can use as a filling. Thanks for any help!

  24. I want to add a surprise to kids mini cakes? Any safe idea?

    I asked an earlier question about baking mini heart shaped cakes for my girls B-day treats at Kindergarten. I think if would be fun to be able to put some sort of safe toy/candy surprise inside. Any ideas? Thanks!

  25. Ideas of things we can do with our kids to make Christmas about Jesus?

    I've heard of making a birthday cake for Jesus and I'm looking for some other awesome ideas to make sure my kids know what the reason for the season is! They are all great answers! Thank you everyone.

  26. Ideas for b-day cake?

    I am no pro, but enjoy pretending to be when it comes to my kids cakes...This time I am attempting to decorate the cake like one of those bounce-house inflatables; there is a dinosaur one he likes. I am going to use little plastic dinos and make some sort of little slide (not sure what out of yet). BUT, for the net side walls, any ideas? Everything will be on top of the cake, I don't plan to use the cake sides for decorating. It does not all have to be edible...I usually just remove any non-food decorations prior to cutting. If you know what I'm talking about, any suggstions would be great...

  27. mothers day cake for a begginer any ideas? help please:D!?

    okay well i just noticed mothersday is coming up quick and i really enjoy being creative and making things and i dont have much money so ill make a cake im only 13 tho so it cant be to hard and no fondant flowers or anything hard like that but i will use fondant over the cake any ideas she likes flowers birds hearts etc. and anything her kids give her any ideas please help

  28. Birthday Party "Donut" Cake ideas...?

    Little girls bday, she wants donuts instead of a cake??? Any ideas on what we can do? It's going to be an ice cream and swimming party for kids 5 to 12yrs old. Thank you

  29. Diabetes Cake Ideas????

    A friend of mine and her family have been helping us out so much lately. So we decided to invite them for dinner. The thing is both parents and 1 out of 3 kids are diabetic. I have no idea what to make them for dessert. =( I was going to make a cake for dessert, just saying thanks. But I don't know what kind of cake to make them. ?? Any help?? They are coming over Friday so any ideas would be good. Thanks, sorry for being so dumb, I don't really know much about diabetes. I went through my cake recipes and then I remembered that they have diabetes.

  30. birthday cake ideas for my boyfriend PLEASE HELP?

    I need some really good ideas for my boyfriend's birthday cake. It's my first year of college, so I don't have money to buy him anything. I'm going to make up for it with an amazing cake. I'm very good at drawing and creating i want the cake to be reminiscent of a little kid's birthday cake, with the bright colors, and maybe like in the shape of like a dinosaur or something His favorite pokemon used to be Snorlax, so i was thinking of maybe doing a cake shaped like snorlax, and i can do the detail with food coloring and icing, but i'm not in love with that idea He's into cartoonish trendy drawings, like Natalie Dee's style (look it up on google?) I really just want some awesome, original ideas. 3D stuff, layers, candies, anything you can think of. If you can remember a birthday cake you loved as a kid, or if you know a website with neat ideas, ANYTHING would be a huge help!! thanks so much!!

  31. I need some ideas for a kids birthday party?

    I am doing my sons first bday in tonka trucks and i need some ideas for some snacks to serve other than the cake. I will most likely either have jambalaya or hot dogs. but I want some snacks to go along with it......any ideas

  32. Any ideas on a kids Princess birthday party?

    My daughter is turning 7, and wants a princess bday party? Any ideas? We are making her a castle cake..other than that..very short on ideas!! Thanks!

  33. Dog-Cake/Cookie Idea's for kids?

    Hi my dogs birthday is coming up and I cant spend a fortune on a cake, I can barely afford the party! Well please do some dog cake/cookie/treat recipies for kids it would really help. My dogs birthday is in april but dont rush but Im gonna try it out so I can see if he likes it or not! Best answer = 5*'s

  34. Hello I would like some original ideas and unique tips for a cake stall for my schools?

    Christmas fair,any tips and hints most welcome I would like some thing really different. I would really like to impress the kids and also the school governors.

  35. Summer birthday cake ideas... needs to be heat friendly!?

    I am having my daughters 9th birthday party at the beach [hawaiian party] this year and we are having a hard time finding a cake that will be safe in the cooler for an hour or a bit more. We had cupcakes the last time we did this and the frosting was melted before we got to the party. I had the idea of pre-making tropical colored cupcakes and letting the kids individually frost their own but we don't want to make a huge mess out of the public beach. LOL. Any ideas on what I can make that we won't have to worry about the entire party! Thanks! I don't have a baskin robbins or a DQ around here, or I would get a cake from tem seeing as they're my favorite. and i'd rather not have dry ice anywhere around the kids. there will be alot of them and one could accidentally reach into the cooler and hurt themselves. I just don't see that as too safe.

  36. Need a more healthful reciepe for daughters 1st Bday cake, ideas?

    Her party is in a little less then a month and I need a reciepe for a healthy cake alternative. Something that has an icing that she can smoosh into her face and look cute; but isnt filled with fake chemicals and sugar. We dont allow her sugar or fake preservatives ect. (at least not for another year or two). I will be having about 30 adults and 10 kids ages 6months-7 years attending. I will be getting 2 cakes from the grocery store for everyone else. Along with jello fish bowls I have for the kids if they want them. I will not allow Kam to eat the regular cake because it is basically pure sugar crap. So in order to appease everyones deisre to see her make a mess I need a good alrenative. I dont want some crazy hippy vegan soy crap. Just something not filled with refined sugar and processed white flour. Any ideas? The icing is my second problem? How can I make icing without sugar? Or what can I substitute for icing? Yogurt is too runny; and I dont know of anything else? Splenda is worse then handing her a whole bowl of white sugar. SO deff. not an option. Other natural sweetners are an option. I have used agave necture in some things for her (comes from cactus'). Shes never had anything sweet so if the cake isnt sugary and sweet she wont know she is missing anything. I have real cake for anyone that wants it for themselves or thei kids. But for her, no fake crap! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOTTT suggest that I give her: a really small piece, or to just let it go. I will not giver her ANY sized piece. It is unnecessary for her to have it at all. I dont understand why in a country so plagued with fat kids, that people dont see the problem with a common practice of stuffing cake infront of 1 year olds faces. 50 years ago my grandma gave my mom whisy on her gums when she teethed. If someone did that now CPS would be knocking at their door. See how times change, and how "ok" common things become terrible. Well cake on a first birthday NEEDS to be one of the terrible things.

  37. Birthday treats for a Pre-K Class. Any ideas other than cupcakes or a cake would be great.?

    My daughters birthday is next week and she will be 4 yrs old. She is in Pre-k and there are about 20 kids. I don't want to do cupcakes or a cake as she is having a party on Saturday and will have cake then. I need some simple ideas that I can give out for her classmates.

  38. Need birthday party Ideas for my husbands 27th birthday?

    My husband turns 27 in November. Growing up his family never celebrated the kid’s birthdays. Complete opposite to how it was in my family. Ever since we got married I have thrown parties for him and he loves it! This year I want to have a themed party for him. I would love ideas for unique themes, cake ideas, game ideas…anything He loves football Miami Dolphins His truck He is truly a country boy, a true southerner He is a coal miner I don’t want anything to childish or to adult. There is going to be mostly family at it and smaller kids too. Please, nothing to expensive. I am very crafty and try to make as much as I can. We also live out in the country and we don’t have those party stores. He have a Wal-mart about a half hour away. Beyond a dollar store Wal-mart is it, other than the computer. Thanks ahead of time

  39. What is a cute phrase i can put on top of a cake that i'm making for my boyfriend for v-day?

    For valentines day i am making my boyfriend of 3 years a heart shaped red velvet cake along with a gift (a customized t-shirt) I did the same thing last year, and on the cake i put "i love you more than a fat kid loves cake" What are some ideas i can put on the cake THIS year? Something short, simple and sweet.

  40. reception ideas for kids?

    Okay, so I am planning my wedding, and I am thinking of having a table at the reception for things for the kids to do (I might even get them cupcakes so they don't have to eat the wedding cake). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas to put at the table besides coloring books and crayons, because I've already decided to have those. If you all can think of any crafts that they can do that won't mess up their nice dress clothes that'd be awesome too! thanks in advance for any serious answers (i don't need the whole "babysitter" or "put them in a different room" answers) ;) The children are currently between 1.5 and 9. Plus, my unborn baby will be there (the wedding is going to be hopefully the beginning of next year. we haven't set a date due to schooling my fiance is going to have to go to for his job in the marines). My baby will be atleast 7 months, and the others will be 2, 5, 7, and 9. I just want all of the family involved in any little way we can. And no, we don't expect them to sit still, but I want them to be able to have fun and not have to sit and be bored with all the adults. I am hoping that they all get out and dance a little to! My fiance and I aren't going to get married until after the baby is born because the baby is due in June, and we were already planning our wedding for September, but when I found out I was pregnant, we weren't going to get married just because of the baby. And we can't get married in September because he has some schooling he has to go to because he changed his MOS (job) in the Marines, and he doesn't know when he'll be going. He just knows it's before next year.